Superiority-Inferiority Complex, Take 1.

butterfly resting on the nose of a cat
Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash

These butterflies flying above my head, I wonder if they ever see me the same way I see them. Why do we think that we are superior to them? Is it because we have two hands and two legs? Is it because we can talk and even wear clothes? What is the measure of superiority? I mean, there must be something that they enjoy doing that we cannot put our hands on. So just because they seem small to us then we conclude that we are superior?

What if size does not mean a thing to them, and they view us minus our size? Do they see us as we see ourselves? Or do they use a different lens to see? We have all been told of some stories about the beginning of life on this planet. It is obvious that man arrived after nature was already here. So, in any case, nature had already had enough experience. If anything, it could be considered superior in terms of the experience it had in life on this planet.

Most times a planet is considered habitable by looking at its nature. What do we use as a measure of superiority or inferiority between us and nature? These things are here for us, but we want to rule over them. Hey, these people are here for you, but you want to control them. Yes, there must be someone in charge and this someone must be me. Otherwise, everything will go out of control. This is what is instilled in us, right?

Can we just assume that everything needs the other thing to flourish? Like plants need the soil and soil, the plants. So, we strike a deal to interact or transact on a level playing field. How then do we start conflicting? Is it the lessons that we are taught? That we are unique. That we should be the ones to lead. What if we do not need any leaders. We could all be watchers unto ourselves? Should we ponder more on this matter? I will delve deeper into this superiority and inferiority complex.

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