Negativity Brings More Positive Lessons.

Photo by Fiona Art from Pexels:

There are times that I am almost brought to tears while watching what is transpiring on this movie stage, we call earth. But I feel a tap on the shoulder, and when I turn, I am shown a vision of a child learning to walk. It tries and falls, and tries and falls, again and again, smiling and laughing more than it cries. Eventually, with all the cuts and bruises, it walks. I laugh and say to myself, “I know the lesson being alluded to here, the humankind is in a learning process too!”

Like the child, we have lessons that prepare us to face what awaits us in the future. The child has not known to classify good and bad. It takes chances and learns with the consequences therein. And so is the catalyst for the human learning without polarity per se. It is neither good nor bad, but subject to our interpretation, basing on the distortions that we hold over it.

I am not one to go for controversy. My deep inner nature threatens to tear from my skin whenever I find myself trying to weigh in on a controversial matter. But with the knowledge that my opinion or the information I put across will always be judged, I will give my opinion guided by my feelings for myself and other people too.

I am here again with a message and what we are going to talk about here is the biasness of polarization of mother nature, or Gaia or earth. We have given her many names. I am using the pronoun her because indeed Gaia is a consciousness. But this is a topic for another day. The main topic of today is to show us that most catalyst will propel us towards polarization to the positive, service to others orientation.

Yes, viewing events from the past and even now, there seems to be more negative than positive occurrences. Maybe I should have said this at the beginning of this text, but I got the inspiration to write about this topic while, and after reading ‘The Ra Contact, Volume Two’. A working done by RA, an humble messenger of the law of one, Carla L. Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarthy.

Going about your usual business of the day, you will not fail to notice that most people are saddened by the current events, which are mostly negative. Life seems to have become tougher. The gap between the rich and the poor has increased over the years. This is to mean that the poor have gotten poorer, and the rich have in fact become richer, or wealthier.

While we may seem to focus so much on our differences, the only thing we have in common is the global opinion that times are tough, and they are even going to get tougher. We are just slowly recovering from the pandemic and some countries are already going to war. There is News everywhere about child and sex trafficking.

People are being forced to look for crude ways of survival. Most of my friends are driven by the view that right now the only thing that matters most is chasing money. If we look at the history of this and previous generations, then we might say that not much has changed. Wars have always been the thing we rush to, thinking that they will bring peace.

Now, according to my observation, I see that most of these seemingly negative occurrences, lead us to find a sort of saviour within us. It is like one who is trapped in an abusive relationship. When they are tired of being in that situation, something could be triggered in them to make them take an action so as not to experience that experience anymore.

There are things that are sensitive to most people as child and sex trafficking. Things that have been happening in the dark for the longest time. It is at this dispensation that we have witnessed some of the secrets being brought to light. These ‘evils’ make people want to see the perpetrators arrested and made to answer for their crimes. There are most who cannot put up with such evil acts and it makes them polarize more to the positive.

Any one of those people curious enough to listen to what the truthers are putting out there will get something to be triggered in them. This will make them seek the truth more. These evil acts push people, somehow into choosing a side. Well, you either side with the perpetrators, sometimes given the character ‘inhuman’, or side with the victims of the evil acts.

With all these tough conditions surrounding us right now, most of us are forced to ask questions. People are sent to look for solutions other than that which is physical. We have occurrences that have driven people to begin investigating occurrences based on metaphysical terms. I have said once here that throughout our lives we know who we are by experiencing who we are not.

And so, the catalyst is presented to us and until we see it as a lesson and not a punishment, or a good or bad thing, we still remain in the heavily darkened illusion. The nature of this density though seems real enough, to the point of making us think that we know, yet we are only beginning to grasp and that the temptations of being misled are so close to us.

The main reason why most catalyst is seen as evil and that it makes us remember or chose a polarity is that we get an awareness of serving the Creator. So, there are those who give up taking charge of their life and completely put it in the hands of other self, and there are those who take charge of their lives as they get an awakening of sorts.

Forgive me if I have not made the point any clearer up to this point, but it seems necessary for whatever we are going through to happen, for us to see the lessons we are to learn. Remember, we are here to clear our karma also. So, you might be stuck in a situation until you learn to release yourself from its bondage. The lessons are intertwined and not easy to grasp.

Thus far, I will now invite the reader to meditate on their life situation right now. Make it a habit to observe not only your life, but that of other self too. Look at the world around you, but more importantly, look at the way you respond to this external consciousness. In here lie the lessons that we incarnated for, why else are you here, you think…?

I pray that we get to learn from our experiences. May our eyes be as clear as snow so that no opportunity passes by without our notice. Let the rain cleanse the air that we breathe, Let the wind clear the path that we tread on. Let the sun make our cells warm and vibrant ready to partake of this experience. Let the moon illuminate this path we are on. Thank you, Lord. And so it is. Namaste.

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