The Important Ritual of Rest

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Photo by Aleksandar Cvetanovic on Unsplash

We often feel good when we are working and seeing the output of our input. We work so hard and of course, it is for the anticipation or the expectation of the rewards. In a working setup, the employee would always want to please the boss. I wonder if we ever get enough time to rest though. Or maybe rest is not thought of as important. And for the one who reports to work seven times a week, from 9 to 5, the only rest they know of is sleeping during the night, and getting one day off on Sunday.

Sometimes we put a lot of frustration on ourselves, as we suffer to force things to work as we imagine that they should. This takes a toll on our health, and we do not even know it. Sometimes when we get agitated that something is not working, our physical reaction gives a glimpse of our internal state of health, which is energetic, but we rarely perceive it further. Sometimes we are even struggling with the smooth way that the course should take, and even dedicate more hours for work, when indeed we are fighting against the current.

I have been in this situation of suffering in major events in my life. The first event was when I was becoming aware. I was confused at what I was becoming aware of. It was new knowledge and even without knowing much, I put pressure on myself to show others what I was seeing. But I was only suffering, trying to make them see it in the exact way that I was. After I realized that I did not convince them, I went and thought of another way to bring forth the information. Little did I know that I was just to consume the information first, and the rest would unfold. It was enough to know that I would eventually come to share it. Trying to accelerate the timeline would be fruitless.

When I finally got the go-ahead to share my information, I was over-excited and wanted to reach more people as fast as possible. I had already forgotten the lessons from my first experience. My aim was to grow my following from this blog since it was my main channel of passing information. I went through the extra mile of marketing it on several social networking platforms. I had the energy to publish a post every day, but expectations were weighing me down. I wondered why I was not pulling people into this site. I was worried about the numbers than the importance of the message.

Again, I seemed to forget that the messages would be accessible for a long time to come. I only learned later to let things flow. In this period of learning, I was guided to take care of my body, because I was struggling to use all the platforms I could get to pass my messages. This I did with little time for rest. Even though it was not a 9 to 5 scenario, it seemed like I was working too much. I have talked about taking some talk time off the social networks here before. Even though I was aware of such a practice, I seemed to neglect it when it came to doing my work. But that is now a lesson I have learned.

The whole time I never realized that I was driven by fear. I was afraid that whatever I was doing was not going to turn out okay. And is this not the same thing that drives us to continue working? Afraid that we are not going to please someone? Some people even think that they are the only ones who can do a particular task, so they end up turning away help when it is offered. It is funny that while working, we pray for God’s guidance, but when the guidance comes in terms of insight to rest or accept a helping hand, we quickly turn it away.

You know what, it was hard for me to believe at first, but from my experience, the work is usually done even faster when you stop struggling and just let it flow. There is always a balance with everything, and it does not help to try to struggle against the balance. I have seen people force themselves to work extra shifts to earn more money, yet most times, whatever they earn does not bring them happiness. Some people are driven by the need to gain more material wealth to work more than one job. How much do you value your body? I mean, your body enables you to do all the work, would it not be wise to rest?

You see, night gives in to day, and other seasons interchange when the time is right. Neither hangs around longer than it should and in that regard, we are able to live in good condition. Why do we think we are any different from the work-rest cycle of the universe? We should do more observation and trust our instincts. There is this thing that I have been telling myself for some time now, and it says, “when you are young, you should take care of your body, so that the body takes care of you when you are old”. Otherwise, you are going to spend more money repairing the body.

We all know that whatever has been repaired multiple times has a limited life span. It is now prone to many threatening attacks of all sorts. Let us treat rest like it is work and give it the importance it deserves. I have learned to treat rest as a ritual, so any time I feel guided to take a rest, I simply put off all the work and just rest. Maybe your body needs more sunshine, maybe it needs you to take a longer bath, maybe you need to spend more time in nature, or you need to spend more time with your loved ones, or more time alone. Listen to the guidance. The gut feeling is never wrong. Let us now pray.

“Dear Spirit thank you for work and rest. Thank you for my family and friends too.

Thank you for the blessings that I see now, and those that are yet to materialize. Thank you for the guidance that you have sent to me through intuition.

Thank you for rejuvenating and replenishing my body. Thank you. And so it is”.


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