woman looking in the mirror

Know Thyself, Stop Running!

woman looking in the mirror
Photo by Mariana Montrazi from Pexels

How long will we run away from ourselves? How long will we disown ourselves? Who are you if not all that you think you are not? Why are you denying yourself? How long will you look at your reflection in the mirror, and say without flinching, that you are not who you are seeing? What do you expect to see? Any ideas?

I have thought about this so many times. Every time you say, ‘my heart is beating, my eyes are aching’. How do you separate yourself from these organs? Who are you then? What do you really identify with? How are we even reading our own stories in the history books, and separating ourselves from that reality? Is it easier that way?

Is it easier to think of ourselves as different entities from the birds and the animals? Is it easier if we assume opposing positions and point fingers, other than accepting that we are all in it together? How will I take a rifle and point it to a reflection of me, through my brother, and say that he deserves to die for being the cause of all our problems?

Your neighbour’s kids are always noisy, it seems that their parents have neglected their duty to discipline them. What spoilt brats they are! If they were your kids, you would have handled them better, wouldn’t you? The neighbour, however, thinks that you are so strict with your kids. You rarely give them space to be themselves. ‘Who does that to their children’, he wonders?

This stranger acting all nice must be hiding something beneath his sleeves. I would be careful in interacting with him. It is a cruel world, a man-eat-man society, they call it. Everybody is looking out for themselves. Did you hear, they say that blood is thicker than water, and sometimes, mud? So, I may just run you over if you interfere with my loved ones.

But do I not have the same blood as your siblings have with you. How come you trust them more than you trust me. And you trust them with your life, something that you wouldn’t do with me. How are you feeling though, do you trust your inner compass to show you the direction? Do you doubt your own internal organs?

Looking at the mirror I can see it all, but I am not looking at all. I am not paying attention to what is before my eyes. I have a very close look. I do not even need glasses to see. Yet I will trust what the other person is telling me. Who is it, telling me that my teeth are bad? That my chin is not level? That my nose is too big? Why can’t I see these things myself?

My body is right there in that reflection. I can feel my heart beating. But why do they call it a heart attack? Who or what is attacking my heart, in surprise by the way? Am I not on guard to feel the variation of my heart beating? Why am I separated from my organs? Do the organs not send me a signal when something goes wrong? It seems I am running after someone else’s heart, and have therefore left my post.

Was the signal sent but I missed it instead? How do I get an asthma attack? Why have things gotten out of hand? Have we served our relationship with the body? So then again who are we, if we have disconnected from the body? Do you feel yourself sometimes? Where do you think you are located? Why am I going to the doctor to know how to deal with these attacks?

So, I am losing control of the thoughts too, and I need to pay someone else to help me think things through? We call them the therapists. External parties who know nothing about us, not until we tell them about ourselves. To the point that they make it look like they now know us more than we know ourselves. Are you not willing to trust yourself and confide in yourself? Do you prefer to think that the solution is outside rather than within?

Pause for a minute and think this through. If I can open up to the therapist, to a very simplified and understandable level, then why can’t I do that with myself? Why am I trusting them more than I do myself? So, I cannot have a conversation with myself now? So, I cannot give myself time to introspect and look for a solution. But I run out to other people to do that? How easy is it to run outwardly than seek inner guidance while taking your time? Work things through with yourself.

What! Do you do not trust yourself enough to be honest with yourself? I was recently reminded that if you are a conscious being, who knows themself, then there is no need for brutal honesty. Honesty is just honesty, and it needs no complementary energy, which we call brutal. You do not have to go into combat with your thoughts, each has the potential of teaching you something.

Now that we are on this page of teaching. Do you believe that you are capable of teaching? It must not be a big crowd. You could start with yourself. Do you think you would be too stubborn? So, you put trust in a guru to teach you? The solutions are always outside of you, right? Well, please listen to the inner voice. Because as a matter of fact, the solution is within you.

“Now I feel like I have learned a lot and I want to share my lessons”, one might say. Pause a bit, are you sure you have processed everything before assuming that the massage is not intended for you. You may teach judgement, but you sure judge yourself. You may teach forgiveness, but you are so hard on yourself. Dear one, you need to slow down.

Internalize whatever you have learned. Maybe you should teach yourself some more. Maybe you should act on the message before teaching it. Everything here is first and foremost about you. According to RA, an humble messenger of the Law of One, service to others implies service to self and vice versa. It is by understanding self that you understand other-self.

So, are you feeling that anger? It is an emotion, do not run away from it. It will only accumulate unless it is faced and transmuted. It is still in your system. Who can you blame when it manifests into some negative energy? When your house is dirty, running away to crush at a friend’s does not solve the problem. You must sweep it clean. Know thyself brother. Know thyself sister!

I hope we introspect. There is no difference. All is unity. All is one. And it is all in us. There is no loss in accepting that we do not know. Let us meditate on this message. “Dear Spirit, all I ask for is that you teach me to know myself even more. Teach me patience and teach me love. And I will praise thy name for as long as prana dances in this body and forever more. Thank you. And so it is”.


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