Your External Environment is a projection of your Internal Environment.

woman standing on garbage
Photo by Stijn Dijkstra from Pexels

We all know that dirt is a catalyst for disease, or rather, let us call it ‘illness’. It may not be obvious, but, our external state, is the true representation of our internal state. If one is in a dirty external environment, and they do not seem to care about making changes, then that is the reflection of their internal state of hygiene. If you see one person who does not care much for the environment, those who just litter the environment without a second thought, those who can easily spill waste in the waters, close observation will always reveal that their internal state of affairs is not in order.

It is simple to know this. It is impossible for one who sees or knows their connection to everything to be so unconcerned about their external environment. I wonder how we have rules to make us to be concerned about the state of the environment. Do you need rules to keep yourself clean? Do you sometimes forget to take a shower, or wash your clothes, or the dishes? Just by observing the degree of cleanliness in a person, you will know if they are at par with who they really are.

For those who are disconnected, they will care less for their external environment. They say that cleanliness is close to godliness. So, it is quite clear that those who do not observe cleanliness are quite far from experiencing their god nature, or their true nature. I have not seen people being so productive in a dirty environment, and neither have I been in high spirits when I am in a dirty environment. They are just two different energies; this is, productivity and dirty environments. Your mind cannot be at its creative best in a disturbing environment. Your focus will be more on the uncomfortable state rather than creativity.

I have not seen posh offices being built near dumpsites. Not even residential areas are close to dumpsites. Most people want clean water to drink, clean clothes to wear, and even clean bed sheets. It is obvious that these things make us comfortable, and who does not like comfort anyway?

Let us go back to the statement about cleanliness and godliness. How much time do you spend with yourself? Do you like being in a noisy environment or a clean and quiet environment? The above statement is not about the distance between us with the creator, rather it is about our state. It may be strongly related to our creativity too. What are the powers associated with God, or the legend of Gods from the distant past? There are obviously positive and supernatural powers associated with the Gods and Goddesses. If you are aware of your power to create, then you will prefer a clean and comfortable environment. And here is the advantage, by wanting a clean environment for yourself, it leads you to create a good environment for other people as well. Well, by this, are you not more of a creator yourself?

Godliness is a state of connection with all. You cannot only wash the outside of a cup and leave the inside being dirty. This is self-deception and an obvious indication of a lack of connectedness. I think it would be easier to wash the inside of the cup first. This way, it is impossible to fail to wash the outside too. Having the willpower to wash the inside of the cup will teach you to wash the outside too. Dirt and cleanliness cannot sit in one house peacefully. You will be uncomfortable with the external dirt because the inside and the outside will be trying to house both negative and positive identities at the same time.

I do not know of anyone who would be comfortable taking a shower and then wearing the dirty clothes that they just took off. This is obviously uncomfortable. This is like eating a fruit that is rotten hoping that the inside is still fresh. Doesn’t the fruit rote from the inside out though? Most things happen from the inside out. That is, external characteristics are a projection of internal characteristics. The drive to want to be in a clean environment comes from within. It is said that the madness of humanity is a clear representation of their internal state.

If you take care of yourself so much, then you will naturally take care of the environment. Likewise, if you go and sit out in nature you are going to be relaxed and in peace, if it is a clean space. These I can say, are matching vibrations. Take the clean environment as a positive vibration and the dirty environment as a negative environment. Personally, which one would you prefer? I know most of us would choose the clean environment. But my observation for this is that those who do not have a clean internal environmental state will not enjoy this peace at all. Their internal environment will block them from enjoying or seeing the beauty of a clean environment.

You always have a choice to make, on whether you want a positive, or negative energy. The choice to make the world a better place is more of an individual affair than a collective or external affair. We all must work at keeping our own little spaces clean. These individual efforts are what are projected outwardly as the collective effort. External fights to make the environment clean have little effect. The environment or nature is saved from within us all. The inner energy we hold regarding the environment will determine if our perception of nature, or the environment will change. Otherwise, we will be on the vicious cycle of creating rules and organizations for environmental control. The answer or formula is always within

Currently, everyone seems to blame someone else for the situation we are in, concerning the environment. Nobody seems to take responsibility by being the first one to act. My view still stands, that if we were all aware of natural laws then we would not need all these environmental laws that we keep creating every day. We are bringing out our internal madness and showing everyone our low level of self-awareness. But no one seems to notice at all. If you do not know yourself, you will not know another person’s true nature. You will keep pointing fingers at someone else to accuse them of something that is also in you. Some do it unconsciously and others do it consciously.

As for me, I like staying in a clean environment. I would easily feel disturbed when in a dirty environment. So, most times I take the initiative to make my environment clean. I do this even when it is other people’s duty to do the cleaning. I have learned not to fully depend on other people. You can never know what they are thinking. I am responsible for my environment because it is what I can do or control, otherwise, if you leave it to others, it could be a source of suffering for you.

You cannot claim to fight for a clean environment and yet your surrounding environment is not clean, let alone your internal state of hygiene. Make it your responsibility to maintain individual hygiene. This is the sure way to keeping a clean earth. This is if we all participate, in our own individual capacity. Making rules and organizations may not achieve much. We may be fighting to clean the outside of a cup when the inside is always dirty, and of course, no one would want to use a dirty cup. So, you see this drills down to the individual.

Where do you think you are more productive, in a clean environment or a dirty environment? Keep the answer to yourself. Your comfort is your responsibility. And before you point your fingers, remember, it is an internal projection-external reflection. This internal state is energy, the energy I keep talking about. It could also be called consciousness. We could have so many names for it but if you do not know it, then all the names will not mean anything to you. Take care of yourself. Namaste.

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