This Know-It-All Filter.

I know
Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels

Of late I have been thinking a lot about the things that we do not know. Perhaps it is because I have been spending time with people who think they know so much about life. I have had conversations with these people and as I have observed, they always want your support, or contribution to the conversation. It is not like they ask you to also weigh in on the conversation, but they want you to agree with their point. They want you to see their perception of this thing we call reality.

As a result, I have spent more time listening than talking, and to be honest, sometimes I tend to avoid doing even this simple thing called listening. I know that it is important to listen when somebody is talking, and the advantage is that you will observe the things being brought up, whether you like the conversation or not. Of course, if, and when you feel like you cannot take it anymore, you can always jump out, or just find a way to get out of the conversation.

As I have come to learn, those who claim to know do not like to be challenged. Maybe I have had this the wrong way. I think they like to be challenged because such challenges would lead to an argument, which is a whole lot of negative energy. If listening to these people is already draining, imagine getting into an argument with them.

I have also been thinking about filters this week, I like to call them human filters, and I am sure I have written more about them even without using the word filter. These are things that create a veil between us and other people and ultimately, a veil between us and the creator. I could even go further to say that it keeps us further from accepting, or realizing who we truly are. The veil is a barricade between you and your true self. These are not opposite personalities. Think of it as a state.

So, today the tale is about those who think they know it all. And who can blame them, they may have acquired this knowledge through personal experience, or maybe they have witnessed a lot of things. That said, it is also important to note that everybody has their unique experience. I think the most appropriate words to use are that your reality is relative, to the observer, and to the experiencer. So, ultimately, our perspective or interpretation of life will be unique.

Those who think that they know it all, keep commenting even when they are only required to listen. They think that their input is needed. They feel like their participation is important. Sometimes you can confuse this for one who truly knows themselves, but this will be before you realize that it is the ego that is driving the whole of this agenda.

Suddenly, one thinks that they are above other people simply because they understand their reality, and have an idea of what other people’s reality is. They presume that they are above others, by all means. They sit or stand, and wonder out loud why other people do not see things as they do. ‘They must be foolish to have their eyes closed, why can’t they see these things, it is so clear to me,’ they would think.

This thing we call reality, although not separate, is unique to each one of us. For lack of a better word allow me to say that it is different, for the one observing it, and the one experiencing it. In a sense, you can only understand your reality so well. Only when you do this, do you begin to see what other people are doing in their reality. We are suffering from self-deception, thinking that we understand the life of other people, yet we do not even focus on our life. You then end up thinking that you know so much, just because you think you have had a rich experience with a myriad of lessons. But have your lessons taught you anything?

You seem to have pulled out of your experience, and instead of now viewing your experience from this higher perspective, you are viewing other people’s experience and comparing it with what you think you know thus far. This has got you duped, thinking that you know so much. Your observation of other people’s reality however will not be the same as those who are experiencing that reality, and the lessons therein are for the experiencer more than you, the observer.

Sometimes it is said that wisdom comes with age, and sometimes it comes with experience. Is this wisdom then supposed to be used to separate yourself from others as he who knows? You then look down upon other people. It is better for your wisdom to show you, or teach you about the uniqueness of everyone’s experience of this reality. You are not more important than others, just because you think you know something that other people, supposedly, do not know. If this remains the case, then you have failed to learn your lesson in your reality. Perhaps your lesson is to learn from these experiences that you are being shown.

Do you believe that we were all born to be great? What is your definition of greatness? Maybe we are using different lenses to see the greatness in other people. But guess what, you do not need to separate yourself from the rest for you to see your greatness. It is never about competition, or comparison of who knows and who does not know. It is more about seeing the uniqueness and focusing on your life. You will do more, and gain more just by looking at your own life. Perhaps this is the best and easiest way to gain wisdom. It is just not common!

What is common though, is the tendency for people to show their intellectual might. I have said this before, if you continue to see the separation, then the more you think you know, the less you actually know. This could be attributed to having your cup filled, and not wanting to pour in any more than you already have. Even in your vast experience, there is a possibility that there are things not within your radar. The more you think you know, the longer it will take to shake off this thick skin of knowing it all. This is merely pride. True wisdom will come when you begin to see the connections, rather than the separation.

Make use of your experience to connect with yourself. Remember, it is never about your physical characteristics. Connection is a state. Knowing is a state. It is something that one feels with conviction. It has less to do with what you think you know from your physical perception, because all that physicality shows you is, the difference between one physical object and the other.

Get into a connected state, and get rid of this filter of thinking that you know, while others do not know. It is purely a physical perception. Namaste.

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