Going Back to the Future, take 3

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

I have made some noise about the future before. Many times, I have asked myself how loud I can shout for people to get the message, that we are already creating our future in the present. It is quite common for people to say that they want to create a better future for the next generation. So, we are the experts of jumping time? We forget so fast, don’t we? We want to take care of the future generation when we cannot take care of ourselves now. Isn’t this funny!

I have seen most people amass so much wealth for their children and the children of their children, and I am always left wondering what their children will do, if they have already decided to plan their life on their behalf and even absence. What if you leave so much land and your ascendant turns out to be a minimalist? Will you be mad at them for their choice?

So, here we are again in the third episode of, ‘going back to the future’. I have gotten more messages since the last two episodes, and I have shared all of them in this platform. I do not know if you have learned something for yourself, but I hope you have. The biggest lesson for me has been, how people cause their own suffering. Do not think that it is that complicated to invent your own problems. It is as easy as asking, ‘now what will I eat tomorrow, or what will I wear tomorrow’. This process of creating your own suffering and frustration starts when you steal your attention from this present now.

I have already mentioned the good things that are already happening in the present moment. It is a loss that we think that we are working hard so that we get to enjoy these things tomorrow. We call them the fruits of our labour. Most people have the mentality to work all their life only to enjoy life using their retirement money. Some people say that they do not celebrate their successes at all. Do we ever see the good things that happen in our life every day?

Most of the time when we try to predict the future, we imagine that it will have some of the things that are not here now, especially technological sophistications. When are those things ever made? In any case, the creation of these improved things starts and happen in the Now. It is however good that we have the power to foresee, but some people eventually end up living in this future that they create for themselves and forget to ground in the present. This future is subject to change since it is anchored in the Now. This is how most hearts are broken, they hold on to an expectation and when change comes a long, then they attach themselves to negative feelings.

Gong back to the future is a bout anchoring yourself to this present time. Do you think that you will leave all the suffering here and go to a place free of suffering? If you have some form of suffering that you cling to Now, it is obvious that you will always have it. If you want to lose it in your future, then you must work on losing it Here and Now. Have we not heard so much about paradise already? A place free of suffering. At the same time, we keep saying that we should create a little heaven down here (earth). I would focus more on the latter. Even though both statements are one and the same, the latter keeps you grounded in the Now.

It is good that you visualize. It is good that you imagine a better world. Now, after the visualization, you must put the focus and build this better world Now. Well, who else is going to build it for you? I have heard such talk as, ‘it is our kids that will rescue us from this menace, also, that these problems cannot be solved by this generation’. Some people have even said that, for humanity to change, then we need more generations to come and go. So that the generation that will bring these changes will not be aware of what this current generation is about. Is this not a message of focus and detachment?

Opportunities keep flashing in our eyes, yet we think that we are not the ones to steer this change. Is this not the same mindset that has us thinking that we are not worthy to receive, or we are not worthy to do this or that? Who do you think is going to make these things happen? The future is built by us. It is us who are gifted. It is us who posses the power to drive change and create a better world. This better world will serve us first before it serves other people. Don’t you think that you should enjoy the fruits of your labour as you work?

We have been used to reward coming when the task is complete, so much that we do not see when it is time to stop and appreciate the gains. To celebrate the milestones that we have already made in this moment. If there is anything that you have ever visualized or imagined, then it is possible. The only thing that is remaining is materializing it, and this happens by you focusing enough attention on it. We are not just here to visualize things that the future generation will invent or experience, we are here to experience this too.

People always imagine that for change to happen, then they must come together in a group to initiate this change, but quite the opposite is true. Change could start and in fact usually starts with individuals. Have we heard of the hundredth monkey effect? The change will be contagious somehow and other people will get to learn of it. It will be natural. Most people are afraid to be different, or to be viewed as different by the majority. They would rather follow what the majority are doing, just because they fear to be ridiculed for being unique and authentic.

You are responsible for your own future, and that is in this present moment. Our own individual futures will create a future for the collective. I have once mentioned that you could create your own world where you do your things at your pace and in your own way. This is where you learn that you are responsible for your creation. So, do you think that anyone is special or gifted and you are not? Well, what is stopping you from realizing your own gifts. You have the support and help that you could ever ask for or need. Have you not learned or remembered that you are the magician with such amazing powers? Others have already told you that you are an alchemist. What could you do with so much amazing talent and power?

We all possess unique gifts that cannot be compared as we are all powerful individually. Your power does not lie in the hands of someone else. So, in a sense you are responsible for how your future looks like. What do you see when you visualize your future? If you want to change it, why don’t you start now? What is stopping you? This is something that we are all capable of, nobody is superior to the other. We are all benevolent creators, potentiated to create. For some time now, I have been stopping more often to celebrate what I have achieved so far. I put my favourite music on and dance to the love that I feel for myself.

A while back I used to sit in meditation and visualize who I am today. Now, for most people, they will not be aware of who they have becoming because the focus will always be on what they want to be, more than who they already are. What are you doing now to appreciate yourself? Have you felt the love that is deep within you? Have you found something to appreciate in you? Do you see any change from the last time you had this visualization? Going back to the future could be said to be a journey, but you will realize that it is not even a journey when you become aware that you already are where you want to be.

There is nobody other than yourself that can show you that you are where you want to be. This realization is a gift too. What kinds of gifts do you imagine that you want to possess? Have you seen the ones that you possess yet? Maybe you should not use the lens of others to look at your own gifts. Feel your own gifts now. You already have them. The more you realize this, the more you become aware of them and use them. All this in this present moment. This is what going back to the future is about. Have fun. Namaste.

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