Classic Creative Substance.

artisan preparing clay for pottery
Photo by Monstera from Pexels

I recently got this analogy of creation. I have never asked this of anyone but, imagine that we are all sitting down surrounding this extremely large mudhole. The hole is full of some malleable substance that resembles mud or clay. Everyone can take a portion, and make of it whatever they want. The nature of the malleable substance is standard, but changes once it is picked by an individual.

The change of the nature of the substance will be subject to the thoughts of the individual. From this perspective, I want to show that there is no good or bad, wrong, or right. Also, there is no person who is chosen to do anything, since remember, we are all drawing from the same universal substance.

In a way, we are learning, like a sculptor we are all concentrating on creating something marvelous. And the result will also reflect the status of our hearts. Whether it is afflicted or full of joy. You know, from this point you cannot stop and judge one as being evil, and the other as being good, because everyone has a free will to take the creative substance, and create as they desire.

Also, there is no way you will stop working on your creation and take another person’s creation. Once the creative substance is in your hands, then it contains your signature. It is like a blueprint of your creation. Likewise, those who create things that are later undesirable to them, cannot swap with those that they think would be desirable.

Would it not be a lie to get to a point where you do not like your own creation anymore? But this seems like the norm. We begin creating, and before we finish creating, we start judging ourselves. You then come under pressure and think that the creative substance is not working for you. Or that you are not good enough, or capable to create your art.

Remember that everyone was allowed to take an equal portion of the creative substance. But why are others able to create so much with their portion, while you think that yours was not even enough. Perhaps you have underestimated yourself, but you should know that you can always go for more of the creative substance.

Either way, if you think that what is in your hands is not enough to create anything, how will getting more help you? Some of us seem to have formed the habit of always wanting, or going for more, when we have some creative substance underutilized in our hands. We go for more, thinking that it would be different this time around. But you find that it is still the same substance.

Until you figure out how to utilize the portion in your hands, it will not be useful to you in any way. More like a form that does not have any life in it. It is presumed dead. This creative substance has the potential to be anything, and you hold the power to bring it to life. Yes, that is just how powerful we are. If you put your heart, mind, and hands together, you can do wonderful things. And I mean every word of this.

Now, this creative substance is much like the creator, or the creative source. We all have different names for it. We have been taught numerous times, that the creator loves all his creation. There is no biasness towards any of his creations. We have been given this creative substance because the creator knows that we can create something.

The creator has not taken the creative power from anyone and given it to another. If we assume this to be true, then it would be humanizing the creator. We live in a world or planet of free will, meaning that people can express themselves as they wish or see fit. No one is here to check how other people are utilizing their gift of expression.

We are our harshest judges, for before anyone judges us, we have judged ourselves. There is always a force like a parent in us that is very critical of our actions. The more you judge yourself, however, the more you bring this force outside. It then materializes and magnifies. Then what you thought was good for you, you now think should be good for other people too. If you see someone with characters that you consider as bad, then you judge them.

How then do you appoint yourself as the judge of another? First, I think you should be easy on yourself. Utilize the freedom of expression that you have to the fullest. I am sure if you paid more attention to what you are doing, it wouldn’t matter so much to you whether other people’s expression is good or bad. See, they also qualified to be given this freedom.

And the qualification is that they are also a piece of art from the creator, just as you are. Here is what I know, there is no way that what we are doing is ever wrong or right. Judging yourself or another for utilizing their freedom will not solve whatever problems we have created for ourselves. Don’t you think you should focus more on your own creation, if you want any peace at all?

“But we are living in a cruel world”, some will say. This is surely a space full of challenges, but it is also a confusion that has been created by us. If you can stop to consider what I am saying, you will see that you are creating your own chaos. The question is, is it necessary? None of us knows why the other creates whatever they want to create.

Everyone has their reason for giving life to their desires. But the effect of the desire on the creator is usually projected to other people. This is when other people shift their focus from their creation to yours. Where do you think your creation and freedom of expression starts and stops? For this, I think you create your own checks and balances.

I do not know if this analogy of good and bad, right, and wrong has helped anyone. But everything brought forward on this platform is open to discernment. And even then, you will decide whether it is right for you. What I am doing here is making use of my creative substance. As I can never create another person’s desires, I make it my sole purpose to have fun while I create mine.

There is more of the creative substance from where it came. The question is, do you think you need more? Have you any substance in your hands? Let us enjoy creating ladies and gentlemen. And we can all have fun while at it. Remember, the substance is malleable for eternity. You can always make alterations at any time. Just make sure you are doing it for yourself, and not after peeping at another person’s creation. Create what you love, and you will love what you create. Let us give thanks.

“Dear father, thank you for giving us this gift of creation, for we can give life to our desires. Just with thought, we can create joy or suffering. Thank you, for you have constantly guided us and not judged us in this creative endeavor. Thank you. And so it is”.


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