How Do We Serve Best?

Which one would be more helpful to a thief, praying that he stops his behaviour, or stoning him to death, thereby bringing about the end of his life? What if you are praying for him to stop stealing, and yet he thinks that it is only through stealing that he can get by. Perhaps there is a pre-incarnative lesson for him (to imply Man and not man) to learn through the act of stealing.

As life on the planet earth is biased towards service-to-others, sometimes we find ourselves wanting to help everybody that we come across. There are those who hold missions of going to the hospital to pray for the sick, while others dedicate their lives to helping the needy. There are those who send out signals for help, unconsciously though.

It is a difficult job for the individual who feels the call or the pull towards those that assumingly send a signal for help. There is always a question of free will when we talk about service, specifically service-to-others. Yet there are those who choose the path of martyrdom to offer themselves fully in service, to the point of giving their life too. To them, it is not a sacrifice, but service.

It is at this point that I ask myself if I can help everybody who comes my way asking for my help. You know, some ask for help without even talking. The issue of helping is a tricky affair as sometimes I ask myself which would be a noble act between helping a stranger, a friend, or a relative. For a long time, I have struggled with changing my surrounding environment to match that of my own.

This led me earlier on to try to change people, to the point of trying to force the change. Is it not funny that once the pastor becomes aware of his calling, he assumes that he is to help those in need? And who are the needy here? Those who are lost in sin, considering sin is the lack of knowledge. So generally, the pastor would be here to help those who are lost, to find their way back.

This would be a process of remembering the truth or the forgotten knowledge. I hope I have not lost anyone thus far, because I am talking about service-to-others as a polarization. From where the pastor is sitting, he may be wondering why he does not have more people joining his course. He may even be pulled to go out in the streets to preach to the people who do not turn up in the house of worship.

The pastor has the drive to add more members to his camp, so he is pulled to reach out. But on the side of those who are being reached out to, because of free will, they feel like it is their choice to choose to go to the house of worship, and that they should not be forced or reminded in any way. Remember the pastor also must work within the limits of free will.

If you look at it from a higher perspective, it would be frustrating for the pastor to force people into joining his camp, however convincing he may be. Service-to-others does not resonate with forcing people to do anything. Like I said before, it has a somewhat dull nature, like a distant call that fades away requiring the listener to follow up to the source of the voice.

Whoever feels called to help people might be breaking their back, offering the service they see fit. But maybe, just maybe, those being given the service are not worthy of it. When attacked by a thief do I pray that he has mercy on me and let me go, or do I pray that he also gets something to eat, or that he spares me and finds another target?

I guess there would be a question of morality, but this is a complex topic, and bringing it out fully in the intended fashion is proving difficult. The output at the moment is not as it was conceived in my mind. There is a way that one may refuse to be helped and this could be because of metaphysical reasons. Maybe it is the right time to say that we do have metaphysical and physical effects, both being important.

Each entity has therein, pre-incarnative conditions that it chose to experience and somehow this will not be penetrated unless the higher self agrees, which would mean that the entity would be ready. So, as I was saying, sometimes you might want to heal someone, but they are not ready to be healed. You might offer prayer or any form, of help but it will not be useful to the victim.

They say that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and I think that this statement can guide us in our actions regarding our polarity. Ra (An humble messenger of the law of one) used the example of a service-to-self entity trying to be in service by ending the life of a service-to-others entity. So, the service-to-self entity has the choice of refusing the service of the service-to-self entity, and instead sends it love.

This refusal here is not of a negative nature, rather it is done in love and understanding of the nature of the service to The One Infinite Creator. We have instances in our lives where we interact with those of the service-to-self nature. We have a choice on how we should respond to these experiences, but generally, we should always respond with love as it is protection from all.

It is funny that one entity may want to protect itself from another entity, when both seem to be in service to The One Infinite Creator. To the service-to-others entity, this attack by the service-to-self entity may be an opportunity for it to either increase polarization, or decrease polarization, in which case it would be polarizing towards the negative.

So how do we respond to, or handle, the issue of free will and service? There are obviously many distortions around this issue that are unique to every individual. One must always be careful not to abridge the free will of the other self. Much discernment is needed from those who think of themselves as servants of the positive faction.

It is a challenge I posit to you dear reader to always consider your actions and their effects to the other self. I believe the love of The One Infinite Creator will guide us toward our goals. May Great Spirit be present with us always. May the love that we have for ourselves, and other self precede any action that we partake in. We are blessed and loved with equal measure, and this is my prayer. Thank you and so it is.


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