The limitless freedom of expression.

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I am passionate about freedom because I have tested both ends of it. The imagination of the lack of it and the awareness of its availability and accessibility. There was a point in my life when I felt like my strings were being pulled, and I had no other option but to play along with the movement of the strings. I felt like my life was in the hands of a few people and I depended on them. At that time, I could not see a better future outside the influence of my puppeteers.

My opinion on certain matters was usually held close to my heart because every time I wanted to speak, I was reminded of my situation. I envied those who had ‘freedom’. Before I made any decision I had to stop and consider how it was going to affect other people. For some reason, I felt like I was tied, and my movement and expression were restricted to certain bounds. So, I promised myself that I would not want to depend on anybody in the future. 

Now that I have experienced this freedom, I am aware of those who are having the challenge to express themselves in it. It seems like this freedom is not free at all. Some of us are free more than others, to express ourselves. I do not think I am here to speak for anybody, but I would like to use this opportunity to express myself too. I have no bounds whatsoever. My freedom is limitless. I am talking about freedom of expression.

In society, there are those who are always waiting to hear what others say so that they can check them or shut them down. People act like soldiers of expression and are always ready to give you their opinion, even if you do not ask. We are energy and I know energy cannot be restricted. It cannot be created, and neither can it be destroyed.  Why do people try to crush other people’s energy? Oh, we have the answer for that already. They have the freedom to do it, it is an expression of their freedom. It is the free will that we all have. We are always faced with a situation that requires us to make a choice. Choice initiates the movement of your experience from one point to another. It is like opening a portal.

Your choice is always going to affect other people, considering how they view you or how they know you. This will be fully dependent on what you have portrayed out to them. This is why people feel threatened when someone they know undergoes some change. The relationship also goes through change and is affected in a big way. Those who used to influence you will be afraid once they realize that they have lost their influence over you. To you who has become aware of your freedom, this is the best gift ever. If you push through with this gift, your life will never be the same.

It is only sad that most of us feel comfortable when we are under the influence of others. You depend on people to control and manipulate you to the point that you think that you cannot make it without them. Is freedom also associated with so much fear? But which one should one run away from? Freedom or manipulation? We may at times experience the kind of freedom that the mind cannot fathom. Sometimes people run away from all this beauty because it is unknown to them that they can be free of all their burdens.

How free am I wherever I am? Can I tell someone what is going through my mind? Or I will be afraid of their judgment? Can I be my true self around you, or you will be waiting for the first opportunity to shut me down and check me? So, now we have to go and write more laws on the constitution so that we act on freedom more. But where are the natural laws on freedom? No matter how many rules we write for ourselves, we will not understand them, unless we are aware of the natural laws. Aren’t the laws written in our hearts? He who has experienced freedom will know that it is sheer beauty, and they will obviously want it for others. It is not something that you can keep for yourself. It would benefit us all if we all have it. We do not even have to write the rules, this is something that one can feel in their Being, but they have to make the choice on how they are going to engage this freedom.

Are you free to participate in this freedom? Yes, you are. More importantly, you can also choose to not participate in it at all, that will be upon you to decide. The religious person chooses to express themselves by observing what their religion has taught them. How free are they to do what they believe in? How free are those who choose to express themselves by not participating in any religious beliefs and practices? Can they also live in harmony with those who follow different religions?  The minimalist sees that they have the freedom to express themselves as they choose. They see abundance where people see lack. They experience satisfaction in a different way from others. How free are they from those that choose to express themselves differently in a place where people tend to overindulge in this experience? How free is the introvert? Will somebody force them to go out and make relations? Will they be viewed to be snobby and pretenders? Will they be understood just as they are? Will they be accepted?

How free are they who feel that they are attracted to the same sex or gender or those who feel like they are attracted to both the same and opposite sex and gender? Are they accepted in society just as those who are attracted to the opposite sex and gender? To the former, there is always reluctance for them to be accepted and they have challenges in society. The best solution to all the noise is to accept that, it is also by free choice that they choose to express themselves as they do. Freedom does not choose where it should be applied and where it should not. It is accessible in all facets of life. It is infinite.  

In this freedom, if you understand yourself then you are going to understand other people. You do not have to ask for permission from anyone for you to express yourself. You are free to experience and make use of this freedom. Life expresses itself through all this freedom and this is the beauty of life. Do you understand the extent of your free will? You can advise someone regarding the choice that they are making, but you are not supposed to interfere with their choice, if they do not allow you to.

I know that we usually feel like our opinion is required in everything that comes across our eyes, but sometimes life just shows us that all that is in the realm of freedom and free will. Not everything that comes in front of you requires your reaction. Keep that in mind, and that the greatest thing in life is to respect the choice of others. For you, the only thing that you should do is be aware of the freedom that you have. You always have a choice. Always. Everybody is free from any bondage until they decide to have it upon them. While you may be influenced, you still have the power to make your own choice. Choose to believe in yourself. Choose to be aware of your freedom. Choose to believe in your choice. Choose to respect the choice of others.

Choose to express yourself in your space, however small or big it is, no matter the opinion of others. Otherwise, how will you know the extent of your freedom if you do not make use of it? Do not let what other people say block you from utilizing your freedom of choice and expression, they are always going to have an opinion about you, and it may not be supportive always. Release all those burdens you have put for yourself on your shoulder and utilize your freedom. It is limitless!

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