Living In Sin.

Photo by Julio Rionaldo on Unsplash

I was born into a Christian family, and as a tradition for most families, we went to the house of worship every Sunday. Well, the characteristic of the building was that there were two columns of benches at either side of the walls of the structure that was called the church. On the left side from the entrance was where the women sat, while the men occupied the right-side column of benches. For some reason that I could not understand, the benches on the right side were usually only partially occupied while the women were so many, to the point that some of them had to sit on the floor. As much as I noticed the dwindling number of male worshippers, all that mattered to me was that I was in the church to sing and just follow my mother around.

When I got older, I began to understand the Christian religion and its teachings, this, of course, was due to the exposure that we had in primary school and even in high school. By the time I was in the University, I thought that I had a good understanding of the religion, and of course what sin was. Back then as we were told over a million times, sin was going against the ways of the Creator. By this time, I was aware of the decisions that I made, and most times I would refer to whether they were sinful or not. How dangerous was this! Weighing whether an action is sinful or not. There is an act of caution and no element of spontaneity at all.

I know everybody keeps quoting the statement, ‘my people perish because of sin’. Sometimes the wordings are twisted to sound differently, but the meaning remains the same. A lot of fear is associated with ‘living in sin’. It is a loss that most teachings, in the so many religions around the world, are associated with fear. It is always taught that the Creator would punish those that go against His ways. This is the same fear that is associated with the unknown or uncertainty. For example, the Creator has been said to hate some characters, and then again, we are told that we are not supposed to question whatever the Creator has supposedly told us to do, or not to do.

In the above paragraph I have put bare what sin is in other words. What sin really is, is a lack of knowing, and this is what most of us are suffering from. We have been led by fear for the longest time, and why? Because we are afraid of the consequences of going against some strict rules that were supposedly set by a supernatural authority. What sin is, my friends, is the act of living in fear. This is being blinded with fear, and not having to become aware that we are really free to experience the richness, or wealth of life, to the furthest extent that we can possibly take it.

Have you ever asked why you are told not to question this supernatural authority? Why should the Creator punish you for asking questions, and even better still, why should the Creator punish you for expressing yourself? The sin that you were taught about has been corroborated, and it is because those who have altered the meaning have their own agenda. How much power and freedom do you have as an individual, to take charge of your experiences?

So, living in sin blinds you and keeps you from living in a state of knowingness. This is a state of self-realization. Is it not common to hear that we are born in sin? Well, have you seen the state of the world lately? There seems to be a deep agenda to control people, so that they are easily led like sheep. In society, those who rebel and go against the system are shunned, and all manner of punishments are set aside for their ‘bad behavior’. There is a state of confusion, and many things seem to be happening at the same time. The fact is that there are forces that push you to act in a certain way, and they say that it is the only way that you are going to survive.

If the so-called leaders of the world say that whatever you are doing is wrong, then it is wrong, and you do not ask any questions. We are left with little to no chance to express ourselves as we should. We are then kept busy trying to please other people to stay out of trouble, or suffer the consequences of going against the grain. Who would have thought this is the true meaning of sin! It is not about doing wrong or right. No, it is your lack of awareness of your eternal nature. It is a lack of awareness of your true creative potential, your true expressive nature. There is no theme here that wages one against the other. In your process of awareness, you do not have to wage war on other people. Sin, my dear people, is doing something without being aware of your reason to do it.

Why am I saying these words? Do I know the potential of these words that I speak? Do you ever get to question yourself sometimes? Do you even get to question the things that other people tell you? Most of us are leaving like zombies, and that is the true state of living in sin. Living in sin is not something that should be associated with so much fear, even those who teach the fabricated meaning of sin are living in sin themselves, however holy or righteous you portray them. Anything, or anybody that associates the Creator with fear or hate, surely does not know the Creator. Some things and beliefs are just created to control us, dear readers. Have you noticed most times that when people become aware of their power, those who want to impose some rule on them are usually afraid? They are afraid that you will express yourself freely.

Unfortunately for us, or fortunately for the rulers of this world, most people are still living in so much fear, and this makes it easier for controllers and manipulators to take advantage of them. Some of those who are taking advantage of others are aware of their actions, while others are not conscious at all. But this consciousness is what we are talking about here. A few people are conscious of their decisions and actions. For these people, it is not easy to fool them or drive them around with falsehood.

Sin is tightly connected with freedom of choice, and awareness of free will. Everybody has the free will to express themselves as they desire. So, in a sense, those manipulating others have the free will to do so. It is the way they chose to express themselves. Their subjects are also within the purview of free will to express themselves as they wish. Sometimes, those who are being infringed upon are not aware that they have the freedom to refuse to take part in some of these activities. Well, isn’t becoming aware the real ticket out of sin, considering the new experiences it comes with?

Also, in the public domain, there is a belief that an external entity is coming to save you from sin. Some are waiting for someone other than themselves to save them from this thing we call sin. As much as the saving could be triggered by an external event or entity, the actual act of saving is an individual affair. Guess what, it would be against your free will for someone to come and save you, without you first consenting. Nobody can alter your experience, as you originally chose to experience it. As I have mentioned before, the saviour is within us all. In the process of self-actualization, or self-realization, or awareness, you are the one who will save yourself. The question that I ask then is, what are you saving yourself from? And why do you think you need saving? It is common in the streets to hear people say out loud that they are saved, to mean born again, but are they really? Well, it is the individual that first knows when, and if they are no longer under the shackles of sin. The external consciousness will know even without you saying it. It is simple. Your inner state will project outwardly. Well, how beautiful is it not to live in sin! Namaste.

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