Going Back to the Future, take 5

Image by Genty from Pixabay

Every time I think of adding on to this creative space, I am usually filled with so much emotion. A surge of energy runs through my heart as I begin to think of the things that I can add to this topic. I usually give myself a few seconds to relish the memories of how this whole title was conceived. It was a time when I was still filled with doubt, even as I knew that the manifestation of this dispensation was imminent. So, here we are again celebrating this opportunity created by us, to dance on this sweet music about going back to the future. It seems that the ideas and messages on this topic will never get exhausted, for as long as life force runs through my body.

Dear reader, it has been two years since I first wrote the words, ‘going back to the future’, on a piece of paper. Only, at that time, I added the words, ‘I am from the future, and I am here to take us back there’. From that point on, I knew that a time would come when I would partake in the task to guide us on a path of enjoyment, a path of free expression, and a path free of fear. When I first wrote the words, going back to the future, I had separated myself from all forms of group attachments, and I only identified with Spirit, my guides, and myself. I found it easier to make the connection to a bare minimum. The more I did this, however, the more I saw the oneness of all the things in existence.

It was then only appropriate to define myself as Spirit, for I knew and felt the part of Spirit that was in me, and around me. I would open my eyes and look at everything, then I would tell myself that everything that was in my field of vision was Spirit. It is also at this time that I understood that the Creator could not be separated from His creation. They are One. Just as we are One with Him. We are also One with nature, One with animals, and the spiritual realm too. With all this understanding, I found it easier to say that I was spiritual. Later, people would begin asking me how I called myself spiritual, yet I did not belong to any religion at all. I understood their assumption that, for one to be termed as spiritual, they must belong to a certain religion.

Up to this time, there are those who believe that no one will see heaven unless they seek refuge in their religion, which is more, or less a belief system like any other. The journey of going back to the future, however, taught me, through experience, that we are already with God, in God, and heaven is a state that everyone can reach. There is no physical distance between where we are and where heaven is, per se. Instead of looking for a way to reach heaven, you can in fact bring it to you. Would it not be easier that way? But for this to happen we need to put in the effort. For instance, we need to be ready to accept that Spirit is bigger than what we have been taught. Going back to the future is not based on some fancy prediction on sophisticated technology, rather it is a journey of going back within, a journey of remembrance.

Today, I talk about why I chose to take this journey of going back to the future. I have tried to explain to other people that it came to me as a calling. And it came in such a way that I could not turn it down. I felt it resonate to the deepest part of my heart. Everything was right about it, even though I did not know where it would lead. I just had a strong will to pursue this path. People have asked me countless times to describe what I do, and I tell them, I do spirituality. They are always left asking, what is spirituality? And this is where the tricky part begins. As it is with human nature, such a question requires that one should give a clear and concise answer, one that is easily understood. The challenge with spirituality, however, is that it consists of everything in existence. Especially those that we are not aware of, and in fact, this (the unknown) constitutes the bigger percentage.

When I started out on this path I was confused because I felt a deep love for everything and everyone, and at some point, I thought I should rear chicken. So, I tried my hand there, little did I know that it was going to come with lessons of its own. At the end of this escapade, I did not want to rear chicken ever again. I did not like the condition that I put the chicken through. The love that I had for the birds could not allow me to put them through that kind of treatment. That is what it was to me. Even slaughtering chicken became too much for me to handle. I knew that I was supposed to love the chicken just like I loved myself, but that is not how I handled them. It was like I was only focused on the return on investment. My inner peace was disturbed at the nature of this business, and I vowed to avoid this kind of business in my life. I felt like each life-form should be treated with love. If one decides to care for animals or pets, then they had to dedicate their time to honour that kind of contract. Therefore, one should not go against the contract by neglecting their duty to the animals.

The path of going back to the future has opened my understanding of the vastness, yet oneness of life. This includes knowledge and awareness of health and fitness, nutrition, compassion, and a lot of esoteric knowledge. Of all the knowledge that I have come across, it is apparent that Spirit is part of everything. Everything that we could ever desire to smell, see, touch, know and even eat. Have you ever found yourself, and in finding yourself, you found God? This is what happens in the journey of going back to the future. There is no guarantee that you will be the same person when you begin the journey, but it will be dependent on your focus and determination. Is it not said that the path to heaven is narrow? I have said it here, and many others have, that it is narrow purposely to accommodate one person alone, you.

I took this path dear reader, because of the freedom in it. There is freedom of expression. In this path, you will learn that it is your birthright to express yourself in whatever way you deem fit. The good part is that you will be guided on this path. My dear reader, on this path you will learn that God is, will always be, has always been with you. You will also learn that there are no mistakes, and that the more you open yourself to this path, the more amazed you will become at what is possible, which the majority says is impossible. This is not the path of mere coincidence, rather it is filled with synchronicity. This is the path that teaches you about union with all. In this path, you will also learn about detachment, as I did.

It is true that going back to the future is a path of evolution, but it is a process that is happening Now, and not in distant time and space. Dear reader, have you ever felt yourself grow spiritually, even when people doubt if you are working for God? It is those who do not know God that will doubt. And this is living in actual sin, a state of unknowingness. This is the path to the ultimate unlocking of your gifts and power. Do you know that you are potentiated to heal, teach, prophesy, and more? But people fear power, right? They say that power comes with evil. This is living in duality. The power that one realizes in this path is one, in unity. In unity, there is only oneness and not one against the other. This is not the power that yearns to corrupt. It is one that is full of light and love.

In this path dear reader, you slowly begin to see that you have the power to change your life, through discernment. You will be guided on what practices to do, what to drop, what food to eat, and so forth. Going back to the future is a path full of compassion for oneself and the other-self. There is a lot to learn about self-love and unconditional love. These are the things that are found on this path, and that is why I stick to it like it is a part of me. Even when doubt is cast upon it, I know that those who doubt do not know. This is not a path that sends one out to convince people to join. Everyone has the potential to listen to their intuition because it is always speaking to us. Dear reader, let us go back to the future and receive our blessings, receive abundance, and be aware of our full potential. Let us now share a prayer.

“Dear Spirit, take me high on a path to find You, give me the strength to persevere until my desire to serve you has been quenched.

As I strive to know myself, Lord, help me to understand life and see the connection with all that you have created.

Protect me as I walk through the hands of those who desire so to manipulate me, fill my heart with love so that I may forgive them and see the higher good in all happenings.

Dear Lord, as I embark on this journey of seeking heaven, walk by my side and do not abandon me to the swift and conspicuous hands of temptations. Thank you and so it is.”


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