Are you Living or Dying? Take 2

Are you living or dying/gbttf/tulips from Pixabay

Every time I walk into the supermarket or a shop, I seem to be limited in the type of goods I can buy. I can no longer buy food products from the shop because my preference is for fresh produce. The latter is mostly found in the market. Every time I am shopping with somebody, and they offer to buy something for me, the only thing that I can pick from the shelf is the spices. Apart from the spices, the only other things I could buy from the supermarket are rice, maize flour, and detergent. Such has become my predicament. It has become extremely difficult for me to buy other food products, because once I pick the product from the shelf, I scrutinize the ingredients thoroughly.

I usually wonder how people just pick foods from the shelf by looking at the names and nothing else. It would disturb me if I picked something, let alone ate it without knowing the ingredients that it consisted of. Perhaps it is because I am more conscious of my decisions generally. Specifically, I always want to be aware of what I do, what I eat, how I am breathing, what I am saying, what I am thinking, and even the energy moving through my body as I do these little exercises. I am so used to being conscious of my decisions, that I am rarely caught off guard with the negative consequences. Even if I find myself suffering the consequence, I surrender to whatever wheel is rolling. I love myself through the experience. It does not help to regret, or blame myself, or be hard on myself later.

A few days ago, I was seating with a friend just having random conversations. We had come from my friend’s church to celebrate his son’s baptism. The toddler was just a year old, and they had already started feeding him sugary foods and snacks. Popcorn and soda were brought to the table, but I asked for water instead. My friend was surprised that I was sacrificing the enjoyment of life too early. ‘What would you do instead when you are 60 years?’ He wondered. I had to explain to my friend that life is a cycle of choices. By making a choice, one gets to plan their life step by step. Do we not know that we are the creators of our life?

It is a huge decision for me to take water instead of sugary drinks. My friend, who has a career in the medical field, believed that one should not drop, or cut any foods from their diet, unless under the guidance of the doctor. He stood with this, even after noting that most doctors consume the very foods that they advise their patients to drop. How can I trust the doctor then, he has desires like anyone of us? How will I put my life in the hands of man? Does the body not take care of itself? I told my friend that the body is its own doctor through the process of homeostasis. The body usually warns us when there is something that requires our attention. This happens even before the issue escalates and requires us to now see the doctor in the clinic.

From my interaction with my friend, I continue to confirm that most of us have put our trust in other people to ensure the safety of whatever product we use, or consume. Once the authorities have put a safety sign, then we accept the products without questioning. Just because a bottle of soda has a safety sticker from the bureau of standards, does not mean that I should now take it without question. Just because something has been marked safe for use, does not mean that I will close my eyes and just accept it. Where is my power of discernment? If everybody is killing themselves, will you also kill yourself, just because they are doing it?

Are you going to school because others are going? Maybe we do not have the power to choose, because most of the decisions we make concerning our education are influenced by those who are older than us. Even though this is the situation, you need to be aware of the course you are studying. You better not just take a course because your friends are taking it. If everyone goes to the club, will you also follow them, just because they are going? Just because they say that you should have fun and let off some steam, is it your type of fun? Are you comfortable with it? I dare say that this generation is high on pleasure hormones. We are high on the things that give us a thrill, and instant pleasure.

It is not surprising that every time I have a conversation with my friends concerning life choices, they immediately jump to the defense that we will all die eventually. So, I get a second chance to ask you this question dear reader, are you living or dying? What does it matter if you die now, and what does it matter if you die 20 years, or 100 years from now? Would it matter to you if you lived a thousand earth years without knowing the value of life? It surely matters to me to be conscious of the value of life, with every little decision that I make. If my decisions only take me through 20 earth years, then so be it. I would have lived a conscious life. We all know that death is imminent, right? I know everybody says that they do not fear death nowadays, but when it knocks on their door, and ‘threatens’ to take their loved ones they shirk in fear. Are you sure that you have overcome the fear of death?

Why are you making choices that everyone else is making? Are you afraid to lose out, or miss out on these experiences? I have been told several times that I may cut all the foods from my diet and fortunately, or unfortunately die by accident. They ask what good the cutting of these foods from my diet has brought to me. As much as I am aware of my choices, I cannot begin to justify and say they are right, and yours are wrong. Moreover, I cannot tell you what to do. I have found the best way to teach to be maintaining my energy in its very authentic form. I do not just do things because other people are doing them, or because they say that it is okay to do them. I have also learned to not convince others. It has caused me a lot of suffering before, and this was a lesson for me to learn.

Will we all dig our graves now, just because other people are digging theirs? Will you join a race just because other people are running? Hey, remember that gut feeling? What is your instinct telling you to do? Are you listening to the inner voice? There were times when I wanted to shout out loud to everyone around me and tell them to open their eyes. I wanted them to be conscious of what they were doing. I had just become conscious, and I wanted to show everybody this new, wonderful gift that I had gotten. I yearned to show them that they could also attain this gift. But I learned the hard way. I learned that we all have the free will to make a choice.

As I openly tell people that I have made a conscious decision not to join any religion, I am not surprised that they still invite me to join their religion. They say that theirs is the only true religion, yet they separate themselves from other religions. I have been told countless times that, if I do not have a religion, then I will not go to heaven. Now, dear reader, this is the voice of fear. I know this because I have seen it hide in religion, in fact, fear has taken over religion.  That is why they tell their members to do one thing or face the wrath of the creator, or miss out on the supposedly promised eternal life. Dear reader, read through the lines. Read even the spaces of what I put forth to you. Pray that Spirit may give you the gift of discernment, so that you make a conscious decision.

When you are out there, open your ears and listen carefully to what is taught to you. Listen to what is preached. Listen to speech keenly until you discern the vibration of the words used. Dear reader, God can be found anywhere and everywhere. He might appear to you in the food that you eat, in the water that you drink, the air that you breathe. The possibilities are infinite, and such is the nature of life. You do not need to go to a specific place to look for God, just because other people are going there. Do you ever wonder if your meeting with God is unique from other peoples’?

Do you ever wonder if you can express yourself uniquely, and still be blessed in your own way? I was seated in an ICT hub when writing this, and an old man was having a conversation on the phone. He ended the phone by telling the person at the other end of the line that he does not take tea, because his intuition tells him that it has high levels of nicotine. I was immediately interested in what the old man knew, so I spruced up a conversation with him to dig further. The conversation coincidentally reiterated what I am talking about here today. Are you leaving or dying? Make a choice consciously. Make a choice thinking of how far the consequences will reach, positive consequences, I hope. Doesn’t anybody want to die in dignity nowadays? In prayer mode now.

“Dear Lord, I have found you to be in the silent waters and in the strong waves, show me to be like you. To be strong enough for the challenges and flow with the consequences that follow my choices.

Help me to make a conscious choice, remembering my power and gift of free will. May every choice I make be blessed by your power and grace. May every choice I make be filled with the potential to add more life to my experience.

Guide me to express myself freely and uniquely, be with me as I dance with fear, for now I know its moves, Dear lord give me every trick I need so that I may win this combat with fear. And so it is”


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