The Search For The Secret.

man standing on the beach looking at the ocean
Photo by Roman Odintsov

The search for the truth is always on. There is always a belief that there is a secret out there about life. For some reason, we think that it is only a few chosen people that have this secret. As a result, we tend to trust what comes from someone else, more than what comes from us. That is why everybody else is going out to look for a guru. They would believe it more if the secret came from the guru. Do we ever know that we are gurus ourselves? How do we not see the truth for ourselves, the truth that is already within us?

But there is always too much that is going on around us. How can the truth, or the secret, be hidden from all this transparency? It is like trying to hide light. Well, however far you try to hide it, it would keep shining. Hiding it does not stop the light from shining. We have our eyes and ears open all the time. How is it that we think that something is concealed somewhere beyond our reach?

I know most people have these electrical gadgets, and at any given time, they are always turned on. So that if we have a blackout for even just a day, then they would feel that they have been cut out, or disconnected from the rest of the world. The devices are never for once turned off, so that we are always tuned in, listening, reading, or watching something. But the most common trait is for people to try all three at once. Someone will have the television on, the newspaper open, and their phone at the side trying to send a message, or call somebody.

Sometimes I have heard students saying that they cannot read in a room full of silence, so they would rather have some loud music playing in the background. There is always information in all these sources that we are tuned in, or connected to. So, how is it that we fail to find the secret in all these? However, when you go to the guru, they tell you that everything is here with us, but you must turn off the noise first, and separate the grain from the chaff.

What is the reward for this secret that we are searching for anyway? How complicated is it that we can have all the devices on, but still fail to be connected to it? Is it filtered out from the information coming to our eyes and ears? Is there a secret method then, on how to decipher this secret, if it is hidden in plain sight? How hard can one look? How attentive should one be?

It seems that we have been looking, but not seeing at all. How is this possible? We have been taught the knowledge of our ancestors. There is also knowledge that we bump into, that we learn about by ourselves. Everybody gets to learn something, but for some reason, we fail to get the teaching. For some reason, we are still going to doubt the information that comes across to us, unless we see it in action. This is obviously from an external source.

They say that prophets are not accepted in their own homes. This can be applied to this situation, because it is easier for one to suspect the information that just appears to them. It would be easier, however, for them to trust if the same information came from an external source. It seems that we are waiting, or looking for some confirmation from any other source but us. This, I am afraid, is a disease that most of us are suffering from.

What does it take to believe that all that you could ever need is right before your eyes? Why do we think that we cannot see the past, the present, and the future all at once? Why do we think that the truth is withheld from us by a handful of people? If somebody is holding on to the truth, then this is not going to be good, it means they have an upper hand at controlling you. If at all somebody is holding on to the truth, then it means that it is subject to their manipulation, which naturally means that it may be biased by the time it gets to you. So how would we know that those who reveal the so-called secret to us, do it in its most original form?

A while ago I used to read and write in a space where the music had to be loud, but now I create in a quiet space more often. I realized that it was just a belief that kept me believing that I could not create in a quiet space. Now I prefer quiet spaces more. It is what works best for me. Having so many devices, or gadgets on at once is now chaotic to me. It is just too much noise. So, I prefer to dedicate my time to one thing at a time. I only listen to music while drawing something, and at that time, my mind is lost in the art so much so that the music seems to fade away to the background. Most times I just have one song playing on repeat.

There are times that I dedicate to just listening to music. At these times I do nothing else than sit and listen. There is no dancing, I just let myself get lost in the music. To this point, what I am trying to say is that multi-tasking is what gets our attention divided to so many things at once. That is the confusion that keeps you from seeing, reading, or hearing this secret that you want to find. If you would just concentrate on one thing at a time, I’m sure you would catch something ,even if it was one thing alone. It is better than being everywhere, but getting nothing at all. In the end one gets frustrated, and they give up so easily.

My frustration comes when I cannot concentrate on one thing at a time. I feel like there is noise, and each part of this noise is fighting for my attention. It is at this point that I usually decide to turn everything off, and then later, I can decide to tune in to just one source. This takes practice, but eventually, you get what you want from a single source at a time. You even learn to trust what comes your way, because by this time, you are connected to your source in a special way.

All that we need is already here for us, but for how long are you going to close your eyes to it, and chase at other things instead? Eventually, you would just be going in circles, and doubting yourself more. Perhaps, the only secret is that there is no secret. In fact, you have the power to make anything to be as you desire, in other words, you have the power to make, or create your truth. That would make it a secret to other people, right? I am sure they would then come and ask you, ‘what is your secret?’ what do you think you would tell them? Namaste.

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