Do We Ever Think About Metaphysical Sex?

sunlight passing through green leafed tree
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

The moment we see, or hear the words intercourse, we think of two partners coming together to fondle and embrace. This is all we have of sex. Clearly, our idea of sex has been shaped by what we see and hear. This is a combination of the formal, and informal education we have acquired so far. But, what we know answers only one aspect of intercourse and sex.

Of course, one thing must always come together with another to create or experience a higher experience. This, for one, is a lesson not only about pleasure but interdependence too. Okay, let us talk about sex. Any time I mention these words, those who are close to me then show high signs of interest. It is always as if they have a preconceived idea of where the topic is leading.

But does it always have to end with two partners making out, then penetration and ejaculation? I do not subscribe to this limited view of sex. I hope this is not all that sex education entails. If so, we have a lot to add to our curriculum, because this view is so limited in perspective. Can we look at sex from a higher perspective? There is always more than meets the eye.

People think that sex only happens when they are feeling pleasure in the comfort of their partner. What we are not aware of is that sex is always happening. And it does not necessarily require two people to come together always. Sex is one of those words used to point at something, but for a long time, we have been thinking that it is what it is trying to point at.

The world is full of metaphors, and sex does not fall short of belonging to that list. Sex exists and has always existed. It is in our knowledge for some reason. It is neither good nor bad. Just like any other energy, it all depends on what you are using it for. just like any energy, sex can be moulded to produce your desired outcome.

Okay enough of the speculation, I am talking about sex in terms of the metaphysical or the spiritual sense. Sex is reactive energy, and this perhaps is the most fundamental thing to know. Nothing comes to fruition in the absence of sex. During sex, even the physical, there is an exchange of energy between the participants. There is a giving and receiving that goes back and forth.

For example, for us to hold a conversation and understand each other, there must be a mutual giving and receiving effect. Both parties must surrender to the other, to freely give and receive. The condition must be conducive for the conversation to take place. Our mindset must be open, to interpret what we are experiencing. And what is this if not sex?

Are you still not aware yet, that the relationship between you and all other consciousness is sexual? If these wordings disturb you in any way to make you uncomfortable, I suggest that you keep an open mind. If you are understanding this, then there is sexual chemistry behind the scenes, and it only happens because we have allowed it to thrive.

Your relationship with everything is sexual. That is why there is a natural push and pull with everything in the universe. Think about it, you are not only attracted to people, but things too. Why are you attracted to that phone? Why are you attracted to the moon, the stars, and the sun? Why do you feel attracted to the light? Why do you feel repelled by the darkness?

Perhaps the reason for the repulsion is because your sexual chemistry is imbalanced, and out of flow. You wash your clothes because you are attracted to cleanliness. You wash your body because you are attracted to cleanliness. Ever wonder why they say that cleanliness is next to godliness? For the clothing and the body to be clean, there must be an act of cleaning associated with love in regard to the end goal.

Do you not feel good when you are finally clean and have on some clean clothes? Do you not feel comfortable in those clean clothes? There is a sexual relationship between you and the body, you and the clothes. One that all parties have agreed to. One that all parties benefit from. So, as much as you are attracted to cleanliness, you have received, and given something to the other party.

For this to really spark a fire, think of everything as an entity interacting with each other. This interaction is purposely to create something new. And isn’t this what our role is? This is why we interact with one another. I am talking about all entities here. So sex is always happening even if we are not aware of it. Even if we only hold on to the corrupted version of it.

Whenever we feel hungry, we are attracted to eating food. You purchase the food, clean it, and cook. If you do not do the preparation, someone else does it on your behalf. Eventually, you consume the food. So, there is a balance here of energy. You give the food one thing as it gives you another. We could say that it completes the equation, for lack of a better word.

Think again before you use the word sex or intercourse. And if you are to teach it to another, share all aspects of it, not only the physical aspect. This is why everything is spiritual. There is no secular sex and religious sex. But you can mould it to be what you want, for this is your free will. The point of this writing is not to say that we have been perceiving wrong.

It is just to add to what we have been perceiving. Is this not what we are here for anyway, to grow our awareness? There is nothing wrong or right about what one does with this knowledge. It is all for our consumption. Your sexual relationship with this knowledge will lead to the formation of a new thing. Your limitations and gifts will determine what this new thing could be.

Have we all grasped the power of creation through sex though? We can give birth to new things. We can conceive life. How powerful we are! And the things that we create are never complete in a sense. We always want to create more and more. You are always attracted to the other opposite energy more and more, and this leads to creation.

This can be applied to the physical sex that we so think about. Even though it is a metaphor for metaphysical sex, it is equally important for our evolution. Open your mind to infinite possibilities and see the jewel that sex is. Just like any other experience, participating in sex with full awareness is more advantageous and more fun.

Eating without awareness doe not bring you any joy, just as cleaning without awareness, conversing without awareness, meditating without awareness, and praying without awareness. And so does participating in sex without awareness. This only shows some imbalance in your energy system. Do you prefer to be aware or not?

The aware self or individual experiences a somewhat different experience from the unaware individual or self. These blinders or limits of the former, filter out some experiences. Therefore, a description of these sexual occurrences or experiences would sound different, yet they are one and the same. Is this not what is called leaving in the same world, but experiencing alternate realities?

“May the all-loving creator open our eyes once more to what we knew, but have just forgotten. May we reunite with this fountain of knowledge, because it is our own creation. May peace flow in our actions for energy exchange to occur. May we awaken to the liveliness of life and dance to the eternal rhythm. May we adjust our vibration to be in tune with the abundant nature of the universe. May we open our hearts, for it is the centre of creation. We are blessed and we are aware of it. This is my prayer And so it is”.


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