Appreciate Your Gifts.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Let us imagine two people working the same job, renting similar houses in size, yet the interior design and the furniture and utensils will be unique. If they visit each other, the uniqueness will be apparent to either of them, and each will wonder what the other one does to be as they are. This is regarding the contents and the appearance of their houses. One of them could be thought to be getting extra sources of funding, while the other one could be thought to be a poor financial manager.

Is this not the same with our spiritual gifts? Well, some people say that you should use money so that money gets fond of you. This is like an understanding or bonding. If you build a good relationship with money, then it will always find you. Otherwise, you will always see the lack of it. If you focus on money as a tool, you will use it as opposed to hoarding it because you think of its scarce nature. The latter will always think that they do not have enough money to use. So, they think that the solution lies in the accumulation of it, and so the uncertainties come, and the money is eventually used anyway.

There are those who also believe that money is the root cause of all evil. This belief drives many people to not want to have a lot of money. They think that it will affect them negatively. But do we ever stop to think that we are the ones using the money? So in any case, if any evil characters are witnessed, then it is as a result of the character of the user and not the money itself. this will be a topic for another day, however, so let us get back on track.

Each of us possesses some spiritual gift. Like anything, we must build a relationship with these gifts. On the outside, regarding physical appearance, we all look the same, as in we are all human, in physical form, right? Internally, we possess gifts and all of them are so powerful. Some people have come to the realization of these gifts, and they are utilizing them while others have fixated their gaze on the scarcity of their gifts and the abundance of other people’s gifts.

But how can one pretend to see the gift in another person, if they do not see the gift in themselves? Are they being honest with themselves? Some people even run away from themselves, carelessly saying that they wish they could be someone else. Come on! What will it take for you to see the value in your own gift? This is like possessing vast land, and yet you do not utilize it, or you do not see the value in it, but you salivate over the land of your neighbour. One that is tended and well taken care of.

It is obvious that we cannot use our gifts the same way, even if they were the same. We would open up to them to a different degree. What do you think is your self-worth? How gifted do you think you are? How much focus do you put on your gifts and yourself at large? It now looks like there are two birds on the branch of a tree. One bird sings and the other one is quietly watching it and saying to itself, ‘I wish I could sing like you’. Have you listened to the sound of your singing yet?

Sometimes I like to say to myself that I am a comedian, but first unto myself. Meaning, I am my first fan and supporter. You do not need anyone to come and validate your gift. Not at all. After all, what is this gift for, if it is not to help you first and eventually help other people? Well, you already know that you cannot help other people, if you cannot help yourself. This is like pretending that you know someone so well, yet you do not know yourself. This is self-deception at its best.

Within us, there is an underutilized source of wealth that we are sitting on. It is such a loss that we see other people’s gifts and think that they are gifted, and we are not. This, in fact, is supposed to show us that we also have the potential to do something that is unique. When you visit the house of another and see the uniqueness, bring the focus on your own house. Do you see what other people do not see in this house (your house)? Do you know why you have certain equipment that other people do not see the relevance or importance of?

Do you see the essence of your preference for a certain colour in your design? Is the opinion of somebody going to shake your belief, or put you in a position where you will be justifying your reasons for doing what you do? Do you want to harvest this wealth that is sitting within you? It has immense power, one that you cannot find on the outside. One that once found never diminishes. If it does, then it is not true power. After you realize this gift and feel the essence of it, you can share it with the world. By this time, you would be confident and would not need external validation. Better yet, it could teach other people about their gifts. This could spark the light to the inspiration in them.

Someone once said that it does not help to just have talent. You also need the will and power to use it. Of course, you need to put effort into this gift or talent that you possess. Otherwise, it will always be a story that is told from one person to the next. Can this also be related to the saying, faith without action is dead? Put the needed work for your gift or talent and see the gains or the experience that it comes with. What else is there to this experience we call life anyway? Most of us are so serious only wanting to grow up, get money, get married, get children then die. Don’t we ever get tired of this script?

It sounds like there is no element of fun in it at all. It is all up to you to discover the amazing things that you can do with your gifts. Do you just want to read about them in books and journals and see them as miracles, every time, wondering how fun it could be to do this or that? You can decide to sit down and learn for yourself or by yourself just how much power you possess. Go on and live and experience and express your gifts. Namaste.

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