Going Back to the Future, take 2

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

We have people who give tarot readings, others give oracle readings. There are seers, astrologists and numerologists. All these are different gifts that have been given certain titles. There are many other gifts that I have not mentioned. I do not even think that I can mention all of them in this writing. But what is of importance is that all those who possess these gifts can work in or under guidance of forces that are unseen. They have opened themselves up to some energy, or a force has opened itself up to them, so that they can read from it and use it. This Source never wears out and is never depleted.

Why am I going through all these? It is because this is what I mean when I say that we are going back to the future. For a long time. It was believed that only those who were chosen were the ones that Spirit, or the Spiritual realm communicated with or through on our behalf. Now, most of us are coming to the awareness of the power that they possess within. People are opening themselves up and utilizing the different gifts that they possess.

For a long time, we had forgotten how powerful we are. We thought that we were just victims of circumstance and nothing more. Some of us thought that we were merely servants of this thing we call, ‘The Creator‘. All that aside, now we slowly realize again that the creator is working with us. To put it out clearly, we are remembering our power.

For a long time now, I have been telling myself that I am from the future and that I am here to take us back to the future. I first put it down in writing but at that time I did not understand much of it. It kept coming to me, and each time it was accompanied with more information and even visions of what I was going to do. When this message comes, it comes along with a lot of positive energy. There is no sense of confusion with it. We have fallen deep asleep, and my main role is to remind us how powerful we are.

The power that we have has not diminished. We have just hidden it from ourselves, and it is Now that we must access it and use it. This journey of remembrance is what I call, going back to the future. It is here that we open ourselves to the memories of the past and the future. But the beauty of all these is that it all happens in the present. We have been sleeping on our powers for way too long.

Most of us have become too doubtful. They feel the power within beckoning, but they suppress it because of fear. They are afraid of how the society will perceive them. They fear whether there is anywhere they could fit. They feel like they need more like-minded people around them, for them to survive. There are always going to be those who do not agree with the message and the change of tide. It has to do with the stubbornness of the old energy that is fighting to continue reigning this world.

Each time I tell myself that I am here to take us back to the future, I get a sense of clarity. I remember the role that I am here to play. I know the impact it is going to create. I know that it is going to come with challenges. I open myself more to the uncertainties that lie ahead. There is more to learn from this mission. What does this future look like though? What do you think?

What if I told you that you encounter this future on your day-to-day activities, but you just fail to recognize it. There is so much that is already happening, but we do no just see. One thing that is making all these things hidden from us is the current pandemic. We are so engaged in all the negative energy put around it, so much that we do not see any good that it has brought to us. Are there any good that this situation has brought to us?

Whenever there is talk about the future, people tend to think of it to be a place of milk and honey. Most of us have an imagination of how we are going to transform from this current space to that space. But the change is happening Now. Even as I write this, I have a deep feeling that not many are seeing these changes. I could say that the future is already here with us. Maybe for some, it cannot be seen, but it can be felt.

Have you been seeing any changes lately, or have you been feeling any changes around you? Most of us have forgotten that they are powerful enough to create their own personal reality. It is always easier to view, and experience change from there (personal reality), when we have created our own world. This message is not to fill your head of what you can expect to come, rather it is to remind you that you are responsible for creating this future. It is to remind you that you are not a victim of circumstance.

We seem to have forgotten so much that we are creators. There is so much noise that is getting us distracted. We have forgotten to look within and ask for answers from there. Our gaze has been fixed on the outside too much. Yet it is from the outside that there is too much confusion. It is too much illusion and we have buried our heads in it. We are on this journey of going back to the future, but most of us have been duped by the flashy things of the left side.

They are conspicuous and seem more appealing than the things from the right hand. The things from the right hand require more effort from us to experience them, but the left requires less effort. This is where most of us are lost. So, as we are on the path to the future, most of us are pulled to the left and forget their mission. In so doing, they think that they have already achieved what they got on the path to achieve.

The mission to take us to the future is not a role that a single individual can achieve on their own. No, they are offered help. If they accept this help, then it is given. None of us is ever alone in this journey and that includes me. I get help all the time and it is because I have accepted to be helped. This is a mixture of Spiritual and Physical help. Can the Spiritual manifest physically? Yes! I get a lot of resources to fulfill my mission. I get the information to continue to write and talk or speak about my role.

I get to share my knowledge with more people, otherwise I would have all these for myself. But by that, I would not be fulfilling my mission. We are on the journey to the future. What is uncertain is if we will all get there. Of course, this is happening in our own individual worlds. With all the gifts that we possess, we can always create something. Sometimes we do not know it, or we just take it for granted, but by showing these gifts and sharing them with even just a few people, it goes a long way. Some of us on this journey are confused and need support and they need to know that they are not alone.

We are all working together using different means to achieve this mission. Soon, we will all achieve our mission. But in a sense, this is dependent on the things that we do every day. It drills down to what our personality is. For we cannot change our personal reality if our personality remains the same. Every day, every choice is a lesson. Each choice made, creates a whole new path, and it is this path that leads us to the future. We live in the future as we create it in the present. Do you feel or see yourself in your future every day?

Of Couse, the experiences are unique for us all. Do you feel that you are achieving your life purpose? In the future we realize and use our gifts. Our gifts are for the highest good. Dear one, welcome to the future. We are here already. Feel it?

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