What You Let Go Fades Away, But Never Dies.

palm letting go of sand
Photo by Zoe Holling on Unsplash

“What you ignore will slowly lose its grip, as the energy dissipates, and you lose interest”. These are not my exact words, but they communicate my sentiments and are true for every situation. As we are aware by now, energy cannot be destroyed, and therefore never dies. They say old habits die hard, right? Well, they do not really die. But they just lose their strength, as you pull your focus away from them.

They will always be available, so that whenever you are tempted to backslide from your current progress, you will always find the old habits where you left them. They did not go anywhere, but it is you that moved away from them. We can also think about it this way, whenever we delete anything from our gadgets, it does not disappear from existence. It is just stored in a format that you cannot easily access.

Those things that we try to destroy just change form. If we try to burn any material, it will change state, maybe from solid to liquid, or liquid to gas. So, the property might change, but it is still the same thing. Okay, enough talk about energy, even though I love talking about it. Perhaps I should now talk about some real-life scenarios.

The human race has been brought up through training. We basically learn through repetition, and the more you do something, the more it sticks and solidifies. Over time it becomes challenging to discard some of these practices. Through this repetition, we assume that we cannot do without one thing or another, but the truth always is that we do not know if we can.

It is usually hard for an addict to change their ways, and drop whatever they are addicted to. We feel that what we do is attached to us, to the point of being part of us. I have seen drug addicts trying so hard to change and stay free from the influence of whatever drug they were abusing, those who cannot do it on their own, end up in rehabilitation centers, which sadly is for the majority.

There are those, however, who entirely give up changing, and identify with their character. It feels comfortable, and easier to just identify with a character that you already understand, other than a new one that you know little, or nothing about. If one begins the task of fighting the addiction but stops midway through, they will definitely be drawn back to the old habits.

We all have friendships and relationships. Both of these things take time to build. There is an investment of time, love, money, and emotions that bind us in these affairs. No wonder it is usually an ardent task to let go of those we have formed associations with. The strongest bonds are those with family. Yet sometimes we are required to abandon these relationships, for us to evolve.

These are the people that you identify with. You have known them for the better part of your life. Of course, these relationships go deeper than just what we see on the surface. We invest so much and when it comes to letting go, we suffer trying to cling to what we think is our life. I know, nobody wants to face a situation where they are leaving their loved ones, but it may happen. There is a possibility.

It is usually hard to say no to those that we love. The reasons are many. For one, we want them to feel appreciated, we fear that we may hurt their feelings. Maybe we have seen them hurting once, and we fear being the cause of their heartbreak. So, some of us stick to the relationship through thick and thin, even when all the signs are telling us that we have outgrown these bonds.

Do not be afraid to let go. You are probably staying on the fence about facing these situations, because of one thing, fear. I know this is nothing new on this platform, and neither is it new in our lives. We need to understand that each relationship is in our life for a purpose, and when the purpose is served, then we have to be fluid, or be like water and flow along with the current. Resistance only causes us more pain, yet eventually, we would have to let them go. But we may have even brought them and ourselves more suffering than we intended.

I know we cannot just wake up one day and change everything in our lives. It is challenging to do so. That is why those who work towards letting go of their addictions do it progressively. This is an investment like any other because it deserves your attention. In acquiring the new self that you desire, you have to let go of your old self. This requires that you put less attention on the current version, and more on the future or desired version.

Well, you cannot just ignore where you are now, it is a fact. You put in the effort and intention to build your current version. Now, the same or even more attention is needed to build the next version. There are such addictions as procrastinating, consuming negative content like pornography, and consuming unhealthy foods. Whatever you are pulling yourself from will always be.

Imagine you are attached to something with a bond of a particular nature. The more effort you put into changing, the weaker the bond becomes. This is just an attachment. I guess the difficult part is that it requires our sincere effort and commitment. Denial of the fact does more harm than good. Procrastination does not help either.

First, accept the circumstance that you find yourself in. There are certain things that we think are useful to us, but on the contrary, are more damaging and energy-draining. Yet it is fear that keeps us fastened to these situations. Sometimes we think that we are better off being constantly informed of the News, but we end up absorbing negative energy. Eventually, we become addicted to it, and it affects our perception.

I do not think that there is anything that you need so much that you cannot let go of. We are the ones that give life to these things that we eventually get addicted to. It all starts beautifully, like a good story. We create something, wanting to stamp our authority, or thinking that we are exercising our freedom to create or acquire. But somewhere along the way, it dawns on us that those things that we acquire end up controlling us.

Sometimes it is said that power corrupts. Well, in my opinion, this is unconscious power. If you are aware of your power, there is no need to fear. You have the power to give life to something, and take life from it. It may sound like the power to build and destroy, for lack of a better word. As much as it may not be easy, letting go is part of life. It comes with some of the toughest lessons, more so if we remain adamant and cling to what we do not need anymore.

If you put even a little effort every day, it will go a long way. All the things said about consistency and intention will be realized in action. It does not all happen in talking. As it is said that faith without action is dead, this requires your attention, as much you may be drawn back and forth. Focus more on who you want to become. Just like a game, if you do not reach the completion of any stage, you may be required to start all over again. This is also a test of patience.

We all have our challenges and tests in life. There is no one to blame for the predicament that you are going through. If you must blame someone, then look no further than yourself. The energy you spend trying to blame another, would be more useful in changing your predicament. It is all up to you, to change your situation dear one. Let us give thanks.

“Dear spirit, thank you for all the lessons that you continue to teach me every day. There are some that I do not see and others that I refuse to see. Thank you for you have always supported my efforts to learn. Thank you for the challenges that bring about my evolution. Help me to give up the things that I no longer need to acquire those that are necessary for my ascension. Thank you and so it is.”


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