An Infringement On The Freedom Of Others.

woman with taped mouth
Photo by Anna Rye from Pexels

The theme for the past week has been freedom. If you got the chance to read all the posts, then you may have noticed the emphasis that I put on this topic. I have written so much, yet I still feel like I have not covered most things. I thought that it would only last a week, but now I realize that each day I have a new message to put down. So, I have decided that I will continue writing about freedom, until another message comes in between.

This message that I am about to talk about is not new at all. It is something that we have all faced in society. From the time we were in nursery or elementary school, it was always made open to us that the teacher was in charge and that our freedom to do anything during the learning session was in their hands. The teacher would decide whether to give you permission to go to the washroom or not.

Whenever the learner made a mistake, of course in the eyes of the teacher, they were always told to do something which was in the form of punishment. The most common punishment is where the learner stands at the corner and thinks about what they have done. The other one is to tell them to apologize. When we get older, we can be arrested and locked in the cell, or we eventually head to jail if we cannot prove our innocence.

We tend to value our freedom so much. So, whenever we feel that our freedom is being infringed on, we go to fight mode. Others can decide to hide away so that they are free, and we call them fugitives. Parents also tend to ground their children whenever they make a mistake. There are those who have naturally taken it as their role to decide to restrict your freedom. We already know that freedom is treasured. Even little kids are aware that they have the freedom to do their own things.

Who would enjoy being restricted to move and just get stuck in one place? Most of us are fond of change. Sometimes we use change in activity, and geographical locations to break free from boredom. Most people have said that they would lose their minds if they were locked in a room for long periods of time. I wonder why we still do this, even though we are aware that it would break people to keep them locked up, especially in isolation.

So, from a young age, we train children to see the negativity of being sent away in isolation where their freedom is restricted. If we were all taken through the same scenario, how is it that we do the same to our children? If we did not like our movement to be restricted, how do we end up restricting the freedom of others? There is a vicious circle in society that keeps us from acting like we are representing some higher authority, whenever we infringe on the freedom of others. Does this even make sense?

Most of us tend to believe that whenever you infringe on the freedom of others, in the form of punishment then you are doing so on behalf of the creator. Somehow, we think that we are creating order in society. I still stop and wonder if this is the same freedom that our ancestors fought for. We tend to believe that their freedom was infringed on by those who supposedly did not love them, but here we are doing the same to people that we say we love. How is this possible? If I love you so much, how does taking your freedom away from you help you?

This is like using war to fight war, or using chaos to fight chaos. Of course, chaos will create more chaos. I have mentioned before that the fight for freedom just morphed into other forms. Now we have imitated the tactics that were used by the alleged perpetrators, and yet we call it correction in love, or corrective mechanism. We take the younger generation through the same training of control and manipulation hoping that they will change. I do not believe, however, that using the same technique ever brings change. If you treasure your freedom so much, would you want to infringe on the freedom of others? For those who experience the madness of this illusion we call our reality, what effect do you think this kind of treatment has on them? I have been talking about being aware of freedom so much, but I wonder if we can all afford to give ourselves this gift.

People make stringent laws in the hope of bringing or putting things to balance. They try to be the authority to punish those who do wrong. The issue that is magnified here is that we are using negativity to fight negativity. How does that create positivity? Perhaps we should all have a change of perception on this matter. Otherwise, we will continue fighting for freedom, yet at the surface level, it will always be portrayed as though we are free creatures, which we are, but do we give everyone the chance to utilize their freedom?

Maybe it’s a long shot, but I believe everybody can see the importance of this freedom firstly to them, then if they allow themselves to understand just enough of it, they will understand that it is equally important for other people too. Can we begin to teach a different approach to the way we view or perceive freedom? I do not know how long it could take, but what would matter most is if you the individual started to have this change within.

Think, or even better still, experience this freedom to the deepest extent that you can allow yourself to feel. Only this step is enough for change to begin its process in the external reality.

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