This Boundless Being.

lady in orange stretching
Photo by Vinicius Wiesehofer from Pexels

Many times, I feel like I am this bubble in space. I feel like I can float for as long as I interact with this experience called life. I see the possibilities and various forms that my life could take. A few times, I have been aware of the paths that I took, even though I did not want to go much deeper into them. Every time I stepped out of those paths, I was shown how it was going to proceed. By that, I have always known that each path is fully resourced to support me. Each path is potentiated to give you everything that you could ever need. It is like planning to go on a vacation and you are presented with different venues or places. Of course, you are going to have different experiences for each place or venue. So, what do you do?

One of the most underrated questions that people should be asking themselves is, ‘what do I want?’ This is not about what I want to be, or what I want in the future. It is about what I want now. It is obvious that if you share this question with other people, then they will also give you their opinion on what they think is good for you. Even though it could be wise to consult, the advice given is always in respect to the experience of the ones giving you the advice. It is dependent on their perception of the issue or the experience.

Are you able to see all these possibilities shown to you? I have made choices that were influenced by the people that I confided in for advice. At those times I gave more weight to their word because I thought that they had gained more experience than me on this earth plane. I thought that wisdom came solely through age and experience. The more I trusted other people’s counsel however, I started seeing myself getting into things that I was not fully resonating with. I had known that I was able to make my decisions, but I was suppressing my own opinion just to give precedence to those of others. The suffering that I went through taught me that I should have known what I wanted for myself instead of just following what other people thought I wanted.

It is a situation that most of us have been through. People tell you what they think you should do. I do not know about you, but in my case, most of these encounters have led to my suffering. I thought that my ability to make a choice was so limited, but I later learned that I was boundless. Experiencing freedom by learning that I could first let go of what I did not need anymore was my greatest savior. There were things that I was hanging on to, and this was mostly because of fear. Fear takes many shapes and hides in many names. Sometimes people call it security, or something to fall back to. It could also be someone that you feel like you depend on.

There was a point in my life where I stopped thinking about what I wanted in the future and all I did was focus on what I was already doing. Of course, I kept asking myself whether whatever I was doing was going to get me where I wanted to be, but I did not know the answer to that question. It was uncertain. To other people, I was too relaxed about life. But my reason for pulling back was that I had suffered the consequences of my choices, which were obviously influenced by others. I wanted to ensure that if I made a choice then I would be aware of the consequences that would come with it.

I dove deep into this freedom and the only pressure about the future was from my external relations. I had come to a point of realization that the future could always be made in the present and the past could also be changed in the present. So, I learned that I had the freedom to begin to shape my life into whatever I wanted it to be. The challenge was patience and time. I knew what I wanted to be and do but I kept wondering how long it would take me to fully develop into it. When would I start seeing the result? Nonetheless, I utilized my freedom, and threw myself into learning anything that I felt resonated with me.

I have made decisions that have been termed as irrational and drastic. The biggest one was leaving my office job to follow my passion. I had just started the job and was still on internship, yet to be confirmed permanently into the position. I could understand why people thought that it was a drastic action. The reason was that when I got the job, I was happy and those who knew about the job were happy too. I was happy that I had changed locations and I thought I would love the new experience that the job came with. I had grown tired of staying in the same environment and I needed the change and that is exactly what the job presented to me.

Three months down the line, I was dedicating extra time to my job, and I was having less time for my passion, which is living or spirituality. For almost a month I began having thoughts and getting signs that I would leave the job. I stopped to think about it and indeed it seemed unreasonable. I was just beginning to look for an apartment and getting to establish myself. As in my financial capability. So clearly the thought to quit my job did not seem logical at all. Especially for me at first. I had hidden in the fear of all the security I was going to get from the job. What I was not getting was my inner peace and it seemed like I had begun to limit my freedom again.

The more I delayed or pushed the thought aside, the more it was brought to the surface level. I was paying dearly for my inaction. I started getting more reasons to leave the job and do my passion, which I strongly felt was my life purpose. I eventually left my job and focused on my passion a hundred percent of my time. One might wonder why l say that my passion is living or life. I value each practice that I do in my day-to-day life, so if anything comes between these activities, then I feel like I am not enjoying this experience that is life. Some people call this spirituality. For me, however, life is spirituality. I have told most people that I left my job to practice spirituality, and the next question is always, ‘what is spirituality?’ That is why I tend to use the word passion. If I told them that I left my office job or 9 to 5 job to live, I am sure they would ask if I were not living now or if I was not living in the past. But it is more about my experience and how interact with it on a moment-by-moment basis.

The moment I sense limiting factors in my experience, I know that change is required. The story I have given above just shows that we cannot fight with change. When the time comes, do not fight it, embrace it. You cannot fight against your life purpose either. These limits I am talking about here are bounds in other words. I am aware that I chose to have a boundless experience the moment I tasted what freedom is, so I cannot live freely in an environment that has bounds or limits to how I can express myself. All the stories that I tell on this platform, all the messages are because of the limitless experience that I have experienced. I share them knowing that they could spark the remembrance in someone, that they are also boundless, if they just become aware of their freedom. You are a sovereign being and by so, you have the right to express yourself. Feel free to express yourself, whichever way that feels right for you.

Your freedom can never be taken away from you. Maximize or utilize it. Rest assured you are going to enjoy so much that is already available for experience.

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