A trip to the Internet World.

Photo by Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash

There is so much love on the internet. The internet could be said to be a haven for bad behavior. At the same time, it is a place for networking and making connections. In here I see my pastor, through the people that keep talking about religion and spirituality. They keep at it and are not tied down to any day of worship. Their consistency is apparent and worth it. They seem to be aware of what they are talking about, and I am sure my pastor would agree. Is this what they mean when they say that, make your religion a lifestyle?

In here I also see the nutritionist. They are talking about balanced diets and displaying their vast knowledge of foods. All this is a result of what they were taught though. By large, what they mean by a balanced diet is a plate consisting of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins. The pictures always associated with the balanced diet are limited in relation to the protein either being chicken, beef, fish, or mutton. Basically, it is just meat. Plant proteins are rarely considered to have a seat at the big table.

In here I also see the relationship guru. They are giving relationship advice every single day. I bet couples need not go to the therapist anymore, if at all they considered the advice being given by the gurus. Moreover, this is free service, I mean who would give free relationship advice out there? Even the pastor is paid to give teachings nowadays. I guess this is not to mean that they do not have relationship problems of their own. Even doctors get sick, and they cannot treat themselves. This is an opinion in the public domain, right?

I see the spiritual guru, always talking about our connection to one another. Talking about love and light. The comments are heartwarming, with most of them saying that they resonate with the message. The guru talks about all the experiences they have had on the spiritual path, and they all sound amazing and most of the time, out of this world. The only thing the guru cannot do is show you what he or she means. There is a limit to the message, this is an individual practice. The cow can be taken to the river, but it cannot be forced to take water. There is only so much that they can do.

The flat earthers are here too. I will also include those that support the theory of the earth being spherical, and lastly those who say the earth is a torus, in other words, toroidal. Each of these groups defends their points with all the information available to them. Many are of the flat earth and the spherical earth group. The toroidal Earthers are rather few. For the later, it is more of an understanding or view of energy flow. This is more related to the fi ratio and the golden mean. The argument never seems to end as neither group convinces the other. But hey, if they need convincing, then it should be a clear sign that they are not ready. Besides, what if we are all right or are all wrong?

The comedians are not left behind. Their message is usually very clear. They strive to bring out the fun in the normal activities. They are consistent too, and each has a signature of their own. Theirs is a competition where the less creative are left behind. They like to be considered entertainers though, as the term comedians, they feel, does not describe them in totality.

Attention seekers are the internet craze. They want to move the crowd on the internet. They are always looking for attention through talking about or just doing controversial things. This makes and helps them stay relevant as they build their brand. They must also have consumers for their content, come on, I mean, why would they go all out like this?

Our musicians are also not left behind. They keep recording new songs in a short span of time and thereby continue entertaining the masses. Depending on their artistry some of them also need controversy to sell their brand. There are debates at times of whether we should follow what they do, or their music. Can we separate the artist from their music though? To me, it always comes as a full package.

The poets and the spoken word artists keep the content consumers entertained too. Theirs is to make us think and see the beauty of creativity and self-expression. However, some lack originality and authenticity. Eventually, they end up sounding like others

Marketers and promoters are like the noisemakers of the internet. They are always on time to take advantage and ride on the discussion or any trending topic. Even if it is a matter deemed sensitive by some people, such as death or accidents. They will take control of the issue and run away with it; I see talent here. They are ruthless!

Memes have become the daily meal for all those who have social networking accounts. The meme makers are always alert, to pick anything that happens in the day and make fun out of it. They are creative and fast in their skill, as the skill demands anyway.

Scammers cannot be left out of this list. The internet is a neutral field, and we cannot really control who uses it, and how they use it. So those who are looking for culprits who are easily duped take this advantage. They are always waiting with bait for those who will fall for their treachery. They say that we must all look for ways to survive! Who will be the first one to cast a stone at them? There is a joke that refers to them as those who can sell your kidney back to you!

There are rooms for pornography too and these are entertainment for some people. We all have different tastes, right? Well, one could rub this on your face and say that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Authorities have tried to make it as tight as humanly possible, but it has never worked. For most of the sites, it is hard to justify that the visitors are of consensual age. For the owners of these sites, this is business like any other. You cannot dictate what can and cannot be sold in an open market, can you?

I will finally add the dark web to this list. I have not visited the dark web but from what I hear on the streets, it is like a pirates’ kingdom where you can get anything. By anything I mean especially those that would be illegal to acquire. There definitely are precautions set out for internet surfers to take, but just how prepared can you be when meeting a stranger, in a not-so-familiar land. I have heard it said many times that visiting the dark/deep web is like compromising everything, throwing all caution to the wind. There is no privacy to fall back to after one enters the deep web.

There is a lot of noise being made on the internet and especially on social networking platforms. Everybody is screaming out their message. The antidote would be to go in knowing what you want to get. Otherwise, you would be consumed with all the noise. Also, an important thing to note is that you can stay out of the noise at the time of your choosing. You can always unplug from the noise. Otherwise, go in get what you came for and get out fast.

Others have asked the question, ‘if you are not selling, or buying, or learning something on the internet, then what is your purpose of logging in?’ In other words, go in with an intention, so that you do not just wade in the storm. The tides could be too strong for you. Anyway, all this is noise, but it could be necessary noise if it resonates. You could also shove it all away as soon as you have read it and proceed to have your experience. It will never make sense unless you have experienced it, right?

All said and done, it is apparent that we are always presented with an opportunity to make a choice, on which part of the internet family we wish to join or visit. It Is like being in a gateway that has a lot of people on the other side. Everybody seems welcoming, but you can see right through them, and you know what each one of them represents, so you have the privilege to make a more conscious decision. Namaste!

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