Life Lessons.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

In one of the books of Florence Schovel Shin, she has written that, ‘no man is a friend, no man is an enemy, every man is a lesson’. I read this book a year ago and at that time it was not easy to apply the knowledge of the above statement. We have been called social beings before, and the reason is that we put so much importance on the relations that we have with other people. These are the things of this physical realm, and it is what we perceive of this reality. Of course, lessons are not tangible, and their nature is that they are usually hidden just behind the experiences that we have.

We do not usually spot the lessons that are presented to us because we look at the person performing the action. We also focus too much on what an experience has done to us on a physical level. Rarely do we perceive past this physical realm. The more reason you will find people associating themselves or describing themselves with the experiences that they have encountered. After one person in your life has supposedly wronged you or treated you negatively, then you easily conclude that they do not love you. Do you ever try to see the lesson that is being brought to your face?

Most of us have been in relationships where we are mistreated or maybe we are not just appreciated at all. It is in most of these cases that we end up blaming other people for our predicaments. I think I have used this word, ‘higher perspective’, enough times, but do you ever stop to view your relations from a higher perspective? Most of us still end up hanging around these relationships and the negative treatment continues. The situation stays as is because the actors in the relationship or the circumstance have not learned a certain lesson.

Is it not common for people to hold different perspectives for the same person? One person will say that so and so is a good person and the other will say that the same person is not good at all. I know of people who struggle, trying so hard to please everybody in their life, but in the end, they are the ones who suffer in this frustration. What encounters have you had in your life that make you have regrets, or do you still hold so much fear over an experience that you do not want to face again? Do you blame other people for your predicaments? Maybe you should stop and consider the lessons that each circumstance in your life brings to you.

Of late, I have been having so much fun in life. It is the kind of fun that I do not spend a penny to experience because I just realized that I have had it within me for the longest time. As I have already mentioned in one of my articles, I have been going through a period of forgiveness and the lessons therein have been intricately connected. Earlier on in my life, I spent so much energy blaming others for the part they had played in the negative experiences that I had encountered.

I know sometimes it is said that we must put a face to actions, but I added a new factor to it. It came to me that everything that we interact with is energy. Everything in the cosmos is energy. So, you have your own internal energy interacting with external energy or external consciousness. This new way of looking at things helped me to start seeing the lessons in the experiences, or external interactions that came my way. So, instead of blaming other people, you need to understand that they are expressing themselves in a way that is right for them. Would it be right to ask a cow why it has a tail, why it eats grass? How frustrating would it be to teach a cow to eat meat instead, or convince it that it is not a cow, rather it is a sheep?

You need to understand that everything that you interact with is meant to be as is. So, what are you supposed to be observing rather? Of course, it is you. The way you respond to this external entity or consciousness is what you should focus on. Not in trying to manipulate the external consciousness. This would be a fruitless endeavor. Why do you think you are facing this circumstance, or that other circumstance in your life? Why do you think you are facing death, or an accident, or a lack of funding, or a lack of knowing?

Do you ever think that you are being punished by life for something that you did? I know that most of us are part of this bandwagon. Whenever challenges come their way, they assume that the Creator, or Life is punishing them. Without realizing the lessons presented before us, some of us begin to blame ourselves or other people, or they begin to live in fear. Some people begin to curse and even say that they are always unlucky. In the long run, how you interpret this external interaction or external consciousness affects your own internal consciousness. Suddenly your life becomes sad and gloomy. You then lose sight of the vibrancy and beauty of life.

Have we not already heard that life is a game? What lessons do you think you are here on this earth plane to learn? Do you sometimes ask yourself what lesson you have learned from your experience? The more you take experiences as lessons, the more you see the patterns and respond differently to similar circumstances. Otherwise, you will not have seen what lesson you were being taught.

So far, I have taken everything and everyone as a lesson to me. So, as much as I interact with them, I am observant of how I respond. It is in this spirit that I do not struggle to change other people. I let everyone express themselves freely as they desire. This way, I am also a lesson to them, and I hope they get to learn something from this. Is this not the easiest method of teach-learning and learn-teaching? It is surely effortless! And so, it has become easier for me to see the uniqueness in how people around me express themselves. I consider this a gift and I know we all possess this gift, the challenge is in finding it and using it.

My supposedly negative past experiences have become places that I can visit any time because I have seen the lesson that they are. Moreover, any time I am in the presence of new people, I observe their form of expression keenly to see what is being presented before me. In each one of us, there is a uniqueness in the way and form that we express ourselves. It is only when we begin to see the uniqueness and the lessons that we feel confident in our own form of expression. If you see your lessons, then you would not struggle to be a lesson unto other people because guess what, you already are! Just by being alive right here right now on this earth plane.

Imagine how much you could learn by pulling yourself out of interactions and viewing them from a higher perspective? Even health benefits are on the list of advantages. What does your interaction with that food teach you? What does your craving for that other food teach? What does the disease that you are suffering from, teach you? There are so many examples that I could go on and on listing here. But the effort to be observant and see the lessons is yours, dear reader. You could even be getting a lesson from reading this article. Or better yet observe your reaction while reading or after reading this article. Kryon – Lee Carroll said, ‘Life is a test, not a test for you, but for energy’. Namaste!

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