child holding umbrella

From Who Do We Protect The Innocence Of The Kids.

child holding umbrella
gbttf/Photo from Pixabay

The short time that I have spent on social networks has been a great learning experience for me. I have consumed a large amount of information. Although every time I am using the internet, the words, ‘let us protect the innocence of the kids’, do not fail to catch my attention. These words remind me of the young girls and boys I have met and spent time with, in my life.

Do we not keep saying that we are creating a better future for the younger generation? We seem to be so good at forming statements that foster ‘goodmanship’. But this has been going on for so long that it has become nothing but a tradition. We close our eyes to what is happening now, and pretend to be focused on the future that we do not see yet.

This discussion is not new to us. Protecting the innocence of the children is a concern that every parent has. Every time they watch their children grow, they are worried about their engagements with the external world, beyond the gates of their homes. I believe the problem has been brought right past the doorstep, and into our homes. Do we not see the children accessing the internet and falling for the traps of conmen?

Have we not learned anything from the past generation, and even our present generation? What do we do with all the history classes we had in school? What are we doing with all the information that we are getting now? Maybe the first question would have been, who are we protecting the children from? Don’t our children deserve a supportive environment to grow and develop?

I am sure every parent wants the best for their kids. So why are we still exposing them to circumstances that hinder their peaceful growth? Why do we teach them treachery and violence? Why should I protect my child against you, yet you have children of your own? Sometimes they say that children are a blessing, and that they are the responsibility of the community or society.

The latter statement must have stopped being applied. The news is still filled with episodes of kids being lured into doing things that they are not mature enough to do yet. They usually have no consent for such matters. How have we come to take advantage of the innocence and ignorance of the child? Sometimes I ask how I can bring up a child in this world.

Would I guarantee the safety of the child? Would I keep watching who they are interacting with, whether offline or online? Who speaks for these vile things committed against our children, our brothers, our sisters? Whose responsibility is it to raise the child? Does it solely fall on the parent? Who is kidnapping the kids and trafficking them?

Who is using child labour to operate their business? How much information do we allow our children to consume? And what type of information is it anyway. I think some of us have been lost in the bubble of giving our children freedom. We do not even know what our kids are doing anymore, especially behind the screens of those gadgets that we have given them.

I have seen a couple of times parents give gadgets to their children, just to be a distraction, so the kids do not distract them. These gadgets are also used as bribes for the kids to do what the parents want. It takes a turn when the kid has learned that they can cry their way into being given the gadgets. They then take control of what they can do with them. The parents are then at their mercy.

It still beats me, however, to see that someone is doing the business of misleading the children. This future that we keep talking about, who are we building it for? Will the children survive to see it? Do we not think that the kids are learning from us, and they may probably just turn out as we did? I tend to think that the greatest lessons are learned through observation, which I believe the kids are doing. How will we change their minds, and tell them that we are investing in a better future for them?

The kids are learning very fast, now that we have a multitude of information at our disposal. The internet is facing information overload. Can I be a brother’s keeper? Can I be trusted to take care of a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter of another? If I cannot be trusted with this duty, then chances are that I would not take good care of my sibling or children.

Are rules going to help us deal with this perennial problem? It is shameful to hear a parent admit that they cannot take care of the children. Who will take responsibility and ensure that the kids are safe? Wait, I think they should always be safe. We need not worry about their safety at all. Does living in gated communities give us any chance at ensuring their safety.

What good does it do if we lock ourselves in with the thieves? Of course, they will continue stealing. How long shall we continue to confiscate the gadgets? This does not stop the flow of information. And neither does it stop the access of it. Let us be honest with ourselves and be the change we want to see. Let us walk the talk. Your children or younger siblings are always watching what you are doing.

Are you a reliable person? Do you first respect yourself?  You know that you cannot clean the outside of a cup, and then leave the inside all dirty. Who would want to use such a cup? What are the chances that you will save your child from the madness going on out there, let alone another person’s child? Let us take this chance and do the best we can now!

Let us be proactive and not wait for the authorities to make rules to protect the kids. If it gets that far, then I believe we would have failed. It would mean that we have withdrawn our effort. Let us create this better future here now! By doing this we will be helping the kids to also start creating their future. What type of future do you think they are visualizing?

Do you think it is consistent with the one you are visualizing? Is it consistent with the effort that you are putting in? If we start with the end in mind, I think we can save the children before they are in the grasp of those who want to take advantage of them. We have the power to empower the kids, no matter their age. What are the possibilities that we could save all the kids from this madness? I guess we will never know until we start doing something.

“May the Almighty guide us all into finding that patience, that light, to continue fighting for our dream. May our hearts be filled with Divine love, enough for us to share it with a stranger, a mother, a son. May our hands be ready to bless those who cross our path, to heal those who are sick, to receive help, and to give of it. And so it is.”


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