When You Know You Are An Old Soul.


When you know that you are an old Soul, it is pointless desiring to live long. What is a thousand earth years to the Soul? All but a draw of breath! As long as your purpose is fulfilled, you freely join the father. When your awareness expands and you know that you are the Soul, you cease to be worried about the challenges of physicality.

There are moments when I feel like I am God, and other times I feel like I am in service to God. For the latter, I feel like I am at the mercy of tides much stronger than I. There is a feeling in me of being a smaller part of something that is much larger. A ripple, but still part of the ocean. A spark, but still part of the flame.

Yet there are other times that I feel complete, like I do not need any external force to make me complete. At these times I feel one with all. These are the moments when physical manifestations do not mean a thing to me. I look at things from a creator’s perspective. I know that I am more than meets the eye.

At these times I suddenly start to admire everything that comes before me. There are no worries or doubts rushing across my mind then. I look at my fellow humankind and wonder what they are rushing everywhere for. I wonder why there is constant movement without a pause. What is all the confusion for?

I wonder what all the loud music is about. I wonder why everybody is running around aimlessly, yet it would be wiser to stop and listen. It would be much better, and more energy-conserving to celebrate what they have. Why do we worry about what we do not have more, and think less of what is within our grasp?

I look at the life that I have lived, and it seems like I have done so little. Was it not just a moment ago that I was born on this earth? Just after that I started running around and falling. Did I not just lose my wisdom teeth yesterday? Just a moment ago I was playing rough games with my friends. Crying while going to school.

And I look now at my current version and think, boy haven’t you grown! The older I grew, the more worried I became. Time seemed to be moving so fast. For a moment there it felt like I was weak and dependent on other people. I lost a sense of control in my life and felt helpless. Teenage seemed like a different world.

A short time later, I was looking at everyone like they were God. I stopped several times to look at other people. Why was I the only one taking a break to observe my fellow humankind? It was getting interesting to view things from the other person’s perspective. It was even more interesting to choose not to react. More challenging to know that this is a choice too.

It was even a bigger challenge to choose myself, or in other words, put me first. I was uncomfortable just accepting that there was nothing I could do but watch. Confusion never seemed to leave my side in the early stages of this awakening. Now it all seems to me like a stage I was to go through. An inevitable process that has brought me all the tools that I need for the rest of my evolution.

There are times that I knowingly tap into this awareness and other times I am pulled without my full awareness. It is like a relationship that is becoming more solid with time. So why is everybody aware of the Soul yet at the same time not really aware. It is like mythology. You know what is said about mythology though. They are a biased version of the truth.

So, there are times that one sits down and experiences the truth. The truth is what runs through our veins. We are vessels through which the truth travels. We are channels or conduits. This also requires time to realize.  Do you hear the voice of your higher self in your head? Are you expecting it to sound different though?

But why should it when you are one and the same thing? I know you know what feels right for you. Don’t you feel that inner guidance showing you the signs? Don’t you see the visions being shown to you? But who is giving you all these messages? What is this higher self, dedicated to having my best interest anyway?

How many times will you stop to give that inner voice a chance? When are you going to give yourself a chance? There are times that you take a break from all the noise, when everything is pointless. It seems meaningless chasing people or things around. It is pointless proving anything to anyone. There is nothing to lose as it were.

Everything seems perfect as it is. Whether there is a sense of lack, or a sense of loss. Indeed, there are times when we feel like we want to fix everything. We even think that it’s only us who can make things right. We want to take the whole burden and be the saviour of the day. What with all this pressure!

Please take a moment to breathe. Do you know why you are doing what you are doing? Does the world need a saviour? And must this saviour be you? Of course, we all want to be in service. But we do not realize that we are already in service. Most times we struggle to make things right when things are just in balance.

When things seem to get out of hand sometimes, I get away. As much as it is usually hard for other people to understand, nothing is ever not in order. It is just our perception that is limited. Most things are a test of our patience. Dear reader, some things can never be taught. But are to be practiced.

It is said sometimes that we should learn from other people’s mistakes. And other times we are told that we should learn from our own mistakes. I know people keep talking about mistakes, but my view is that there are no mistakes. Everything is as it should be. Everything happens as it should. We experience reality as we should.

A blessing and a curse are one and the same thing. Well, if you observe it from a higher perspective. We have a hand in creation, and this is what we do every day. I know that I cannot speak awareness into you. I know that I cannot teach you awareness. But I would like to bring it to your conscience, or your attention.

Sometimes I talk and wonder if people are going to do more than just listening to what I am saying. I wonder if anybody is going to read between the lines. Will it help to read more than once, I wonder? All the same though, I am convinced that passing the message, even to one person is a great achievement. Even if this one person is me.

I have gotten some inspiration to complete this article from reading the RA material. The content brought forth by the contributors has reminded me a great deal about free will and the law of one. From this material, I have gotten information and insight that looks more to me as a reminder than new knowledge.  This is not because I am re-reading the material for the second time. I felt the same way when I first read it. The information just resonates deep into my bones.

In any communication, RA, a humble messenger of the law of one would greet one in the light and the love of the one infinite creator. And at the end of the session, he would say, I leave you in the light and the love of the one infinite creator. Go forth rejoicing in the power and peace of the infinite creator. The RA material I have been going through reminded me of Allness, wholeness, oneness, and unity. Check it out if you can.

“Dear infinite creator, the love that you give me is all-consuming. I bathe in your love always. This love I share limitlessly with other-self. When I went out to find myself, I found you too. And this love was a sign that I had found what I was looking for. I gave myself to this love as it gave itself to me. This eternal gift is forever in my heart, forever above me, around me, and beneath me. I am grateful for finding you. Thank you. And so it is”.


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