Do Unto Others, Expect Nothing in Return.

In lifting others we rise
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

It is 2019 and I am in my final year of study at the University. The class representative, who is my best friend, is not with us anymore because of unavoidable circumstances. In the wake of this new situation, my coursemates decide that I am to be the new class representative. How did we get here? Even before I was appointed the class representative, I had taken it as my duty to remind the lecturers that we had a session with them, and I would notify them of any changes in venue. It never made sense to me to just go into the lecture room, and seat while waiting for the lecturer, when there were higher chances that they had forgotten about the lecture altogether.

Of course, there were those who enjoyed it whenever we did not have lecturers. I was not at peace with spending time preparing for the lecture, only for it to fail. Some of my coursemates were not happy with my actions, but I was doing it mostly for my own benefit. In helping myself I was automatically helping them, but most of them thought that I was looking for ways to be favored by the lecturers. By virtue of being the class representative, I had the duty to ensure that our marks were in order at the time of graduation. By looking out for everybody’s marks, I also ensured that my marks were in order. There was no way that I could have failed to graduate because of missing marks while the others did. So, in helping them I helped myself.

If you were to walk into a dirty or dusty room, and you realized that you are the first one to enter the room, would you be willing to clean it? See, if you clean the room for your sake, you will be helping others too. The room is going to serve you and other people. I know some of you might be thinking that it is not your duty to clean the room. Maybe there is someone who has been employed to do the cleaning. What if they do not report to work on that day, and it turns out that the room is dirtier than it has ever been. Would you sit in the dirty room because of pride? Would you wait until the worker comes back to do the duty? What if they are sick, and stay away for one week, would you rather fall sick yourself because of sitting in a dirty environment?

People like quoting that, do unto others what you would like to be done to you, and they think it is for the benefit of the other people and not them. Dear reader, whatever you do to another person has a ripple effect. Maybe I should call it a boomerang effect. It comes back full circle. If one was to forgive the other-self, they would have internal peace. How much can it be taught that in forgiving other people, you are helping yourself even more? Do you not realize the amount of negative energy that you let go of when you forgive another person? Have you looked at a person who is stuck on revenge? You see them feigning a smile, but deep down their negative energy is consuming them.

They are creating room for disease. Soon, they will begin to snap at other people, because there is an imbalance of energy in them. Dear reader, forgiving others is more beneficial to you. Are you aware that our interactions with others are just but lessons? Look at your interactions with other people, look at the people that you hold a grudge with. Some of them are also stressed because you have refused to forgive them. Your negative energy is being impacted on somebody else, and if they are not strong enough to transmute it, they may in turn start suffering from disease.

Maybe there is too much pressure on forgiving others, but we tend to forget that we should forgive ourselves too. Why do you keep blaming yourself for what has already happened? You cannot go back and undo what has already been done. The best thing that you can do is to forgive. By forgiving, you change the past in the present. By forgiving yourself, you end up helping yourself, and eventually hold a healthy interaction with other people. If you do not forgive yourself, you might block opportunities from coming your way. You might even block people from benefiting from your input somewhere. All because you are blaming yourself for something that has already happened. If you do not open up to other people, they will do the same, and conceal so much from you, in the end, you both lose.

What type of energy would you want to project to other people? It is not a must for us to hear your words for us to know that you are full of negative energy or positive energy. Our bodies are naturally, energy magnets. Whatever energy you are holding will be projected to whoever you interact with. If one person Is holding onto negative energy in a room of people holding on to positive energy, their energy is going to be felt by the others. Likewise, if one person is holding on to positive energy in a room of people holding on to negative energy their energy will be felt by the others. So, one person has the potential to change the vibration of many people, and likewise, many people have the potential to change the vibration of one person.

There are times when I found myself in circumstances where I visited someone, and I found that their rooms were untidy. The most affected part of the house is usually the kitchen. Personally, I cannot thrive in a dirty environment. For this reason, I usually make it my first responsibility to make my surrounding environment clean. I have found most times, that by making my environment clean, it helps other people too. Sometimes the sink is full of dirty dishes, and as much as I may not want to cook or use those dishes, I am usually forced to clear the sink and ensure that all those dishes are cleaned and arranged properly. I prefer it this way, so that anyone who would need to use it, can do so without being disturbed by the mountain of dirty dishes.

When I was in my teens, I used to worry so much about the term, collective responsibility. I thought everybody had a role to play, in collaboration, especially towards cleaning the environment. How could we leave this role to one person alone? How could I throw papers all over the place, and expect someone else to clean after me, just because they were paid to do it? How much would I be helping by being so insensitive to the one doing the work, let alone to myself? Am I not the fists person that will want to stay in a clean environment? How blind are we to our actions! We litter the environment then come back to complain that it is intolerable! If we do not like cleaning up our mess, how do we expect others to do it, with an open heart?

How do we expect the environment to act lovingly towards us, when we do the complete opposite to her? Isn’t a clean environment to our benefit? Who wants fair skin, but does not take care of their body? Who wants a loving world, but does not show the world any bit of love? Who wants a gift without giving anyone a gift? Do you even realize that sometimes you could gift yourself? Who wants others to see the self-worth in them, when they do not see it in themself? Who is it, dear reader, that treats others in contempt, but wants to be treated with compassion?

Do you realize that before you expect other people to see love in you, you must have held the vibration of love for yourself? Only then do they see the love that you hold, and you create an environment for them to love themselves too. By expressing yourself, you give others the ability to see that they can also express themselves, to the furthest extent possible. Dear reader, being kind to others, will teach you first to be kind to yourself. Can you give what you do not have? I am afraid not. Those who have gold, give gold. Those who have love, give love.

Has it not been said enough times that the more you give, the more you receive? Awareness of your action is the ultimate gift.  Be kind to other people without expecting them to do the same. It will just happen naturally. It is not about scratching other people’s back because they scratched yours. This is done from the understanding of unconditional love. Maybe I should call it self-love. Help others without expecting them to help you, for even before they do, you would have helped yourself. Do you see what happens with helping others? Before they return the kindness, you would have already created a positive energy for yourself. So, even if they do not return the kindness, you will not seat and wait. You will go on creating and vibrating that positive energy. So again, do unto others what you would like to be done to you, but do not wait, continue doing you. Continue holding your positive energy. Let whatever they do back to you be surplus for your positive energy. Is this not the best way to bless yourself! On to prayer now.

“Beloved Source of all that is, thank you for the love that you fill my heart with, may you give me the strength and the grace to share it with all those I encounter in my path. Give me the power to lift the Souls of those who feel downtrodden and beat up.

Dear Lord, let the light that you have put on me shine and be a source of hope to those who have lost hope, let me rekindle the fire that seems to flicker in them.

Thank you for the strong legs that take me everywhere, spreading your grace and blessing the earth in every place that I stop and sit. Thank you for the strong hands that I use to heal all of those that I greet and touch.

Thank you for enabling me to carry the light and love in my hands, and pass it to others through blessing. Fill my mouth with thy word so that everyone hears from me how graceful you are, how loving you are.

Dear Lord, teach me to love the other as I love myself. Teach me to see the other as I see myself. Dear Spirit, show me the way to express this limitless love to other people. Show me to love myself even more. And so it is”.


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