statues of fighting titans

The Self fighting against The Other Self.

statues of fighting titans
Photo by antonio filigno from Pexels

I was walking when I saw a poster with the following words, ‘It takes a community to fight against rape’. It got me introspecting about fighting. It was not the first time that I came across a similar message. I have always heard and read people demonstrating for different reasons. The aggrieved are always fighting against corruption, injustice, and many other vices.

There seems to be a group of people or selfish individuals, who are always ready to take advantage of others. They may be withholding what is needed by other people, and doing it for their own selfish benefit. Who would not want the other person to flourish? Every time I ponder on this scenario, I ask myself, ‘Why do we need to protect ourselves from ourselves?’

How have we become dangerous to ourselves? Do we not pretend and show other external parties just how much we love those who are close to us? Isn’t it always assumed that strangers are the ones who can easily harm us? Reason? Because we are not related to them. It is easier to assume that those who do not know us, will most likely cause us harm.

Are we not the same race that keeps saying that we are one? This human race that says that they would do anything to protect their loved ones! How do I cause harm to your daughter, and at the same time say that I am ready to protect my daughter against harm, which could be brought by you? Why do we have so many faces, are we naturally shapeshifters?

How can my brother not mean as much to you as your brother does? What is the difference between the bonds that I have with my mother, and the one you have with your mother? I ask again, who are we causing harm against? Who are we protecting against? Do we not all wish not to cause harm to one another? Come on, look me in the eye and tell me you do not want us to live in harmony.

It does not make sense to continue fighting and protecting against the other. Would it not be understandable if we were protecting against a beast of burden? A wild animal that broke loose and was causing terror on our race? I bet it would be easier to hold hands and manage the situation, until we are sure to be safely away from danger.

So anytime I am walking in the streets, I think that just with a trigger, anyone can take the place of the beast of burden. How weak is our bond, I wonder, if animals can move as a pack? Don’t they say that blood is thicker than water? Others in jest have also said that it is thicker than mud. And who wouldn’t agree with the latter? By all means, I agree!

I want to take care of a stranger the same way I would my mother. I want to love my siblings the same way I would, your siblings. So, when does the statement about blood suddenly change, and become my blood is thicker than your blood? Where did the bond start breaking? I wonder where the loophole is. How easy it has become for one to betray another!

How would I sell another person so that I gain financially? Does it not touch my heart that my sister, or brother, or daughter, or son could be in the same situation, in just a different period? Would I suddenly forget that I have done the same, and start shedding tears for my relative? Oh, how sad! If I did not shade a tear for what I did to another person’s relative, then my tears do not mean much now.

Are we still waiting for the authorities to catch or arrest the ones we call wrongdoers? Oh Lord, hear our prayer! Because we do not feel your love in our hearts anymore. Am I just empathic or other people are also feeling this too deeply?  It hurts to see the victims of these crimes suffer like this, but what hurts most is that we are doing this to ourselves! What is this, greed for money? Does it suddenly numb our senses so that we do not feel the pain of our brothers?

We do not hear the cries of our fathers. And yet we proudly say that we have a level of awareness higher than that of animals. We boast to be more evolved! But what has evolution brought us? Where has it got us anyway? After thinking that we are superior to all other life forms now we bring it to our own backyard, and we test it on ourselves to see who can take the harshest treatment. How do we still wait for the grand judgement day?

Are we not judging ourselves already? Seeing who is fit to live and who is not. Seeing who is fit to enjoy life and who is fit to suffer! How can my brother suffer in your hands, brother? How can my father suffer in your hands, father? I keep assuring my loved ones that I love them. But I do not believe these words anymore. Do you still believe in love, I wonder? Do you still love one another?

How am I a stranger to you when we are of the same race, the human race? What has colour got to do with the way you look at me and treat me? For how long will I ask, do we really practice what we preach? In love, there is no rape. In love, there is no oppression. In love, there is no manipulation and control. Oh, I wonder how I can celebrate the month of love with all these questions in my mind. I mean, how do I only show you love for one day on a calendar year?

Yet we claim that all this evil happens in the dark. This is all happening before our eyes. It is happening in broad daylight. Who said darkness is not apparent during the day? We give darkness too much power at the expense of other peoples’ suffering. How long shall I protect my son or daughter against you? How long shall you protect your sister against me? How long shall you seclude me, just because you think I am different?

I will hold the light for us. I will love the stranger for us. I will feed those who come to me with hunger. I will love you unconditionally. Yes, even when you do not return the feeling. I will do good by you, even if you do not return the gesture. Even if I do not make a promise, I feel that I have a guiding compass for me to hold the light. This compass is the source. I will keep the faith for you, until your sun dawns and you begin to see the light.

We are one, even If we do not say or feel it. We are love itself, even when we struggle to show it, and others do not see it. We are part of the creator, even if it feels like your neighbour is looking for a chance to pounce on you. We are one, even if the Lion will not spare your life, if you ever come face to face. So, instead of crying and complaining, I chose to be proactive and keep my eyes on the outcome that I am projecting. And with the hundredth monkey effect, we will all get it somehow.

For some years now, I have been asking, how do I celebrate the month of love when all I see is fear spreading like a disease? Fear is spreading its deep roots in our hearts. And we dig out just the upper part, while burying the rest inside. It is like an iceberg. The top is small and misleading. It has got us duped, thinking we have won. But it is spreading within us all.

“By the grace of God. All healing will come to those who are afflicted. The light will shine upon those who feel alone and hurt. The love of God is always within us, even when we feel abandoned. We are not meant to suffer. We have the power to pull ourselves from the cycles that bring us back to those circumstances that we dread. This is my prayer. And so it is.” Namaste.

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