Going Back to the Future, Take 6.

difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations
Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

I have recently been reading a book on mindsets, specifically, fixed mindset and growth mindset. In the beginning, I was tempted to stop reading it just after going through ten pages. I felt like it was not in the line of books that I liked to read. So, I gave in to the temptation, and chose another book to read, which I was already halfway through. A few days later, I had finished reading the book and the question in my head then was, “now, what next?” The only book I had not read was the one I had put aside.

I have faced this situation many times, especially with books. Whenever I want to do something that I have never done, I am immediately driven to do that which I am familiar with. Now back to the book scenario. Because I did not have any other book to read, I convinced myself to find out where the information in the book was driving at. Well, I ended up reading the whole book, and in fact enjoyed the content, as I found that I agreed with some of the information. I learned more lessons from the book, and the whole scenario of giving precedence to what I am comfortable with.

When I started giving my messages about going back to the future, my primary focus was on the person, the individual. People have different ways and methods of teaching, and passing information. In my methods, I seek to show everyone the truth, that they are potentiated just as I am, gifted just as I am. The book that I have mentioned above, lays more importance on praising the effort of people, more than their seemingly natural ability, or inability to do something.

It already sounds like a cliché to reiterate that going back to the future is a journey. Do we not all know that when we anticipate on going on a journey, we need to prepare in advance, and even do all that is required of us on the journey? The journey is made successful, because of the prior preparation, the focus on the process, and the end result. I tend to believe that this method is applicable to everything that we want to work on. So, as much as I would like to share the gains that I have gathered on my journey, I put more focus on you the reader, to let you know that you can also achieve anything using this method.

I know that we have unique ways of achieving our goals, but I think we can also agree that we need to focus, and put in the effort. I have been saying a lot that we are all gifted. But knowing that you are gifted will not be of use to you, if you do not make the effort to find out which gift you posses, and how you can use it. Even when you find, or discover your gift, the real test comes in knowing when, and how to use it. I have shared some anecdotes here, just to show that I have experienced challenges, like we all do. I believe that everyone goes through challenges, and it is in fact in this scenarios that we are tested.

The kind of testing brought forward by the universe, is not one that enables one to compare themselves with others. As many as we are, everyone is tested in a unique way. Some of us have gotten used to comparison, and sometimes we think that we can apply a strategy applied by somebody else, but it may not work in your case just because it worked for someone else. What is your staying power? If you have gotten the strategy to deal with a challenge, will you continue to apply it, or you will relax back to your comfort zone?

I read somewhere, of a student who was asking his guru why they were continuing their meditation tradition, even though they were already enlightened. One does not simply stop eating healthy because they have lost some weight. Of course, if you go back to the old diet, and lifestyle you will be inviting back your former predicament. This would not be the wisest way to deal with change. In one of the teachings of Jesus, he taught that if one was able to rid themselves of an evil spirit, but did not maintain the cleanliness of their body, the evil spirit would go back, and come with fiercer evil spirits.  This teaching has been coming to me lately, and I think it is applicable on this topic.

Sometimes we want to relax the stance, and go slide back into the old patterns and routines. This will backfire on you as the effect will be more adverse. This is because you will be more aware of the happenings. The good thing is that we have a choice. Nobody is going to come and force you to do what you do not resonate with. Once you become aware of what resonates, you will always be more sensitive, as your senses will be heightened by then, in a sense.

It feels good to see that the efforts that you have put in are bearing fruits. I have been at this point, and there is always a temptation to want to think that I am more important than other people. This was more common when I was new to this journey. Now, achieving my goals just gives me the challenge, not only to maintain my practices, but also to try those things that seem more challenging, those that still seem to drive fear and discomfort in me.

I hope that we feed our faith by continuing to put in the effort, because results show that where the effort is made, there will always be a result. If one is not getting the desired result, then they should stop and observe, and question the strategy. Should they put in more effort, or change their strategy? Questioning oneself, as I have found, is the biggest tool to listening to the advice that will be given by the inner voice, or the Higher self. I question myself a lot, and it helps me to make more conscious decisions. This way, I get to observe my feelings, and the resulting thoughts.

I have always had the urge to succeed together with other people. This is how I got in trouble at the beginning of this path. I would always try to convince people to the extent of justifying my beliefs. It is good that I had to learn my lessons in this way. Now I know better, to use different strategies to share my knowledge of this path. In this platform, I just give a glimpse of what each one of us could experience. We might not experience the same thing, but as we put the effort into what we endeavor to achieve, we shall see the results.

It comes to my mind, the many times that I have said that we are magicians, and I usually add that when we become aware of our seemingly magical abilities, we would not call ourselves magicians anymore. You will not even call anybody a magician. Why is that? It is because you would have seen, or experienced the kind of effort, they put in their work to get the results. Sometimes it may seem that other people are flawless in their practice, but be sure that nothing comes naturally and becomes perfect without effort and practice.

If I tell you that you are gifted, I hope to spark the fire within, but I am making you aware that for this fire to become alive, and continue to burn, it must be your effort that will make it so. The same way they say that if you aim at nothing, you hit nothing. The best way I can help you is to point you to your inner strength. From that point on, you decide whether that inspiration from within you is worth following, or not. With your discernment, you will decide whether the anecdotes that I give are worth anything at all. It is all up to you, dear reader. Take the bull by its horns now. Let us give thanks.

“Thank you for the gift of life, thank you for the air that I breathe, thank you for the gift of life. Thank you. And so it is.” Namaste.

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