Consistency – the art of love.

person playing piano
Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash

Love is the creative specimen. It is the ingredient that is needed to create anything. Love is energy and it manifests through the light, through which all things get form. Before I digress any further, I would like to talk about consistency. But we can not talk about being consistent without talking about love. This is because everything happens in love. Maybe I have not mentioned here before, that, if you do what you love, you will love what you do.

Consistent input will lead to growth, or development, where the effort is invested. How much effort are we willing to invest in the things that we wish to grow? Your energy, and the energy of the thing you are working towards, has to be in synch. It is like you have to be on the same page.

I have heard people complaining in society, that there are those who work for the dark side. Most of them are therefore shunned. It would be surprising to know, that those who are associated with negative things also invest love in those things. Without love, they would not flourish. Nothing happens under the sun without love.

I would also not fail to mention service to self-faction, and service to others. I have been made aware that this planet is oriented towards service to others. Either way, there is free will for one to choose which path they feel at peace with. Whichever path one chooses, it is all with the ingredient of love. For me, it was through experiencing self-love, that I knew I was for service to others.

I did not have any idea of what I needed to do in terms of service. All that felt vibrating in me was that I wanted to be in service to others. I gave in to this feeling of service, and began looking for ways to be of service to others. This felt like my Soul ( and sole) purpose. For the love of serving others, it came to me to begin writing about my experiences, and the spiritual knowledge that I had acquired.

I slowly began to remember how I had always enjoyed writing, but somewhere along the way, I stopped doing it. The reason was that I had been channeling negative energy through that platform, and it was going to put me in trouble. Before I got to this point of self-awareness, the anger and hate I felt for my life situation, fuelled my writing. I was dependent on the negative drive. My writing was consistent (fuelled by negativity) until I began to love myself.

If I depended on the negative energy to fuel my writing, then I would still be negatively oriented today. There is a higher chance that I would not be subscribing to the service to others path. I worked hard to change the narrative, because I love writing, and I wanted to produce something good with it. I could say that my consistency to want to change my motivating factor worked because, without it, I would not have maintained this site.

When we talk about consistency paying, it somehow sounds misleading. Because the kind of payment that we are fond of is monetary. In my case, if I were to go by monetary pay, I would have given up on writing, because I haven’t gotten that form of payment. What I have got instead is more love for the art of writing. I found joy in writing, not like I ever felt before. I feel free to express myself as creatively as I can.

There are usually no limits to the way I can express myself, unless they are my own. My inspiration to write comes from anything and anywhere. This depends on the experiences that I am having, or by observing other people’s experiences. The more I write, the more I find even more interesting ways of presenting my work. Of late, I have had so much to write, that I feel would take a long time before I put it out in a presentable manner.

When I talk about writing, this includes songs, poems, spoken word, and stories. In the past, I only thought I was good at writing stories, but I did not have the courage to stand before others and present my art. Currently, I have gained enough courage to share my work, and even be more creative with it. I feel the push to take the message to the people, as that was the goal of this journey in the first place.

I have talked about writing for the most part of this article, but there are other areas of growth that I have experienced in my life. For a long time, I was the enemy of the voice within, because I felt like it was always putting me in check. But when I began observing, more than just brushing it off, I realized that it was more helpful than I thought. I did not know that listening to intuition would help me in my spiritual path as it has thus far.

All the things that have experienced growth and development, have been through an investment of love first and foremost. I call it, first love. There are usually challenges as one begins to take up something new. You feel uncomfortable, and want to immediately stop and go back to the previous predicament. The love that you have for yourself, will help you to push through these challenges.

This self-love reminds me of transforming the ego. This could be the easiest, or most difficult task, because all that it requires is love. Before you begin the task it all sounds like a pep talk, but if you keep at it, you see the gain. It feels good not having battles with your mind. You become partners with the ego, and agree mutually on what needs to be done.

The latter may sound like rainbows and butterflies, but trust me, love does wonders! There could be so many other things that require consistency. Actually, everything requires consistency, whether it’s teaching, or learning, or creating. Once you have done something, it cannot be undone, as in, your effort cannot be scraped off. You will always start from where you left off.

The biggest pay for consistency, according to my experience, is experiencing more love for the activity, and yourself, as this is like a boomerang effect. The love that you give is given back to you. This eventually gives you internal peace. At this pace, you cannot do something that you are not entirely comfortable with. Take up a challenge if you are feeling adventurous. But put in your effort and love.

“Beloved Solar Logos, thank you for the love that you put in me. Thank you for giving me internal peace. Thank you for the lessons that have me realize the Oneness in everything. Thank you. And so it is.”


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