Focus On Your Present Gains.

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Photo by Renda Eko Riyadi from Pexels

We make so many plans for the day, plans for the week, and even for the year. Eventually, we use this as the motivating factor to work hard. Mostly, the focus is on the goal which is the result. Has this not become our disease? So that we get impatient with how much time it could take to achieve the goals. We bring our own created frustration into the process of our creation. We rarely stop to celebrate the gains that we have achieved so far.

Instead of being aware and grateful for the process, we are so goal-oriented. So much so that we put our focus on the future and forget that it is in the present that all this is happening. The planning and the doing all happen in this moment. This is something that is talked about every so often.

At the beginning of the year, we set new resolutions for the year. But most of these resolutions are never achieved. I think the main reason is that people focus on the result, rather than the process. The end justifies the means for most people. So, they care less about how they are going to achieve their goal as long as it is achieved. What an unconscious way of doing things! People give themselves too much pressure, always thinking that they have got to be doing something, thus there is little time for appreciation, gratitude, and rest.

Whenever you start a project and share the news with other people they will always ask about the progress, and because you shared the news with them, they will also want to give their opinion. So external pressure is added to your own pressure to complete the project or get the output from your investment.

For some time, I used to succumb to this pressure, and I would overlook the gains that I had already made. My worries were always on the future and what I had not done yet, more than what I was doing. I was always impatient to see the result. It took me a while to learn the virtue of patience. With it, I learned to see the effort that I was putting. I began to appreciate the little steps that I was making. There was a time, however, that I had so many projects running through my mind, and I kept saying, ‘I want to do this, I want to do that’. I wrote down so many things. This also came with its own confusion because my focus was divided.

It has been said a lot of times that attention goes where energy flows. Where you put your focus is where you will see the growth of the activity that you are involved in. If all your focus is out on the things that you have not achieved yet, don’t you think what you are doing is creating frustrations for yourself? This will obviously come with worry and doubt. As I have said before, this is fear hiding under different names.

If you keep focusing on a better future where you would have achieved your goals, then of what essence is the Now. It has been said that all the resources that you could ever need are here now, not in the future. As much as you think or plan, be aware that your creation is happening in this present moment. So, slow down for a moment and open your eyes to what you are already doing now. Maybe you could get a glimpse of the past and appreciate what you have already done.

The intention of naming this blog, ‘going back to the future’, was not to put focus on the future, rather it is to put more focus on the present. The main intention is to make us aware that all the things that we see in the future can be achieved now. How can we do this? We have to be aware of every moment that we are alive. Every moment that we are engaged. Both the past and the future are happening in this present moment, and that is how powerful being present is.

When you put your focus on what you are doing in the present you are going to be more aware of the milestones that you have already made. What does it take to be present? This is something that has been talked about by many people. While we are always getting so many creative ideas, the challenge is that your focus is being divided. You end up putting your focus in so many things at once. This way, the focus is rarely ever on the process.

We need to zero in on the little activities that drive us to these goals that we have. Do you want to be fit or healthy? So, what are you doing each moment on a day-to-day basis that is going to help you achieve the goal? Another thing is to trust. Do you trust that everything is working for you, in your favor? For you to believe this, you need to let go of all the expectations. Let go of control.

The most important thing is that you have begun the process. I think people even forget this first step. For me, this is the most important thing in every project or activity. Initiation. If you do this, then it means you trust that you can achieve the goal. So, now trust that you will achieve it. Maybe, some people get to the station before the train arrives, then they begin to worry. They may even think that the train will not come after all. This is for those who start with so many expectations. You do not give yourself enough time to grow.

Give yourself and the project enough time for growth and development. Rushing through rarely helps. It may in fact cause you suffering. Another thing to consider is giving yourself time to rest. I know some people say that you need to work so hard that you even forget to rest or sleep and eat. I do not think this pressure works for everyone. Do what you are comfortable with. It is your creation. Do not let what other people say bring doubt into what you are doing. Patience is key. Gratitude goes a long way in creation.

Also to consider are the skills that you have gained through the process. Pay attention to what you have become since you began, and also what you are becoming. Remember it is not always about what is going to happen, rather it is more about what you are doing. This might help you a lot. Trust the process. Namaste.

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