The Only Constant Thing, Part 2.

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As the year ends, I am reminded of the new year plans that we are fond of making. We are used to coming up with a long list of the things that we wish to achieve, when we step into the new year. Somehow, this has taken me back to when I had a major change in my life. I was in a certain comfort zone, and when the change came about, I was destabilized. The things that were normal for me started seeming abnormal.

I suddenly became afraid of the change. Little did I know, that I was the one who had initialized this change in the first place. As soon as it began, I wanted it to come to an end, so that I could go back to the somewhat familiar routine. But that is not how it all unfolded. I was pushed into a new territory that forced me to learn new ways of survival, and a completely different perception of reality. Sometimes, we want change so bad in our lives, but when it comes, we suddenly run back into the receding darkness. The light then, in form of the change, is still uncomfortable.

The change I was undergoing happened close to the end of the year, the more reason I see it as having similar characteristics to the new year resolutions, that we are accustomed to. I have only gained more insight into this topic we call change. Change is not always welcomed with open hands. The challenge usually is, we expect to take charge of change. We want to dictate how this change will happen, and at what pace it should go. Change, however, is a player on its own, and it is usually futile to try to take control of it.

We can be at the steering wheel while the change is taking place, but the ship will go according to the winds, and the tides of change. The other lesson that I have learned, is that it is usually challenging to pick, or initiate new traditions, while we are experiencing change. There is always a tide that sweeps the house (you) clean, in readiness for the new energy. That is why it is challenging to start new things, just before the house is ready to accommodate this unfamiliar energy.

We all know that a baby cannot run before it starts walking, but at the same time, we are very impatient. Most times we expect things to start at the beginning of the new year, yet there are things that we initiated before, and are not yet in the completion stage. Don’t you ever think that it would be chaotic, if you started new energy in an old energy pattern? The teacher, Jesus, already taught that old wine is not put in a new wineskin.

Everything in the Universe has patterns of change. Weather patterns keep alternating. Autumn comes and goes. Spring comes and goes when the new cycle is ready. Does the year ever end in July? Mother earth, has her own cycles of change. There are times when the earth experiences a polar shift by certain degrees, and it happens at a defined time, for a defined duration. Think about it, a day is twenty-four hours and not less. Would it not be chaotic if Monday was 20 hours, and Tuesday 30 hours, and the rest of the days each had a difference in duration?

Monday must go into completion for Tuesday to begin. Sometimes we initiate so many plans and goals at the same time, forgetting that they also have cycles of completion and initiation, and for this to happen, it will also be important if you are in supportive energy, for this change to occur. Otherwise, if your personal energy does not match the change that you desire, there is a higher chance that you will not experience the change until you are ready. That is; when you are ready to accommodate change.

All factors must be conducive for change to occur. There are external and internal factors that allow change to take place. This is true for all life forms. Change does not happen by accident. There are no coincidences either. Everything happens at the most opportune moment. Even though nothing is ever written in stone, when change is appropriate, there will be forces that will trigger the initiation of the new energy.

When I was undergoing ‘the major’ change in my life, I was initiating other new things in my life. Somehow, I was aware of the change, but I misinterpreted it. In the sense that it was my peak year in astrology. I thought starting new things at this juncture would catapult me to success, but I was in a for a rude shock. I came to understand later, why most of the things that I invested in, could not become a long-term investment for me, even though they were successful. This period of change, was an opportunity to drop the things that did not resonate with me anymore. More importantly, it was a call for me to take up my life purpose.

It was a time to ground more, on the things that I had already made the foundation for. This was an opportunity for evolution for my soul path. It was clear why the things I invested in did not stick for long. It was because they did not resonate anymore with the new energy. They were part of the old energy that was dying out, and most patterns died with it. This is not something that happens in an instant, as most people think, when coming up with the famous new year’s resolutions. As I have said before, change has a specific duration to run.

The biggest change in my life has taken two years, and it has literally taken me back to the beginning. I have had to start from scratch somehow, ensuring that I do not cling to the old energy. I have learned that I have no reputation to cling to. And there is nothing to gain, or lose in life. I have learned to observe change and be its partner. This has helped me to know the most opportune time to initiate new practices in my life, and they must be practices that resonate with me. Otherwise, they crush under the weight of the new energy.

As you make plans for the new year, I hope they are in line with your personal energy, consider that there are things that you are doing, and also need to reach their completion cycle. More importantly, be patent with yourself. Most things take one year, or even more to be firmly rooted as new traditions. It even takes a longer time to be comfortable in the resulting new energy. Be easy on yourself, and allow change to flow. Let us pray.

“Dear spirit, as the tides of change begin to move, give me the patience required to allow it to go as it should. Dear spirit, give me the strength to face the things that I fear, give me the grace to move from my comfort zone. Dear spirit, give me the gift of observation, so I may take opportunities when they are presented to me. Thank you. And so it.”


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