Gratitude, the ritual of appreciation. Take 3

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

I sit and type this on the 12th of October 2021, and I do it with so much ecstasy. This is an energy that started on the previous day. I kneel on my mattress offering my daily gratitude, and suddenly I feel so grateful for the events that took place during the day. I feel like my heart has opened and allowed in this fresh energy. This allows me to focus even more on the things that I am so grateful for.

As this energy sweeps through my body, I feel myself giving up all resistance, and I let it go to wherever it wants. I surrender to this energy fully. I am not new to this energy, as I have felt like this before. As I lay in bed a few minutes later, I still cannot stop thinking of the so many things that I am grateful for. I let myself enjoy this feeling for as long as I could.

There are things that I see every day, and nothing seems to amuse me, but there are times that I walk in nature, and I am awed by the sight that meets my eyes. Today I walked into this compound that I have been visiting for the past week, and I saw some leaves on the grass around the roots of the tree. I had a strong urger to have a close look at the leaves, and I fell in love with the tree and the fallen leaves. It’s not that I have not seen this tree before and of course, I have seen leaves on the ground many times, but this time it appealed to me in such a way that I had never felt before. The sight was just full of life, or was it my eyes that seemed fresh and vibrant? The vision was so clear, and I felt that whatever was on the ground was connected to my being somehow. This ground was sacred, this, I could feel deep within me.

I took my time just walking in that space trying not to step on even one leaf. I stopped once or twice just to look at the tree and I knew just one thing, I loved it so much. Perhaps it was because I had meditated under this tree a couple of times before. All the same, I wanted to hang around this space for much longer. Later, I found myself giving thanks at this location. Gratitude has become so easy for me! It feels like a button that can be switched at any time, like a current that can flow any time. Perhaps I connect to this energy faster because I practice the ritual daily. Sometimes I have sat and just thought about how I have made new friendships, and I cannot stop wondering how easy it has been. The reason is that I have opened myself up to new beginnings and experiences.

Today I feel like lying down on the ground with my hands spread apart and just offering gratitude to mother earth. I feel a deep connection to nature. Now I keep telling myself that I know why people get dressed in sackcloth and offer themselves up to God. This is the energy that has got me feeling so light. I feel like the wind can carry me while I am in prayer. This is the energy that has got me utilizing all my senses. I want to hear, taste, touch, feel, and breathe in this energy. I have reached a state of surrender where I want to be more in service to the Creator, and I want the service to be more of gratitude.

This space of gratitude has made me walk freely on this earth. I do not fear to put my feet anywhere because I know that the ground has been set before me. For some reason, I feel like a higher force has given me the energy to be. Oh, what shall I call it now? How can I show you how I feel? Others have given it many names and forms. Sometimes I feel like I am part of this energy, and yet other times I feel like I am separate from this energy. Such are the times that I look up to this energy. I feel that this force is connected to me in a way. The distance is not physical but it’s just that I cannot point to it. I just have a knowing that this energy has seen what I do not see and enabled me to do so much.

I did not know that I would come back to write more about this -gratitude, but I know there are concepts that are not new at all. Maybe this came to me to emphasize the importance of this ritual. A ritual requires that the practitioner dedicates all their attention to each step that is performed. Most of the prayer sessions that we have are somewhat strictly bound by time. I know that some religions follow a guideline about praying almost five times a day. Would the believers know why they pray at these stipulated times? I wonder though, what the motivating factor usually is for these prayers. Praying almost five times a day is such a good routine that could make someone so much aware of the connection with the Creator. I hope the ones doing the ritual are fully present during the exercise. It must come from the heart!

Just like an awakening, no amount of saying I am grateful will make you feel grateful. It must come from within, and not just said. Gratitude knows no shame. Gratitude knows no logic. I have heard some people ask that, ‘who in this generation would wear a sackcloth in reverence to the Lord?’ People treat surrender and supplication like a thing that was practiced by our ancestors, probably because they were primitive. Primitivity has become something that is flashed everywhere as if it could get someone an award to label something primitive. I more than hope that people think and see beyond the labels.

Gratitude, I agree, can be practiced in a group. Sometimes I have had the opportunity to join groups in songs of worship, and I have felt some energy carry me so high, of course not physically. It has been a long time since I practiced group spirituality though. I went into a path of individualism, and it is here that I found out for myself the power of gratitude. It has become practical other than just talking. Why are we afraid to be freely expressive, especially to the Creator? People want to hide and do so much in secret. Do not be afraid of expressing your gratitude. If you feel like kissing the earth in gratitude, so be it. If you want to hug one another, then do it. On that note, have you hugged a tree yet? You will never know unless you try. What drives one to hug a tree though?

We all know that the Creator is everywhere, that is, omnipresent. This is because He is not bound by physical form. The Creator manifests itself through His creation, so you can offer gratitude to any form or manifestation of the Creator. Are you grateful for the food? You can talk to the food alright. Are you grateful for the house, or the shoes, or the pet? You can appreciate all these creations freely without fear of judgement from the other self. Even appreciating other people is appreciating the Creator.

To me, the whole idea of gratitude is to make us aware of this powerful energy we call the Creator, and yet some people still ask me whether I believe in God! To these people, I always answer them by saying that, if God was not there, then none of these things that we see would be here. In a way, I am also grateful for those who ask the above question because I get to bring their awareness to the connection of creation. Have you started writing what you are grateful for on paper? Lately, I have been guided to write my prayer, however short or long it may be. I feel guided to share them and I may just start by sharing one of the prayers in this writing. Well, here we go, and if it resonates, you could make it your ritual. Namaste.

“Great Saviour whispering in the wind, carry me with you and blow away my fear

Take me through the rain, and wash my denseness and negativity away

Bathe me in your cool and clean waters and rejuvenate and replenish my energy.

Thank you! And so it is.”

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