How To Create Your Own Happiness

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

With the effects of the current pandemic, most of my friends are not on employment. These are people who graduated two years ago, and yet some of them have not even found internship opportunities. In 2020, I had this chat with one of my friends who had graduated earlier than me. I was trying to encourage her to take control of her happiness, but according to her, her happiness depended on having a job, which of course would bring in the money. She was adamant that without money, there was absolutely no way that she could be happy.

Most people are not aware that it is within their control to be happy. It is okay to think that money is a tool that could bring you happiness. Well, if you think that it is the source of your happiness, then clearly the absence of it will deprive you of your happiness. On various occasions, I have asked my friends to find, or create a situation that makes them happy. From their responses they assume that it is impossible to be happy without money. So, we have a bigger portion of mankind portraying themselves as victims of circumstance. They might immediately conclude that they are not happy because they do not have enough, or no money at all.

Happiness is an emotion that keeps fluctuating. It is a desire, just as other desires, that cannot be quenched once and for all. Of course, our state of energy keeps fluctuating as well. Sometimes it is high and sometimes it is on the low. Have we forgotten that doing what we love puts us in a high energy, and ultimately puts us in a positive energy that we call happiness? Sometimes when I ask people to do what they love, we seem to hit a snag because they go on mentioning things that would need money for commencement.

Must we pay money for us to have even the faintest bit of happiness? Well, is this not madness! Stop and think of the tiniest thing that you love, that would not cost you money. The list, I am sure would be endless. I recently had a moment where I felt my energy going low, so I told myself that instead of focusing on that low energy, I would instead go and make at least one person to smile. So, off I went on my way, and began to greet people, and wish them a good day. There was a mixture of responses. Other people were receptive while others were surprised that I was just wishing them well. Regardless of the reactions, I was happy that I was even getting a reaction at all. Now, this had a ripple effect.

By the end of this impromptu exercise, I had said hi to strangers, walked into a Seventh Day Adventist Church, that I am not even a member of, and got a chance to sit down. This was my opportunity to practice gratitude. I sat down and gave thanks for the opportunity that I got. From this church, I went on to another church and greeted those that were present. At my last stop, I said hi to a random guy in his shop and he suggested that we sit and talk more. Well, I could not decline this opportunity either. So, we talked more, and even though the talk was more inclined on religion, we had a lot to exchange. At the end of it all, the low energy that I was feeling earlier had long disappeared into the past, to be replaced with such a vibrant energy. This is how I chose to create happiness for myself.

As I have shown in the paragraph above, you can create happiness by making other people happy. This is about giving and receiving. When you are giving, you also need to keep an open heart, ready to receive. In most cases when you help other people you end up helping yourself. That is why it is said that you should give, or help with an open heart.

Do we not have passions that make us happy? Does it necessarily have to cost money? My passion is writing and talking about spirituality. So, any opportunity that I get to talk, or write about my passion, I am always left in high energy. Just the opportunity of expressing myself makes me happy, even if I am doing it alone in my own space, it surely brings in some positive energy.  Completing a task, or just initiating it makes me happy too. Sometimes we have so many tasks written down, and we do not know where to start.

For me, the first step is usually writing it down on paper. This to me is very important because by writing it down, I feel like I can also achieve it. From this point on, any action towards the achievement of the goal makes me happy. I believe that I am in control of my happiness by deciding to focus on the high energy, rather than the low energy. I chose to focus on what I am doing, or what I have already done, rather than what I am not able to achieve.

So then, the biggest step to take, to show that you are in control of your happiness is the choice to focus on high positive energy. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and think of what you can do at that moment. Sometimes, I hear people complaining that it is other people that make them sad, but they forget that they also have a part to play in this. You could look for the smallest thing to appreciate about them, or maybe get away from them. You are never a victim of circumstance, and you are not powerless either. You can make yourself happy!

We interact with different people and things daily, and of course, they alter our energetic state, so the task that we have is to choose to focus on high energy. Bring yourself to a balanced state. Stop doing something if you must, you could come back to do it later. Do not force things to work out. Perhaps the biggest thing that causes a feeling of lack of happiness is the lack of acceptance. Sometimes we do not accept where we are, and it causes us to resist. This resistance is the biggest cause of unhappiness.

It is only in accepting where you are, that you can know what you need to do about the situation. Does it require your response or not? No situation is permanent. If you do not have a job, accept the situation as it is, and see what you can engage in for that time. If you are in negative energy, accept it so that you see what action is required from you.

Music is one thing that changes our mood. Everybody has that favorite song that puts them at ease. Singing along the lyrics will raise your energy. Going out for a walk, especially in nature, raises one’s energy. Ultimately, having a change in routine will create room for a change in your mood. There are so many things that you can do to create happiness in your life. You know yourself better! You know those things that you like, do them! More importantly, you know better not to attach yourself to life situations and emotions.

If money can be used to create happiness for you, then use it. If it is not necessary, then do what makes you happy. Do what gives you inner peace. We all have different hobbies. Do any one of those. I am sure your state of energy will change for the better. Do not be thrown around by emotions either. Learn to detach. Appreciate each passing moment and see it for the lesson it is. See the essence of each moment that you experience. Practice gratitude each moment, or as much as you can. This is surely a way to create your own happiness. You should also appreciate yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself as you are. Go on creators, Let’s do this! Namaste!

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