The Devil’s Advocate.

Adam and Eve

Before I wrote this article, I thought a lot about the statement, ‘being the devil’s advocate’. I have heard it a lot, although it has not been directed at me before. I do not know what the opinion of the reader will be after reading this writing. All is at your discretion, and so I urge us all to use the gift of discernment which we all possess, at varying degrees.

The topic I am about to talk about here is not new to us at all. It is talked about, sometimes openly, sometimes in hush tones. I believe we have been introduced to some upbringing in religious circles. If not, then we have gotten to learn or hear something about religion, or religions. I like to consider myself a man with no religion, although with an unquestionable belief in God and Oneness.

This is to mean that I am not under the wing of any religious faction. Albeit this does not mean that I do not have the information I need to know about religion. In fact, it is the information I have that keeps me from ‘choosing a party to take me to heaven’. The feeling of belonging to a religion I had some years ago, has since worn off.

Having said all that, I would like to get to the topic of the day, which is the Devil or Lucifer. These are the popular names for this entity. For those who have a background in the Christian religion, we are aware of the creation story that was painted so beautifully at the beginning, but ended badly for the two entities we believe to bear the names Adam, and Eve.

According to the religion I believed in many years ago, it was a requirement that we learn the creation story in detail, and I believe it is still the case for those young stars attending Sunday school. A program mostly for young teens and below. In this story, according to the scriptures and my spiritual or religious teachers, the Devil was the villain as he tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit.

Back then, I believed everything I was taught, and so I held the view with fear, and obviously without questioning otherwise. It is only later that I got to open my mind to other interpretations of the story that I realized that there was so much fear into the story, and that is/was the main obstacle to learning the lesson being taught therein.

I know that I am not the only one who thinks that questioning is not destructive or evil. In fact, I know that it opens new inroads where we thought there were stumbling blocks. Lucifer, or the Devil, apparently takes the blame, or rather, the blame is put on Him for the supposed downfall of mankind. It is however important to note that there were eye-openers to the couple (Adam and Eve).

According to the story, it is after eating the forbidden fruit that the eyes of the couples were opened and they began perceiving existence in a different way or manner. Does this not show an in-pouring of light in a place that was full of darkness? We all know the characteristics of God. The latter does not force anything upon anybody.

It would be very unlikely for God to issue out instructions that sound like, ‘Do not, You shall not…’. Why? Because of free will. Anyway, back to the topic. Lucifer is blamed for having persuaded man to disobey God, and then God punished them all. Come on, let us discern or just dissect these words. Does this not sound a little negatively oriented?

In my knowledge, Lucifer, or the Devil, is more of a warrior of the light, and this is really how free will was brought to my awareness. And I know this has happened to many other people too. This opinion, I hope, will not drive anyone to start arguing their point with another person. Instead, just read with a view of understanding. Let go of all that you were taught. This does not mean that I do not respect those with their own belief systems either.

Isn’t it suspicious how people like to blame the Devil for their actions, especially after they have been caught, and realize that the consequences are inevitable? I am aware that there is a negative and a positive orientation spiritually, and this is the main reason why I am asking you, dear reader, to really use your gift of discernment.

We are in a dispensation of change. I mean look around you. Does anything seem to have changed? How about your life, is it still the same? Are we not having wars? And the orchestrators of the wars blaming everything and everybody else except themselves? We all know that the character of the positive side is truth.

The positive orientation, or polarization, does not divide. It respects free will and does not impose control, whether forceful or coercive in nature. The question is, are you allowed to question some of these things. Are you given space to realize that you are indeed sovereign or free? Free to question, free to discern, and come up with your own conclusions.

Dear one, ponder deeply on all matters that come to your awareness, for what you consume sticks with you for the rest of your life. It is going to shape your perception. And this is where we form distortions, or what I may also call, filters. Why is the devil or Lucifer given characters of darkness? Why is so much fear put around this entity? What do you know for yourself? Should you be worried about this topic or information?

I invite us all to ask questions, because I feel like the link to discovering the truth is usually asking questions. The advantage of asking questions is that you are then going to get information. Wouldn’t it be important and good if you talked about what you felt ringing true deep in your cells? In case everybody is afraid to say it, I believe I have created a crack in this story.

With the crack now in place, it is your work to do with it as you please. Some will try to mend the crack, while some will open it wider and get something invaluable from it. In both cases, however, lessons will be learned. Will you still blame the devil for what happened at the beginning of creation? If you chose to, then are you agreeing or saying that you have no sense of control in your life?

Personally, I refuse to believe that I should blame anyone, whether it is for the fall of mankind, or for my predicaments now. But I would like you to give this matter serious consideration. Anytime there is a mention of the Devil, there is fear. But with this comes an opportunity for learning. Who is spreading this fear? I believe the fear mongers are seen and quite known among us.

What will you do with this message? I do not know what your earthly name is. I do not know how old you are right now. I do not know your background, whether religious or cultural. But what I know is that we have no one to blame for our predicament. It is our responsibility to act or make an effort at understanding, and making changes where necessary. No one will do it for us.

I know we are powerful because that is what I feel every day when I wake in the morning. I know we are all able to program our lives because this is what everyone on this earth plane is doing right now. I know we are all able to love one another, with all our uniqueness for this is our true nature. I write this message with all the love that I have within me.

I pray that the Almighty will give us the power to discern, the power to see the truth. May the Lord guide us in meditation, so that we live in His way of light, love, and truth. We are blessed and loved dearly. This is my prayer. And so it is. Namaste.

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