The Most Delicate (Ego)

gbttf/the most delicate/ego/pixabay

The water runs smoothly until the strong winds come and disturb its peaceful flow. It is then that the currents are awakened to defend themselves against the threat. So is the mind, always flowing. The thoughts are always playing by themselves in a never-ending loop. There are infinite loops to every thought. If you disturb the game, however, you are pulled in the midst of the madness that ensues, and you are forced to assume a defensive position against the mind. In this case, you are the attacker, and all forms of ammunition are thrown at you.

The surfer shows his craft on the waves when the board is present under his feet or body, but in the absence of the board, the waves are suddenly dangerous and could draw him in, and push him below to the temple of the ocean. Surfing the waves is something that brings joy when treaded on carefully, but suddenly becomes a threat when done without precaution. They say that the mind is a bad master, but a good servant. I wonder however how this is so. The mind is called the ego sometimes. Everybody seems to have their own idea of taming the ego.

In my experience, I have seen the ego as the most delicate. It is designed to have its own defense mechanism and so does everything in existence. We seem to have studied other living organisms except for the ego. The test is putting ourselves under the microscope. Who then would conduct the study of themselves and write a conclusive report without it being compromised? If you were aware of approaching danger, would you stay put and leave yourself exposed to the oncoming danger? Assume that this is the position that your ego is always in.

The ego has its nature, and this complements our competitive nature as humankind. Once the ego is trained it clings to the training and never lets go of it. The challenge comes when we are on the verge of facing new experiences, but the ego, now comfortable, sees this as a threat. Your thoughts are always flowing undisturbed, but once you engage it in a mind battle, then you are pulled into a never-ending war. Do we ever see that the ego is just expressing its nature? It naturally loves a fight. Has anyone ever won a fight with themselves though?

Different factions say that we should love the ego. In loving it, then it transforms. So, what is this transformation? We are used to doing what the ego tells us. Naturally, we would not do anything unless the ego gave us the nod. If you were faced with a situation, you would quickly scan your mind for the solution. This solution would most probably come from the previous situations that you have faced, if not, then you will go for the most optimal. This is why it is hard to tell your mind what to do. Once you try to direct it, then power battles begin.

Transformation, to me, would be a change in routine. How easy is it for one to break out from a routine and let it go altogether? On the other end of the rope, how easy is it for one to begin a new routine? One that they were never taught. Change is normally a threat to the mind since this is an introduction to new rules. And the question usually is, who do you think you are, trying to bring in new rules? The mind has assumed its master role, and here you are trying to challenge it for that position.

The trick is not to fight for this position, just leave it to the mind. Come with this new routine through the heart. Love is not rough as trying to fight for control would be. As much as love is fierce, it is soothing and smooth. So, while you are observing your mind, introduce this new thing and see the reaction. This is usually challenging at first, but once you learn the art of observation, it becomes easy. The easier it is for you to observe the mind, the more you detach from the ever-playing mind. With just enough love, you will be able to make more conscious decisions.

How sweet would it be to be conscious of the decisions that are made concerning your life? Do we not yearn for this?  Sometimes we like to measure our intellectual might by the education that we have acquired, and when this pride is put into question, we suddenly feel like we are under attack. This is not any different from the defense mechanism talked about earlier. With academic training, we assume certain perceptions of what the reality is, so our decision-making process is guided by our training and experience. Once you experience the opposite of your training, you will feel threatened and go into defense mode.

The only way to avoid triggering this defense mode activation is to accept that there are various other possibilities. Is it not ironic though to talk about an open mindset? How can you have an open mindset by gaining more experience? Any new experience will be threatening your old and acquired knowledge. There are unconventional ways to work with love. All these are in the public. Using love to transform the ego is pure magic. However, one must become aware of the love that they contain in them. You see, in love, there is no hate, so it would be pointless hating your ego for what it is.

With love comes acceptance and surrender to the nature of the ego. I know there are those that say that the ego does not exist. To me, this would be like living in denial and does not resonate. I do not know how much we can talk bout the ego because it is something that we are aware of. Nobody is smarter than the other. So how can I train you to behave? How can I rescue you from your own prison? Such an ardent task it would be! What would you like to be and do consciously? Let us pray.

“Dear Spirit, bless me as I bless you, praise me as I praise you.

Oh, Creator of the cosmos, cleanse me as I cleanse you. Teach me as I teach you.

Love me as I love you and heal me as I heal you. And so it is”.


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