Connections, Part 6.

water droplets connected
gbttf/photo from Pexels

I have been spending some time reading books on astrology and numerology, and it has got me amazed to see, and learn of the connections between the macrocosm, and microcosm. This is not my first encounter with this occult knowledge, however. The first time I heard of astrology/numerology, was a few years back, while I was in high school. There were times when astrologers/numerologists used to come to school and help the candidates to decide better on their future. There was a fee attached to their predictive service then.

I never saw them, but this memory is based on what I had been told by those who had come as close enough to the practitioners of occult science, by having a session with them. At that time, it was weird that one person who had never met me, could tell me more about myself than I knew. I thought there was a high level of delusion and conmanship with this craft. Besides, why would I have to spend twelve years in school, only for them to show up just before I sat my final examinations?

What if whatever knowledge they had, showed that I had lived against my purpose for the past eighteen years. It would even not make sense, for them to tell me that I was better off working in the army, or in the medical field, then eventually, I do not qualify to work in such a field. Life in high school was so unpredictable, the performance was always fluctuating as a result of different circumstances, therefore, it was challenging to ascertain that one was destined to work in a certain career in the near future.

So, with all the doubt cast upon that occult knowledge, most of us saw it a waste of time to consult those experts. Even though we asked our parents for the money to seek those services, we spent the money elsewhere instead. Most of us thought that it was better to let nature take its course. Our exposure to what we did not know betrayed our reluctance to open up to uncertainty, and it opened bare our fear of learning new things. Especially information about us. I am sure it could have affected our lives positively, if we would have taken the occult information seriously.

While my focus is not on the supposedly missed opportunity in the past, I am amazed at how I passed such an opportunity to interact with those geniuses, who had mastered the occult science of numerology and astrology. I have been amazed at the connection man has with other life forms ever since I started becoming aware. I was filled with an urge, rather, curiosity to seek knowledge. Especially one that would teach me to see the connection with life everywhere. I would spend most days looking at the stars, and during these times, it felt like my movement, and the twinkling of the stars, were in synch.

I knew that each part of the body was important, and that is why in the absence of one, we feel a big sense of incompleteness. I sought to know the essence of the stars, and the heavenly bodies. I knew that just as the body parts and organs each had a function, they too were important and detriment for our survival. But my curiosity first led me to sacred geometry, to understand creation in that aspect/perspective. I was then led to understand the pattern of creation through the fi ratio, and the golden mean. Both the former, and the latter were apparent in all life forms.

Is it not amazing to see that the stars and the planets have an influence in your life, every moment? And this drills down to even the names that we are given. I have known that words are vibrations for a while, but I never imagined the extent of the names that we are given at birth, even the nicknames have much effect on an individual. When I learned of the effects of such wonderful facts, I wondered, would it not be amazing, and helpful in fact, if parents sought the advice of numerologists/astrologists, before they settled on a name for their newborn. Well, I understand that most parents are often guided by intuition, but sometimes names go against our life purpose. And this is where the occult scientists come in.

How wonderful it is to learn that the things that we see have an effect on us, on a much deeper level that we cannot even sit down and observe. Do you know that each bone in your body is of a proportional size, from your toe right to your head, and that these measurements are in relation to the musical notes? What has been most thrilling to me is that the placement of the zodiacal houses, and the planets influence the character and characteristics of the individual. This is deep! In fact, ever since I learned of this, I have been looking at people’s facial characteristics keenly, just to see if I can match up to relate which planet is influencing them.

The few times that I have tried to predict the birth placement of a person by the physical characteristics, I have failed, but I am sure an experienced occult scientist would be more precise, and correct in this endeavour. However, I have been successful in observing, and interpreting the houses, and zodiacal signs, having gotten the date of birth of the individual. It makes me happy to see the individual confirm the information that I give concerning them. I would not fail to talk about the tarot and auracle card readings. These have been in use for a very long time. Although, I have noticed that most people in my region are not aware of it.

My aim is to sharpen this knowledge of microcosmic and macrocosmic connection, even though l am always aware of the connection with other life. It has been an adventurous endeavour, and an opportunity to learn. I hope that people will open up to such occult knowledge, even though it contains a sense of uncertainty, it is unlike traditional science where things are tried and tested, before being accepted. Having this knowledge seems like having an upper hand, like one is getting into the game with some added advantage. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what lessons you are alive to learn, and the strengths that you were born with?

Even more, how would you feel, or act, if you suddenly knew that life cannot be separated, that everything that happens is driven by factors even beyond your understanding, physically, that is. Sometimes we are subject to the tides of the planets, and even the sun and the moon, and we do not know. We would benefit so much if we were aware of such influences in our lives. Anyway, I was pulled into this awareness of connection for the fun of learning. So let us find more connections beyond our mother earth. Let us give thanks.

“Thank you for the beauty and serenity of mother nature, thank you for the earth beneath my feet. Thank you for the roof above my head. Thank you for my connection to all that is. Thank you for this day. Thank you. And so it is.”


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