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Creation Serves Creator Always.

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At no time are you ever not in service to the Creator. Whether you are doing a worthy act or not. Whether it seems that you are losing or gaining. Whether it seems like you are dynamic or static. I may have used so many examples, but I think they are necessary. In fact, I will continue to give more as we move on with this article.

It seems to me that there is some talk that is reserved for one place, and other talks or topics for specific places. Whoever said that you need to dance with a lot of caution in a house of worship. While in other places you dance like you are supercharged? What is all the differentiation about when all dance is for the Lord anyway?

Allow me to go back to the topics. People think that you cannot mention the name of the Creator in one sentence containing other words that are categorized as evil. How is this happening, when the very words are the Creator Himself, or shall I say, Itself. Each word contains the vibration of the Creator. There is nothing that escapes His influence.

Whether you are singing a secular or a religious song, it does not matter much. God still gets to hear you. His will is still expressed. Of course, this is through your audience. I know there is profiling between those who sing to God, or for God, and those who sing for man. Let us get rid of this confusion and dig through the awareness of the fact that man is God, and God is man.

I guess I will mention the name of God numerous times. And here there is also a problem too. Because somewhere it is written that we should not call the name of the Lord in vain. But we call on the lord so many times that we are not even aware of it. You even call His name through thought. And happy is the man who calls on the name of the Lord as many times as he wills!

The Lord is your refuge. Again, whether you are taking a non-alcoholic drink or not. All consumption is of the Lord and for the Lord. There is no given time that you are doing something against the Lord. And no time are you not in service. The confusion is brought about by yourself. You create the madness, even more, when you start judging yourself.

How can the Creator judge His own Creation? Was\is Creation not done in love? There is nothing that happens under the sun minus love. Love is the driving force of creation. The Solar Logos is nothing but love. All expression is in service to the Creator. There is no point in labeling something as bad, and then shying away from it. You cannot shun those who do those things that you term as bad either.

The winds are in service too, and so are the waters. Well, sometimes the wind is too strong and causes hurricanes and tornados. And sometimes it is a cool breeze, and we all want it to brush our faces. Do we then label either nature of the wind as bad or good? It is just the wind, and such is her nature. Sometimes she seems calm as though everything is still, at these times the heat would be burning our skin dry. Do we then blame the wind for taking a break?

Sometimes it rains and yet sometimes we go without rain for the longest time. Even after waiting a long time for the rain, it comes on so strongly and causes floods. God is in the rain. The same water that people drown in, is the same water that fishermen catch fish in, and the same water that other people are yearning for due to drought. It is the same water that other people are swimming and surfing in.

Can I hold my hands and pray while walking? Can I do the same while in the club? You know the Creator does not stop learning. Yeah, that is all there is to this experience. There is no better moment than the other to do something. The goal is to learn and use that knowledge in a future instance. So, what do you say? Can you lose yourself to a vigorous dance in church as you do in the club?

Even those who are silently listening are already in service. The qualification is simple. You contain a piece, or portion, or part of the Creator in you. Some people are always waiting for the most opportune moment to serve, or do what they call, worship the Creator. Have you heard though, that the Creator does not demand your worship? Ponder on these words.

Sometimes we think that we are more worthy to be in service than the others. Lest you forget, those you call others are also in service. There are no favours to cut for one group against the other. You might be thinking that you are destined to teach and do great things. But remember those who seem to be working against you are actually in service, to you, and the Creator too.

Aren’t we all here to grow and evolve? Well, so we have chosen different roles for ourselves. This ensures that we serve a purpose in the life of another. There is no point judging one who engages in sexual activity against the other who does not. Both are worthy in the eyes of the Lord. There is no offering more worthy, and no offering less worthy either.

If you came to me in need of help, and I refused to offer what you are asking for, I would be in service to you, and you to me. We would both get to learn from this experience because we are in service to each other. In other words, there are really no opposites. These we create for ourselves. Just like God and Satan. It is all in our imagination. There is only one driving force, that is the One Infinite Creator.

Infinite cannot have opposites, for it has no polarity. It can be viewed by many different lenses, but eventually we realize that it is like the prism from whence other light rays emerge. This is unity. Your action and my action could seem like complete opposites, but they are actually one. The same way you view yourself against other people and forms.

When you are being taught, you are in service, the same way when you are the one giving a teaching. It is service. So sometimes I feel like I am bigger than what I was taught I am. I feel like I am part of the One Infinite Creator and not merely a servant. Yet there are times that I feel that my purpose is to serve. It is however service to a bigger portion of myself.

It all seems natural, for I do not feel forced. The feeling of service comes from my heart. Such are the times I want to hug a tree and even hug mother earth. I want to thank the birds for their singing and thank the wind for her cool breeze. I thank them for being in service to me. They are all here for me, aren’t they? And then there are those times when you go into action and do your part. What can you do for mother nature?

What can you do for another person? What can you do for yourself in service? What can you do for the plants? I may not have the right words to explore this topic of being in service, because it is more of a feeling. But when one’s eyes are opened, then they begin to observe. This is one way of letting go of fear. You do not put so many expectations of yourself, because you understand the balance of energy.

I promise that even if you sat down and breathed, you would still be in service. Even if you did this for the whole week without a single person noticing except you, of course. It helps a lot to have that knowing that you are already in service, no matter what outcome you receive from your action or inaction. I guess we are addicted to action so much that we forget that sometimes what is required from us is inaction.

You are in service dear one. Let us give thanks. “Beloved source of all that is, thank you for my blessings. Dear Spirit, thank you for my experiences for they have brought me many lessons. Thank you for my interactions with other life forms across all divides. Thank you for my evolution and growth. Thank you and so it is.”


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