The Underutilized Wealth (Life).

woman in the back of a van looking at mountains
Photo by Alex Azabache from Pexels

How free am I, if I cannot choose to experience different realities? How free am I, if I am bound to some rules that prevent me from experiencing the vast wealth and richness in life? The biggest question is, why am I not even aware of this freedom to experience the infinite possibilities in life? How can I be aware of this freedom?

We are guided and trained on physical survival for the most part of our childhood. The world tries to show us the possibilities that our lives could take. As we grow older, we tend to follow these teachings, programs, training, and beliefs that were passed down to us. There is freedom that you are given when you become an adult, and that is the freedom to make your own choices. By this time, one goes to try out their degree of freedom by engaging in some of the things that other people do, or those that they were told never to do. At this stage, the variety of things to try out is still limited. The limit comes from the knowledge that we will be answerable to the consequences of our choices or decisions. Of course, the adults have made it clear that they are no longer responsible for your choices.

So, you come from the restriction of the adults, to your own restrictions now. Your restrictions have been transferred down from your predecessors. It Is not so different, is it? It is only a few who decide to come up with a clean slate, and start from scratch. By adulthood, we have already been told a thousand and more times, that we have only this life to live, and that it will be a loss if we wasted it. So, we strive to do the most we can to enjoy this life, and at the same time perform the duties bestowed upon us. At this time, you are afraid, that if anything goes wrong, then you lose everything, and it will be almost impossible to start over. They say that the older you get, the slimmer the chances you have, to start over, right?

Most of us are not aware that we can start over in life as many times as we can. Life is usually full of lessons that offer us the chance to learn and start over. Most times we go through what we do not want, and it becomes a chance for us to choose what we want. Some people might see these chances as lessons and opportunities for change, while others see them as obstacles. We have followed a certain script for life that does not allow us to think, or perceive life as an adventure. But that is all there is to life.

Most of us perceive life with a lot of seriousness and negativity. Some of the things said about life are: Life is tough, Life does not side with us, Life is brutal, Life does not care who you are or where you came from. There is so much stress on the misunderstanding or misinterpretation of life as a no-nonsense player, and it always seems like life is opposing us. It sounds like a game that is already won before you begin to play. Most of us are not aware or have closed our eyes to the fact that life works for us. Life gives us indefinite chances and infinite paths, but we should be ready to see them when they are presented to us.

We have chosen to follow a script that is familiar to us, and it is one that was passed down to us. When are we going to see the wealth of exploring, and taking life for an adventure? You are alive to experience the vastness of life. There are really no limits to what you can do and achieve, unless you decide to believe that there are limits. We do not all look alike, we do not all live, dress, talk, eat, and believe in the same thing. What do you think this is telling us? We are already experiencing this life uniquely, and not one form is a mistake. Not one form is more important than the other. All these unique choices and possibilities can coexist on this earth plane.

You do not have to see danger in another person’s experience just because it is different from yours. Accept that there is a difference. Accept that they have the free will to do whatever they choose to do. I choose to view life as malleable, flexible, or a free atom just dancing in its space. There are no limits or bounds to it. It is common for people to come up with such statements as, ‘some people have been favored by life’, or ‘some people have been chosen by life’. They have shifted their focus from their life to other people’s life. They have turned their game into a bitter experience, and now pretend to see the sweetness of it in other people’s life.

Do you think the life they are experiencing is any different from your life? Life is One. But it is multidimensional. This is hard for the brain to perceive. We choose to interpret and experience it differently. We are artists, and it is already malleable and flexible, so we can make of it whatever we want. For most of us, we are afraid to use our hands to mould life. The fear comes from what they were taught. They were taught not to change their position and view of life and that if they did, then they would fail.

So, yes. The only thing holding you back is fear. It is holding you back from feeling the extent of the freedom on the playing field. You come into the game with limits, so your experience is limited. It is something of your own doing. You are the game changer in your own game. You have the cards in your hands. The decision to pull out a card and put it on the table is yours. But we fail to use our cards. Instead, we hold on to them and watch other people play and win, while we are still afraid of what the outcome might be. Are you afraid that you could lose all your cards?

Death, my friends, is a good thing in the game of life. It will provide you the opportunities to be reborn, and each time you would have learned and experienced something that would help you in the next level. Have you experienced freedom in its entirety yet? You will only experience whatever you allow to come in. That is just how powerful you are. While your freedom may be influenced, some of us have just shoved this freedom to the side, and yet they continue to cry and complain that life is so unfair.

Life is said to be a puzzle most times, but we tend to forget that we are part of this life. However long it takes you to complete the puzzle, there is never a loss to life. There is never a wrong piece in the puzzle. Each piece fits exactly where it is supposed to be. This is utter perfection. Each piece of this puzzle is also part of you and vice versa. Even those pieces of the puzzle that have not been fitted yet are part of you. You are potentiated to experience just about anything. The trick is to become aware that you are free to experience, and that you have infinite possibilities in every choice that you make.

Do not be afraid to experience the wealth of life. Just live and trust that it is already working for you. This is more than just believing though. It is a test to your faith, because you must know it in your all Being that you are potentiated to experience it all. You can die as many times as you want. You will be reborn every time, in a better state, and with more experience on the experience. Namaste.

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