We are in tough times, they say

women weeping
Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

So many people are saying that times are tough. This seems to be the only anthem that probably 90 percent of the world population agree on. There are people who have been singing this song for the most part of their life though. To them, it seems that life has never been any easier. The interesting thing is that even though people are singing that life is tough, others are doing well all the same. This song has been sung for the longest time, but it has become louder after the pandemic that hit the world in 2020.

I only have one question though, does this have to stop your life from going on? Does this song put the brakes on everybody’s experience? Maybe there are two questions or more, but I hope the question drives you to pay attention and remember that it is not everybody that is using the above phrase. There is a group that would tell you that these times are better than ‘the old days’. To them, they would be talking from the point of the availability of technology and machinery. Their observation most likely would be that life has become easier. They also see the efficiency that has been brought about by industrialization and development.

There is a different group that will always say that the people of this generation have become lazy and unproductive. Obviously, they attribute most of the achievements that have been made to the availability of machinery and technology. Those of this group always seem to point that this present generation is spoilt! They say that everything has been made easier for us, and we do not appreciate the art of struggling or sweating to get the result.

Maybe thus far, it is clear what I am trying to put across. At any given time, everybody is going to have an opinion about life. We all use different lenses to interpret what is going on now. I know that we all have plans or goals that we want to achieve or act upon. I also know that we put into consideration what other people’s opinions are of what we want to do. We even go ahead and put their opinion before ours, and most times, this puts the brakes on the brilliant ideas that we have conceived.

If you have been observant enough, you must have noticed that there are people who have never once seen the good in this life. All they ever have are negative comments. They will be heard saying that the situation on earth is getting worse by the day. Well, please do yourself a favour and pay attention to your own interpretation of the situation. The biggest lesson that I have learned in my life so far, is that life does not change, neither does it stop, rather it is the life situations that change (I got this idea of life situation from Eckhart Tolle’s book, ‘The Power Of Now’) . They are prone to change and therefore will always change.

Some people refuse to grow out of a life situation that they may have faced at one point or another. They cling to it, and it is all they ever describe themselves by. This is, of course, the negative situations. To this present age, there are those who believe that they are always followed by bad luck. They say that everything that they lay their hands on gets destroyed. Such is what they have of their reality. They have made their life situation their jail, and while they have the key to let themselves free of this situation, they have instead grown comfortable in this situation.

Of course, it is good to pay attention to what is happening in your surroundings, but also pay attention to how you feel about it. The biggest challenge of this age is that we think that we are so connected with current affairs. Most of us blindly follow what other people say without really taking time to consider what has been said. We keep watching and listening to the news and even reading newspapers. Some of us end up debating or getting in groups to discuss whatever we have read, heard, or watched from these news outlets. Eventually, you think that you know so much, but all that you are doing is discussing more of another person’s interpretation, which is not your own.

Do you think your opinion matters? I know we do not all have the opportunity to appear in the News to give our opinion, but it should matter to you that you have an opinion on your life. Of course, we end up interacting with other people and cannot avoid communicating with them. It is through these interactions that we may be influenced by other people. If you do not have a strong belief, then you may be easily influenced. I know I have asked you what you believe in before, but today I ask if you trust your own interpretation of reality.

How do you view your life situations? Have you noticed the changes that have taken place in your life, from the time that you were young, up to this present time? You must have lost some of the old relations and formed new ones. You must have lost some of your material possessions, maybe you even outgrew them and had to let them go, and acquired new possessions. Wherever you are now, do you see the support that life and the universe have given you? People rarely see that they have always been supported, especially when they are going through challenging circumstances.

If you pay attention and are patient enough, you will see the lessons that are being presented to you when those challenges appear before you. Indeed, the things of this world pass like the wind. We cannot cling to them, and if we tried, we would just cause our own suffering. Such is the case for those who have been saying that times are tough for the rest of their life. Are you ever responsible for your life? Some of us are lost in the belief that when tough times come, it is the devil tempting them and that when the good times come, then the Creator is saving them from those times.

We have become slaves to the belief that we are at the mercy of these two forces we call God and Satan. So much so that when we face challenges, we tend to say that God has abandoned us. At the same time when we experience negative characteristics, of course, from negative actions, we say that the devil made us do one thing or the other. Most of us are lost in this madness, always thinking that we are victims of circumstance. Come on dear one, you are powerful enough to bring change to your life situation regardless of other people’s opinion of what you can or cannot do. Regardless of other people’s opinion of whatever times we are in.

The most important thing, as I have mentioned here before, is to believe in yourself. Everything is possible, if you believe in yourself. I know it is a cliché that you have even used yourself. Just before you frown upon the use of those words, please ensure that you know what believing in yourself entails. It has been said that the biggest loss to humankind is not death, rather it is the things that we leave to die within us as we live on. This came from an Indian elder, the name seems to have disappeared from my mind. Humankind takes most things for granted. We end up saying and quoting so many things without believing in them. Sometimes we just believe without really knowing. I know that there is abundant motivational material that is readily available for use, but what is more important is what you think and believe about yourself. If you do not consider your own feelings and opinions, then all the reading and hearing, and watching are of no use, because you are still going to be swayed by such opinions as, ‘we are in tough times’.

And so, you will hear some people telling you to wait until times get better. My only question is, is there a better time to do anything? What matters most is your self-belief and trust and of course your effort, not forgetting your discernment too. Well, the past year was tough, right? Have you heard anybody saying this year is better? You decide when the time is right for you to do anything. Trust your instincts, and if you get the chance, please read ‘The Power Of Now‘, written by Eckhart Tolle. Namaste. 

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