The ‘fight’ for freedom will never end.

freedom stone carving
gbttf/the fight for freedom/ pixabay

Most countries in the world have a history of fighting for freedom. This is something that has grown deep into the roots of certain citizens as they choose to celebrate those who allegedly sacrificed their lives for freedom. They are seen as heroes. Among the freedom fighters are those who also fought against slavery. I put these two together because they both associate with freedom.

We have tones of documents labelled as the constitution, and in them there are rules and guidelines for the rights of individuals or citizens. Even now there are wars that are being fought and the main reason is usually freedom. I believe that wherever and whenever a war is triggered then fear is always in control. This fear is used to mislead people into thinking that they are not free anymore or that they will never be free.

It is the fear in you that is triggered then you begin to fight, imagining that you will be worse off without your freedom. But can anybody ever take your freedom away from you really? It is often said that the opposite of fear is love, so whenever you are in a situation that you are afraid, you should be aware that you are moving away from love, which you naturally are. This is what you are made of.

I still do not think that anybody can ever take away your freedom. So, whenever you react to the act of somebody assumingly taking your freedom, it shows that you are not aware of your freedom at all. We were all born free. No one gave us the freedom to do anything. Freedom is your sovereign right. You already have it, and it is where your power and the might of your expression lies.

Who is this lying to you that they have the power to take your freedom away? These are methods of fear, and it is rooted in darkness. We have all been told and taught what darkness is. Most of what we have been taught are mere imaginations. We form our own perceptions of darkness and pass it on from one generation to the next, and so it is feared so much. People are told that if you lose control, then darkness controls you. We always want to be in control of things. But freedom is not something to control, it acts for you already.

So, someone lies to you that when your freedom is taken away from you, then you lose control of your life. You are then convinced that your life is in the hands of somebody else other than you. Now, how is this possible? To me this sounds like someone who is not aware of the freedom and power that they possess. Fear sends you out to fight, whether you are using words or weapons as your tool. The result of a fight is usually a negative energy. So, as you can see, there is a game here. Darkness, which is negative energy, sends you out to fight and you get to create more negative energy, or we can say that the negative energy is magnified. This creates more fear.

When you imagine that you are losing your freedom to somebody else, you are filled with so much worry. You think that you are going to be powerless, and under the influence of somebody who will have full control of your life. Most people rarely stop to reconsider their reaction or response to this kind of trigger. Most of us would jump into reaction, and before you know it, you are deeply engaged in negative energy, and it is you that seems to lose more.

Before you imagine that you are fighting for any form of freedom, stop and think twice. Before the constitution or any other written laws are read out to you, be ware that you are already free to express yourself. You have an abundance of freedom. Your freedom is in your hands, as long as you have life in you. Fighting, I feel, is a course for those who are lost. In fighting there is more confusion other than clarity. Fighting will always lead to more wars. This is why wars create more wars, rather than creating peace.

If you feel like your freedom is threatened, you might want to stop and view whatever choice you have available, because you always have a choice. As much as we celebrate those who fought for freedom, we should realize that they created an opportunity for people to always fight for freedom. The fight for freedom never seemed to end, it just morphed into other forms. Slavery, which was fought for so long has morphed, and now it continues even among people of the same race.

Are you aware of the extent of your freedom really? It is often said that wars are not won on battle fields. My view on this is that those who have the agenda for the war already know what they want from it, but they still send men to do the work for them. Are you fighting for yourself or for others? If you are aware that you are free, you wouldn’t even dare fight for yourself. Can you fight yourself? I highly doubt it. So, why are you fighting another person, thinking that fighting will deliver you something that they have taken from you?

Please sit and think and know that no one has ever taken, or will ever take your freedom. Whether it is written in the books of the law or not. Your freedom will always be yours to exercise and experience. You know, even engaging in a fight is free will, so in fighting you are using your freedom thinking that you do not have it. I have said it enough times already, that as much as your freedom or choice might be influenced, eventually it is you who makes your choice. It is you who is responsible for how you choose to utilize your freedom.

It is a loss to engage in a fight just because you imagine that you are fighting for a right that you already have. Both teams that engage in a fight emerge as losers and it is only darkness that wins. More fear is created. What you are fighting for is morphed into a different form and you will end up fighting for it in other ways. Is there a way that you can ‘take back’ your freedom without fighting one another? Of course, there is. It demands that you stop external action and focus internally. It is not even something that you have to reach out for, rather it is something that you come back to. The reason is that you have been walking away from this internal freedom and instead you have been searching for it externally.

The trickiest part is that while you are running away from internal freedom, you think that someone is taking it away from you. Before you go out and join a group with an agenda to fight something, or somebody, stop and ask yourself what you are fighting for. Imagine that you were alone in whatever situation, would you fight yourself for what you want. Look into yourself keenly and patiently and you will be sure to find this thing that you think you do not have.

We are all free until we decide that we are not. When you are told to free the dragon within, this is what they mean. You are the one that chained the dragon and now you must free it. Freedom is in your hands always, open your eyes and your heart and feel it. Use the freedom to discern what action is necessary. What response is necessary. That is how much power you possess. What do you choose, now that you are aware of your freedom?

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