Whispers Of Non-physical Death.

Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

To die is to put an end to this game that is life. To die is to leave the game, and not merely pausing, so that you press play later, and continue to play. We have watched plants, animals, and people die. To those that we have put much investment in, we feel a sense of loss. The investment varies with the individuals. It could be time, money, or love. Such applies to our human connections too.

White blood cells and house flies also have a lifespan of about thirty days. We may think that this is such a short lifespan. Humankind thinks less of death until it is right in front of their doorstep. But deep down we know that death is imminent. Are we free to talk about death? Or maybe, this is the point that others will remind you that you are still living? There are those who believe that, if you talk about death, then you are wishing it on yourself.

So, talking about death is taboo, unless you are at a funeral. It may not be common knowledge, but every time you grow a year older, you die and leave your old self behind. In fact, every day you wake up from sleep, you leave part of you behind. We face death every day. Every time you have to make a decision and you consider doing it in a different, more conscious way, you literally face death and rebirth. Each time you make new relations, you are always witnessing the birth of your new self.

How have we become blind to this type of death, and rebirth, that we go through every moment of our life? Death and life are intricately connected, and one cannot do without the other. Your new self, cannot come to life, without the death of the old self occurring. If the sun does not set, and the moon does not rise, you would not count the end of the day, and the beginning of the night. But every time we face this death, we change our character. It could be in bigger ways, depending on the circumstance that has brought forward the change.

One who has gone through a breakup, and one who has escaped death by an accident, get opportunities to be reborn. But the catalyst, which is the event, will determine the portion of us that will die in the past, and make the new version come to birth. Sometimes we see the changes that have occurred in us, but as much as we try to show other people, they would not see them with the same lens that we do.

Here is the best part, nobody goes through death and gets reborn as the old self, or even with characters of the old version. Non-physical death is not something that we talk about every day either. Either it is not understood, or fear is put around it just like physical death. Some people, in religious circles, use the term, being saved. What follows this statement is a complete shift in one’s belief system. When the individual is asked how it all happened, what most people say, is that God is the one who is in control.

When people face physical death, they also say that the one who has passed on has gone to be with The Lord’. That is where the conversation ends. And even though we are not aware of what happens after one has departed this earth plane, we tend to assume that they have gone to a better place, where there is less suffering and more peace. If one were to consider non-physical death, what we assume about physical death is what occurs in this state.

During non-physical death, there is always a change in state that one feels. I could say that one feels lighter. This is because, the old version, which was a burden is shaken off to bring in the lighter, new version. As much as one does not know it, it is always better at the other end of the rope. Whatever is assumed about death is what is experienced in this non-physical death, also in this case, just as dead men tell no tales, whatever will be said by the experiencer of non-physical death, will be hardly believed.

We get to meet God more than we think. Every time we meet God in the non-physical death, we get to a better place than we were before, and it is in fact, more peaceful. It is like one gets to be given more chances to live. But our focus is usually on the physical too much, that we do not see the good that we experience in life. Now that death is associated with loss, and we are accustomed to clinging, we are usually left with more confusion after each rebirth.

Every rebirth is a step towards evolution and a reset button. There is always a chance for the experiencer, to make use of the new experience that has come before them. This is usually a blessing in disguise, for most times we go through death, we are thrown into a new test environment that we know so little about. This is usually the chance to mould the environment to suit our new selves, or we mould ourselves to fit the new environment. Both must be compatible.

How can you explain a miracle to another, and leave them convinced that the experience has changed your life for the better? How can one smile upon the thought, and talk of death? Near-death experiences continue to be felt, or experienced by more people. So, with time it is going to be hard to hide them from the majority. In the near future, people will understand that they undergo non-physical death, more times than they could ever imagine.

It would be helpful to know that, we get a chance to be reborn with every challenge that comes before us. I have tried to explain my experiences with non-physical death, but it is challenging because the closest word that I can use is, change. So, each time I get the opportunity, I don’t fail to mention, or use the word, change. Maybe, what we need to do more is, be observant of our everyday experiences. Death is more than a blessing that moves us closer to God. Let us celebrate more when we get closer to experiencing it. Let us give thanks.

“Dear spirit, thank you for my eyes, thank you for light, thank you for colour. Thank you for each opportunity that drives me closer to you. Dear spirit, thank you for the love and light, that you send our way when we lose footing. Thank you for lighting the way that we tread upon. Thank you for keeping my head high towards the focus, that is my life purpose. Thank you. And so it is.”


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