Predictions For The Future.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Most if not all of us want to know what will happen in the near future and in the distant future altogether. Is this not the reason why we plan the life of our children too? We want their life to take a certain direction because we are in control anyway, aren’t we? In the end, you fill your head with frustration and worry. Everybody wants a prediction of the future even if is as close as tomorrow sounds. Jokingly, we keep asking one another this question, ‘if you knew that you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do?’ The responses to this question are always funny, to say the least. People come up with all sorts of things, and most of them are things that they are not doing now.

The funniest answer to the above question so far is when people say that they would eat all types of food, those that they have never eaten before, and they would have so much to eat. I cannot help but smile even as I write this, for the simple reason that eating is a desire that is never really quenched. Even if we ate so much, we would still get the urge to eat again later.

Most of those who claim to predict the future, are using, or relying on their experience of this present time for their prediction. Period. There is nothing else that they can use. It is either what they see or what they have also been told. This is for those who try to predict the future as a separate event or timeline from this present time.

Does a fish know of any life out of the water that it has spent all its life? Of course not. Then to a fish, the future might just be an advancement inside the water and not outside. In the frenzy of wanting to know what will happen in the future, people forget that change is also a factor in the game. And it brings into the equation, what might happen. This (what might happen) is running simultaneously with what is already happening now.

It is always fun to get a vision of what could happen just before it happens. By now, we all know that these glimpses, or what is called premonition, all happen when one is rooted or grounded to the present time, or present moment. If you are keen enough, I mean when you are observing the happenings in your life, you may get to a point where you see a pattern that is repeating. This fore vision will help you to make wiser decisions. You may react differently to something better than you did the previous time.

It certainly feels good to get these short or small openings or aha moments. It all works in your favour. This is because you have your focus on whatever experience you are having. So, the response, or reaction, is not one that is done in fear. One does not sit, worried about the future. In the end, you would not need to go to anyone to interpret your future for you. Of what use will they be to you if, and when you are so aware?

It is already a nice song that is sung in society, as we keep saying, we want to create a better future for the future generation. We seem to have observed the tendencies, or characteristics of this generation and realized that it is not pleasing, right? I mean, for one to want to have a better thing then it means that whatever they have in their hand is no longer pleasing to them anymore. So, now that this has been brought to your awareness what do you do? Do you close your eyes to this thing and fix your gaze at the invincible future? All that you would be now focusing on is pure imagination.

We all can be the best at predicting the future if we wanted. It would not be out of confusion and worry about what might happen. No, it would be out of wisdom and observation of what is happening Now. In the spirit of human filters, I would also include this need for the prediction of the future among the long list of filters. You refuse to see what is happening Now and pretend to see what is coming. Again, this is self-deception.

The message is always about staying present, but we are hungry for the future. We look for those who can supposedly predict the future. When it does not turn out as it was predicted, then you become angry at them. Do you put into consideration that this is your future being predicted and not the future of the one giving the prediction? Who then is in charge of your life? Perhaps you have forgotten that you are in the driver’s seat. If you ask for direction to a place that you do not know, then you leave the one that gave you the directions behind, are you going to blame the person if you find that something has changed? Maybe they gave a general description of the place. Or maybe their explanation was influenced by their degree of sight, or their ability to give direction.

You would still have to drive the bus and get to the destination, right? If you get lost, is the focus on finding the way, or going back to the one that gave you the direction? Maybe at this point, you will learn to trust your instincts. Maybe you have an imagination of what is going to happen, but how and when it is going to happen is not clear to you. Well, why don’t you just get there when you get there. I prefer this, other than forcing things to go as you think they should. If you think you have a prediction of sorts, bring your focus to the steps that you are making Now.

Do you now want to fly before you know how to walk? There is an evolution that is happening Now. We have to participate in it until the cycle is complete. This is true for each one of us. Are you aware when you finish one cycle and are ready to move to the next cycle? Do you think you should be somewhere else other than where you are right now? Stay focused on the present and see yourself begin to predict the future without actually predicting the future. You will have a knowing. There isn’t more to it other than that, if there is, then that is for you to experience. You are a seer when you know that you are a seer.

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