Connections, part 5 (mother earth)

conections5(mother earth)/gbttf

What shoes? I want to walk barefoot and let my feet connect with mother nature. Let every step I make be as if I am connecting back to myself. Am I not connected to mother earth in the actual sense? Are my feet not hers? When I step on the ground, on the temple of mother, do I not raise the dust from her, the dust that sticks on my feet. So, I want to make the step as gentle as possible, lest I stamp my feet too hard, and I feel the vibration from mother running back to me through the dust particles.

How do we not see the connection with mother? Okay maybe the connection might be hard to see, but what excuse do we have not to feel it? Do we not spend all our life dancing and lying on her back? Has mother earth not carried us on her back for the rest of our lives? Do we not see the soft grass that she provides for us so that the little stones do not prick our toes? How do we not feel the connection when we are ploughing, and planting on the soft garden soil?

And now I ask, have you spent time sitting on the soft garden soil? However comfortable a mattress could be, I still argue that it cannot match the softness of the garden soil. Mother is tender and smooth. Mother knows no pressure. Mother knows no force. What a gift she is! Does mother ask from us more than we can give? Yet she gives us more than we could ever need. I ask again, how do we not feel this connection. Is it not obvious that we are part of her, and she is part of us? Do we not keep quoting that we came from the soil and will one day go back to it?

The quote above has become a cliché that is sadly set aside for the talk of death, and yet death is also frowned upon for no reason. How can we forget that mother gives us shelter? The floors of our house that support the walls and the roofs all come from mother. How do we not think of mother when she is always protecting us from storms, the scorching sun, and the strong whirlwind. Mother is always putting her hands around us through the stones and timber around and above our houses. Just like a mother protects her child from all perceived and imagined dangers. Do we not feel her presence already? She is right there around, beneath, and above us!

How do we just think of mother earth in the sentence talking about us going back to the soil? They say that in the soil the bacteria will eat your body. So, you fear the deconstruction of your body, but you love the construction? You need to love both, to be at peace with nature. It is the law of balance, the law of giving and receiving. Look at your feet and your body. Mother has clothed you since you were a toddler. A little baby in this strange world. Before you knew to perceive sound. When your sense of touch and sight was more important. Now you are all grown up with so much knowledge about the trees that produce some of the clothes on your body. Does it not cross your mind that mother has clothed you and continues to keep you warm? Every time you purchase a cloth does it not make you be grateful to mother?

Yet we love the fashion of the clothes. We like to play around with the designs and say that we are designers with great talent. A talent that mother has given ground to. Do you feel the clothing that you wear and know that you are connected? How comfortable is it to feel warm and dress in very fashionable clothes? How uncomfortable is it to lack the warmth of clothes, to lack the warmth of beddings? Your feet have shoes and socks for warmth. You even get to match the shoes with the belt, the shoes with the handbag, the shoes with the head tie. What an art! Do you remember mother in all this? We call her the provider, just before we begin to separate the grain from the chaff and say that she is not God.

Look at the pencil that you use to draw. Look at the paper that you use as the drawing surface. Look at the paint that you are using. Do you feel the connection between these tools when you sit down to express your art? Do you feel the freedom when your hands meet the brush, when your hands meet the pencil, when the pencil rests on the paper? Dear artist, dear writer, do you not feel the life flowing from mother and through you? Through your fingers and onto the paper? Do you not feel the pencil and the paper pulsating? Pause for a bit, and notice the rhythm between her heart and yours. At this time, they beat as one, because you are connected.

Each time that you seat for a meal, dear reader, do you feel the presence of Mother? Do you feel the energy coming from the ground through your legs and into your body? This then fuses with the energy from the food. The same food that came from Mother. Do you feel the energy, giving to itself, and receiving from itself? Dear reader, this is a connection between the seat that you are sitting on, the table that your hands are resting on, the chair that your but is resting on and the air that you are breathing in. And all this is happening in the present. It is happening Now. Mother is ever-present with us. Whether we are sitting outside or inside. Whether we are standing or seating. Whether we are sitting on a chair, or on the ground.

Have you become aware of this connection yet? We are one with her. The energy that gives us life is the same energy that gives her life. The life that comes from her through the soil, through the food, sustains us and we give it back to her. Have you tried eating while seating on the soil yet? Have you tried eating with your hands yet? Close your eyes just a bit and listen and feel. The energy is noticeable as you will feel it moving through your spine. Sometimes just the smell of food will make your body react, the faintest whiff of it moves your body.

I have been in a situation where I literally had to go to the park every day. I was living in the city, and it felt like I was trapped in the middle of buildings. As much as I saw the clouds and felt the wind blowing across my face, I felt disconnected from Mother, except for the time that I was in the park. I walked on the streets and felt bad seeing rubbish thrown everywhere. I felt the pain cut through my heart when I saw sewage running into the river. ‘Have we not had enough people fighting for the protection of trees, the conservation of the environment?’ I asked myself several times. Some of them even went through tough times for the sake of their stance. How do we not all feel this pain while looking at all this pollution of the environment?

Is it okay to assume that we are all aware that we have a duty to take care of Mother, as she takes care of us? Is it okay to assume that we all understand what unconditional love is? Do we know that mother loves us unconditionally? This is an internal and personal relationship she holds with every single particle that is on this earth plane. Mother has supported us through our evolution. How long will we continue to make laws to protect the environment from our own actions, if we do not realize that the solution lies in our internal awareness? How long before we see that we have always been connected with mother, and not only when we are born (from the ashes) and when we die (back to the ashes)?

Will one person take the initiative to save Mother from those causing her harm unconsciously? Everybody has a part to play in this. Therefore, we cannot stand and say that it is your fault or my fault. The biggest effort that one could ever make is to be aware of the connection they have with Mother. Then they begin to feel her heartbeat. Oh, how beautiful it is when one comes to this realization! This is more than finding gold on a treasure hunt. This is the realization of eternity, yet how can it be taught? Is one taught to feel the connection with their mother? I am afraid no amount of teaching will give us the result we are looking for. Connection is natural, connection is already there. You do not create it. Instead, you just become aware that it has always been there, and you were just not seeing it. Let us now share a prayer dear reader.

“Oh, dear mother, cloth me with thy leaves so that when the wind blows and the leaves rustle, I may be reminded of your love for me.

Dear mother, thank you for providing us with the lands to plough, the lands that are self-replenishing, the lands that are rich in minerals and nutrients.

Dear mother of all, let the rivers run through out, so that we may bathe and wash and cook, let the waters quench our thirst!

Let the grass massage and rub my feet and let the mud clothe my feet to protect it from thorns.”


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