Life Is The Biggest Cult Of All.

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At the mention of a cult, we would all jump up, because that would trigger the fear in us. A cult is usually immediately associated with fear. They are all associated with darkness. But the things that are done in darkness cannot be hidden from the light. However, those that are done in light are hidden from the dark. Ironical, right? This would not make sense, or logic at all. It is often said that those things that are done in secret eventually get to be known, but do we ever want to know? The fear that we have built around darkness, or uncertainty, makes us form our own conclusions, and believe in them.

While cults are associated with fear, they are just but belief systems, just like religions, and foods are. There is no difference at all. Or maybe, the only difference is the degree of fear accorded to cults. We can easily interact with other people with different belief systems, but the moment the word cult is mentioned, then everybody wants to run away from the other person. But why? Is it just because of what one person told you about all cults in general?

If you understand what a cult is, then you are aware that they have certain beliefs, and protocols for doing things. Does this not sound like all the other belief systems? Does this not sound like life itself? The moment people find out that you are in a cult, the first question is normally, ‘do you believe in God?’ I have come across this question many times, and each time, I hesitate to answer this question, because I always sense something going wrong between me, and the questioner. The reason for this hesitation, is because I wonder why people believe that the creator is already separate from some practices, whereas it is involved in others.

I usually think of asking this question to my questioners, but I reconsider, so that we do not initiate a debate. In high school, I was expelled just because I was friends with another student, who was suspected of being a member of ‘the Illuminati. As much as the only proof was a symbol that is very common (the symbol of the pyramid and the eye), we had to be expelled because of the fear, and misinformation on that particular symbol. I do not want to go into the whole story, but most of us were expelled just because of the fear that the Illuminati cult is associated with, and all this because of the rumors that get passed from one person to the next.

The teacher who was investigating me, knew just as much as I did about ‘the Illuminati’, which was nothing other than rumors. But I could see that he was determined to have me kicked out of school. It seemed that the decision had already been made, and we were just following protocol for paperwork on his side. All this for fear! Who would want to have an alleged ‘Illuminati’ member in their midst, with all this fear? There was always the fear of turning other students. It is now clear that fear was driving the whole of this agenda.

During the grilling, just before I was expelled, the teacher kept saying that I was looking at him in a way that he had never seen before, like I had no fear in me at all, regardless of the trouble I had before me (the case). This was in consideration of the fact that losing my place at the school was going to be such a big deal. So, the teacher judges me for my sense of integrity, and sincerity. Furthermore, He dressed my courage with fear and darkness, just to build up his case, and termed me as the dangerous party. The number of times that I denied that I was not, and had never been a member of ‘the Illuminati’, could not have him convinced enough.

Of course, at that age, I had heard of ‘the Illuminati’. But most of what I knew were just rumors, because I had never met an actual member. All the information that we had was mostly out of the internet, I mean, anybody could write anything. The internet does not belong to anyone one person, and there is no sense in controlling what is put across there as information. Now, life itself is a cult. We are born and taught how to approach things, and how to do things in certain ways. I like to call life, ‘The biggest cult of all’. I bet those who are always in a cult know that they are members, but they do not term it as such. The cult of life, on the other hand, has members that are in deep sleep. They are actively engaged in these beliefs, and practices, but do not know. They do not also agree that they are in a cult.

Is it not common to see people doing things, just because they were taught, the same way people do things, just because other people are doing them? We are always doing things according to the teachings and training of our predecessors. Some of us in society, are already acting as pacesetters. Others are acting like the only leaders that there could ever be on earth, and we follow them without question! We say that they set standards for us to follow. We are born in cultures that have certain practices, and beliefs, and we practice these beliefs. How different is this from that which is considered cultic? We tend to have routines in our day-to-day activities, and we tend to follow them to the latter. How different is this from a cult?

The only loss to this cult (life), is that we do not understand why we are doing these things. Is it because we say that we have set certain goals for us to achieve? I believe every cult has a goal, a vision, or a mission. We find it better to be driven by these things, instead of the tiny details that keep us engaged. Everybody is lost in whatever they are doing. So that if I share what I do and believe in, then it is termed as cultic. It is termed as such because it is only the individual who understands the essence of what they do, and the other self does not. So, this lack of understanding is what creates an opportunity for fear to creep in.

If we open our minds and accept to learn, and understand the difference, or uniqueness in us, then fear would run away. Otherwise, the uncertainty grows and becomes uncomfortable for us. And thus, it becomes easier to associate it(cult) with darkness. Before you label anything as a cult, perhaps you should consider that you are in one yourself. Most of us are participating blindly, but we like to think that it is others that are lost, and brainwashed, and we are not. Do you know why you do what you do, on a day-to-day basis? Do you understand the fine details of these day-to-day activities?

Life is a cult consisting of smaller cults. Perhaps, the first step is to understand that statement. If you cannot separate the creator from life in general, then why and how would you separate it from the granular details, and then associate fear with it? People tend to focus so much on whatever they are not sure of, more than what they know. Or maybe they do not know and just believe. Knowing has to do with feeling something deep into your heart, into your nerves, and it is all to do with experience. So, do you just believe something, or really know it in you? Do you feel your whole being resonating with what you believe in?

I know we are hell-bent on proving that what we engage in, is better than what other people do. This makes us look down upon what other people engage in. We tend to cast shadows on what other people do, and because we do not understand it, we associate it with fear. There is beauty in understanding why people do whatever they do. Of course, this is done without judgement. Viewing things from a higher perspective, gives one the chance to understand. If we are open to doing this, then we will appreciate the diversity that we have between us humans.

What cult are you participating in? If you are doing something, and you are fully aware of it, make it about you, and not why other people are not doing it. Who said that what you are doing is better, just because it is working for you? Namaste.

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