You are in the world, but not of the world.

the other worldly
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At one time in my life, I kept asking myself this question, ‘who are the masters of this matrix?’ I was at a point where I thought I did not understand the world. I was having trouble fitting into the world. I had sat back to observe, and while it felt like I was not of this world, the fact was that I was in it, and I had to survive physically. Connections and relations are treated like the most important thing since we are social creatures, right? So, I continued to ask who the masters of this matrix were. By matrix I mean, this world.

The masters of the matrix to me, then, were those who were succeeding at their endeavors. They seemed to have found their way around life situations and had enough experience to deal with the challenges of the world. I was in a tricky situation since I felt like the world was a strange playing field. My ideals seemed to reflect characters that were not of this world at all. How was I going to make it?

Isn’t the phrase, ‘we are in the world but not of the world’ familiar to some of us? I am sure some of you have heard or read this somewhere. The first time I heard the above statement, I was in high school. It never quite made sense to me then because all it was to me was a comparison between those who were religious and those who were not. I was a staunch Christian and an official of the Christian union club. At that time, the biggest challenge to me was making Christianity a lifestyle. I felt like there was a lot of pressure put on us, the Christian union members and especially if one was an official, to live by the strict rules of Christianity.

There were things that we were not supposed to do. Such a thing as attending the weekend entertainment session would leave you in trouble trying to explain what you were doing amongst ‘those of the world’. We were told that sin was for those who were of the world. We were young and as it is clear by now, we misinterpreted and misunderstood the scriptures. What we did more was compare ourselves to those who did not do and believe in the things that we did. Of course, we saw them as being in the wrong while we were in the right.

Many years have passed since my high school years, and I have had new experiences and a myriad of lessons. After high school, I threw away all the seemingly rich knowledge that I had acquired in the religious field. This I did because I had a different experience away from the influence of other Christian union members, and I realized that I knew so little about what I believed in. If you have been a member of any organization or group, you know how hard it usually is to detach from the group. The reason is that there is a feeling of belonging that makes one cling to the beliefs of the group.

Once I put aside all that I thought I knew, I began to view the world from a different angle, or as others might say, through a different lens. I felt like I was just beginning to learn the ways of this world with no reference from the prior experience that I had decided to shove to the side. I usually wondered how one could be spiritual and still survive in this world. At this point, my main observation was that there were those who survived solely on their physical experience. They were not perturbed by the other spiritual aspect of life. It is such people that I wondered how they survived.

I was at a point in life where I was aware that both spiritual and physical survival was important. Where the challenge lied was finding the balance. How could other people seem to prosper without getting the urge to get any form of spiritual awareness or knowledge? Most people I knew were religious to some degree and this was because they had been brought up in religious cultures or families. To them, it was nothing more than continuing the tradition of the family. They would in turn teach their ascendants that they are a religious kind.

While I was trying to find the balance between physical survival and spiritual survival, it became apparent to me that I could not understand either side by having a foot on either side of the paths. I had to stick to one side. The only side that resonated then was spiritual survival, so I focused most of my attention on my spiritual growth. So, it was then that I began to understand the meaning of the statement, ‘you are in the world but not of the world’. The more I focused on my spiritual growth, the more I dropped the things that seemed of the world to me.

These were old practices that did not resonate anymore. I found that I had clung to most of them only because they connected me to ‘the world‘ and made me feel comfortable. Of course, this had all to do with the feeling of belonging. I had thought that by gaining spiritual knowledge, I would also know what it felt like to become a master of this matrix, but slowly I realized that those who were spiritually aware did not seek to be the masters of this matrix, rather it was a reserve for those who clung only to physical survival because it was the only thing that they were familiar with. They are those who fight to show that they belong, they fight to show that they are of the world.

Have you met people who are obsessed with owning every inch of this world? Be it through possession of power or material riches? To those who are of the world, supposedly, nothing out of this word makes sense, and of course, you can hardly find them sitting with those who are spiritual ( I do not mean religious). There seems to be a veil between these two groups, and it is because of the beliefs of either group. I have realized that those who have dedicated their entire life to surviving physically always judge life and the world by their experience. Of course, the assumption is always that those who are older are wiser. How could a younger person teach you about experience when you were born and raised on this earth earlier than them?

To some of the physical survivors, they boast of knowing all the corners and all the paths that lead you to anywhere that you want to go. So, it is obvious that they never perceive anything outside of this life or world. To this party, there is usually a written script that life should play by. You must play by the script, otherwise, you are seen as someone who has lost their way, or simply a loser.

If at all you have experienced anything out of this world, then you might have considered that there are things that you cannot explain, and the reason could be that the happening does not fall in the realm of those things that you were taught under physical survival. As I have come to learn, however, we tend to use and misuse words most times. So, a statement such as, ‘we are in the world but not of the world’, that is supposed to make you think outside the box, is instead used to compare those who think they are so religious and those who are not.

In all your years and experience on this earth, what are the lessons that you have learned by yourself? Do you sometimes want to put aside what you have been taught and go and learn something by yourself? When you see the statement, ‘you are in the world but not of the world’, does it trigger anything in you? Do you suddenly get the urge to digest the statement further? Does it send you out to want to find out more?

Indeed, you are in this world but not of this world. I am not just using this statement because I stumbled upon it. I know it is true because I feel the truth of it. I feel the essence of the words and the associated energy. The roots to the existence of this civilization point out of this earth plane. Have you heard yet, that we (the current human civilization) were seeded by a parent civilization that is highly sophisticated? Some have said that we have a connection with the Pleiades star system. What is not believed by many is that we have roots or connections way out of this world. How far do you think we are from other entities? I am not talking about a physical distance either. There is a physical connection that we have with our spiritual families. This is where your angels and spiritual guides come in.

I am not saying this to feel good about myself. No. I know whatever I say here is potentiated to awaken a fire within you, or a burning sensation to want to know more. This is nothing but inspiration. Yes, it is all that I want to spark within you. So, you reading this article today, are not of this world. But where – again this is spiritual- do you come from then? Do you want to find out more? Ask the questions and listen to the answers that come your way. Namaste.

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