The High Life (Good life), Take 3.

Photo by Obi – @pixel6propix on Unsplash

Apart from the well-known wars like the world wars, the fight against hunger, the fight for human rights, in the streets, but hidden from plain sight, we are always fighting silent wars of competition and comparison. I know that the effects of the other wars are well known, and discussed in the public domain. But sadly the war on comparison and competition is not assessed. Perhaps we all feel insecure talking about it openly, as in talking covertly.

What is stopping us from saying that we do not all need to ‘make it’ at the same level? We are all fighting one another trying to be the first one to ever own this, or to be the only one to own that. Then and only then do you think that you are important in the eyes of mankind. Yes, you could have guessed right, this is a talk about ‘high life’ again. By now we can all connect the dots about where this conversation is going. While I like the most unconventional ways, and do not always want to seem obvious, this is what I intend to drive at here.

Because it was ingrained in us that we had to fight to achieve, that we had to even go to the lengths of stepping on other people’s heads, we have people doing anything to get what they are aiming for. After we graduate from the training that is called school, we join the race of acquiring what is rightfully ours, by virtue of having the resources to acquire them, or the circumstances that support us in acquiring what it is we desire.

In the quest to have a ‘high life’, I have read of and seen, maybe not met physically, those who build the poshest homes. These usually containing many rooms. They do not even get to use all the rooms. Just like I have mentioned earlier in this series(see highlife 1, highlife 2 ), sometimes we are driven by the prior experience of lack, to acquire things extraordinarily. Simply put, this is trying to pay up for the time that you had none of the things that you so desired to acquire. So here we are with people competing to buy, or build more houses than they could live in at the same time.

We have people owning multiple homes in several towns, or cities, and all the homes are fully equipped as if the owners are able to use them, or need them at the same time, regardless of the difference in geographical location. I wonder if this setting has brought them satisfaction or happiness. I wonder if they no longer desire to acquire more. Have they attained high life by acquiring more homes?

Okay, perhaps I am talking about bigger things, and it does not make sense to some of us. Sometimes we have more clothes in our closet than we need. Some clothes are worn just once, while others are never worn at all. Can having the biggest closet give you the ‘high life’, vibrationally, that is? Can it keep you in a good mood most of the time? If not, then perhaps you should think twice.

There is always a high competitive pressure among the youth, after they move out of their parents’ homes and begin living on their own. This is when close friends begin to compete. And while they may definitely have different backgrounds, the measures of scale for high life are usually the same across all divides. Everybody wants their house to be very spacious, to have a television, radio and the best household material with expensive design.

We want to make the guest awed at the beauty of our house. You want people to adore you for having the best things in your house. Then what do you do with all these best things, per se? I have seen people who bought radios and televisions because of competition from friends and now they do not use them at all. Their houses are full of gadgets that are just catching dust, but they are not ready to let them go either. They still hold on to the pride of owning such things.

There is a general perception among most people that a home must have certain gadgets such as televisions and radios. This makes most young adults struggle in acquiring these gadgets, only for them to become obsolete, because of technological advancements. And so, they are stuck In the cycle of replacing them with the most current technology.

It is thought that those who have televisions in their homes have higher chances of being informed. It is also seen as a source of entertainment, supposedly better than the radio. This is where the competition is. Those who only have radios are looked down upon, but those who do not own either of these entertainment gadgets are looked down upon the most. People believe that waking up to watch the television is such a high life, so that some of them leave the television on all the time, even as they go to bed. They want to catch all the news.

I hope you can see that your desire to hear and see is only just being nursed, and never gets satisfied fully. So, does this ever give us the high life, again, energetically? If anything, this is making us strain our sensory organs more. In the end, we are actually more drained to a much lower vibration. But the war on competition and comparison continues all the same as people want to come from a noisy house full of music, other than a quiet house without a single gadget producing noise.

The older we get, the more pressure we succumb to at getting to own a phone, and it must be a smartphone, as nobody likes to be so old school anymore. Although it aids in communication, some of us take a notch higher and purchase more than two phones. Others go on and purchase other gadgets such as tablets and laptops. All these devices could be used to do similar tasks, but having all of them makes people think highly of the owner. Suddenly there are those who will believe that they are better than others, and some will think that they are doing worse because they do not have either of the devices.

It now seems like a war between the haves and the have-nots. Those who do not have, are thought to have a low life, while those who have, are thought to have a high life. But just how many possessions will you have to maintain the high life. This ‘high life’ madness makes people do all sorts of things to be maintained, and most of these things are of the lower vibration. My plea still stands that, if you think and see that seeking material possession quenches your desires, then continue doing it, but know that they will never be fully satisfied.

The result of this ‘high life’ confusion has left kids from families that are not well off feeling discouraged in life. They feel like they have lost the competition too early in life. If you can only be defined by your material possessions, then it is a loss because people will never know who you really are. Worst still, you will never know who you are. Can you have a ‘high life’ while possessing just what you need? I bet this works. Think about the minimalists who only have what they need immediately, and yet they live a fulfilled life.

I think it is more important to truly know yourself before you begin the rush to possess the most material wealth, and even experience. Some people think that they are having the highest life going to dances and consuming alcohol every week. You must have realized that all these activities leave you drained, and in need of a break or rest. Even consuming the most expensive foods can put you in a low vibration. Overindulgence is the cause of low vibration in most things that we engage in. And this is where our rush to have the ‘high life’ leads us.

Let us pray that we get to live comfortably with the things that we need to sustain ourselves. While we all have different goals to achieve, I hope we realize that nothing is permanent, and that overindulgence has its own dangers too. I leave you with this payer.

“Dear spirit, thank you for taking care of me. You have provided for my needs even when I fail to ask for them. Thank you for my clothing, thank you for the roof above my head, thank you for the earth beneath my feet. Dear spirit, thank you for my blessings, and thank you for my ability to give and receive, from expected and unexpected sources. Thank you. And so it is”. Namaste.

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