Superiority-Inferiority Complex, Take 2.

woman sitting beside a cat
Photo by NastyaSensei from Pexels

We have been trained and programmed that in life there is always a bureaucratic relation to things so that there is always a scenario for superiority and inferiority. Throughout the education program, we have been taught that there are juniors and seniors, and the seniors are usually given priority because they need to move from that stage of life to the next.

There is always some importance put on those who ‘come first’. In effect, those who come first, seeing in the way that they are treated, begin to look down on their juniors. So much importance is put on having a higher social standing, and because we are fond of this kind of thing, we tend to take it to the outside environment. We like comparing ourselves, and now we have gone to compare ourselves with other life forms.

Human beings have always been adapting on this planet and each time they find conditions that enable their evolution. When we manage to adapt or evolve, we take ourselves to be very intelligent, in fact, more intelligent than any other being or entity on this planet. What makes us think that we are superior? I have not come to a conclusive answer for this question yet.

If you were to watch how a dog eats or drinks water, one would think that it is struggling, yet this is from your point of observation. This is from viewing it from one angle. The dog’s teeth can crush bones that we cannot even begin to crush. The dog walks on fours and runs faster than man. Do you think that you are more intelligent because you keep the dog as your pet, build a house for it and feed it? Can the dog survive by itself without your input or effort? This is just to make us think twice about how we view animals in general.

We tend to think they are inferior just because they do not walk on twos, just because they do not talk back when talked to. Others end up mistreating these animals. They think that they can treat them in any way just because they own them. These animals are playing a part in life the same way we have a part to play. Most times they are here to aid us in our mission in life. They are even here to teach us something. Do we ever see it from this perspective?

Most animals are so loving. The pets that we keep are so loving. This kind of love is not the one that is common between man. It is different and those who keep pets know it. The pets that you keep are meant to be there for you. You are also meant to be there for them. Now, where is the superiority complex in this perspective? Is this not a form of symbiotic relationship?

Some people walk by the trees and all they can think about is what fine furniture the tree would make. We tend to think that that is all there is to these trees. Most would say they are here for us to use. Now, that statement would not be wrong at all. But in using it, do you feel that it is helping you? Ask yourself, what is your role concerning the trees? We could easily just walk past a tree and think that it is inferior because it cannot move from one place to another.

We think we are superior to nature because we develop some fancy technology. Or maybe because we wear clothes and they do not. Nature has a way of communicating that our technology has not been able to see yet. But we still think that it is inferior. Those who understand this communication are still thought to be inferior too. It is because they spend more time in nature than with people.

We are always looking for ways to make our life better or improvised, and in so doing we move further from natural law. Naturally, we are equal. We all play our role in life. Nature seems to be aware of this role, but we seem to be confused. All we see is the technology we have to make books or clothes or medicine. But where is the raw material coming from?  It is from nature, of course. I would say that nature plays such a big role in our survival, more than we are aware of. It is either we refuse to see, or we are just not aware at all.

But who will remind us of the importance of our relationship with other life forms on earth? Aren’t there people already fighting for the rights of animals? Aren’t there people fighting to save forests and wildlife? Some time back, it never made sense to me how people were fighting for the rights of donkeys. I thought they were created to do heavy-duty jobs. The mistreatment that they go through never crossed my mind. I only came to understand this later. It is hard to convince the owners of the donkeys that they should treat them with more care. To most of them, all they want in return is money. They say that they bought the donkeys to work for them.

So, the information concerning the rights of other life forms is already out in the public. I do not think that someone will come preaching right on your doorstep, but you are always going to catch wind of it somehow. Your instinct will always guide you on what is right. Trust your instinct. When we talk about, ‘we are one’, let us also include the animals and nature at large in there. If not, then we still have a lot to learn about life. If we fail to learn the lessons then they will tend to repeat, providing us more opportunities to learn.

Well then, I guess the role to take care of nature now drills down to the individual. Wherever you are. However little space you occupy, what do you think is your role in life, concerning nature? There is always something you can do. None of us is superior or inferior to the other. Maybe we have to see this with our hearts instead of our eyes.  Nature has unconditional love for you, do you want to reciprocate? Namaste.

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