Connections, part 4

I have come to learn that those who depart or leave this earth plane always leave part of them with us or in us. This is to do with family ties. They pass part of their DNA to each family member. This is still a symbol of connection that is partly not visible to our eyes. For instance, sometimes it is visible when grandchildren tend to posses the same characteristics as their grandparents who have passed away. So, in a sense, we are never disconnected at all from the Spiritual realm.

The Spiritual realm is associated with things that are mysterious, so much so that people tend to attach some fear on this realm. For the simple reason that they have not gotten to experience it or better yet, they think that they are not connected to it at all. Yet of the so many encounters that I have read and heard about, that people have had with Angels, the Angels usually say that they are part of those people experiencing the circumstance. They say, ‘We are you’.

Most of us think that we are not connected to the Spiritual realm at all. They would want to imagine that it is somewhere separate from them and that they will somehow travel to get there.  But we are already connected to the Spiritual realm. We all believe that we have a Soul, yet some people think that they are not connected to the Soul. The Soul is what connects us to the Spiritual realm, to the Angels, the Dragons, the Fairies and all the other life that are formless. I know we are mostly familiar with the other life that has form because that is what we can see.

Angels and other life are formless and only appear as we would like them to be. They are simply called energy beings. But that is the same for us too. We only have taken this physical form. That said, we have never lost connection with the Spiritual realm, and we will never be disconnected from it. I will still go back to the story that most or every child is told about having guardian Angels. These Angels are always with us all our lives and they indeed guide us. They respect your free will and will always come in if you call on them. The connection is never severed.

We are still connected to the galactic realm. One way or the other we have associated with it. Most or all of us have galactic family ties because we are part of them. We only then label them aliens because we do not see them here on earth. But that does not mean that they are not present with us. We have been having the so-called UFO sightings for a very long time and now they have become more common.

Most people who have gone through quantum regression or quantum healing (hypnotic) sessions have given accounts of meeting or reconnecting with their galactic family. This is where we have an issue too. There are accounts that have been given by the hypnotist and the patient. But we cannot put that out as a truth to be accepted by everybody. People must use discernment. This is what is needed for most things involving the Spiritual ream.

The connection we have with the Spiritual realm is not physical and neither is it something that one can point to. It is more of an experience or feeling. So obviously at this point we have zeroed in on the individual. The connection that we have with the Spiritual realm is one to be felt or experienced by the individual who knows that they have free will to do so. Each one of us can connect to the Spiritual realm. Nobody ever goes to school to be taught how the Angels look like.

Information is already out there. The encounters that people have had with the Spiritual realm have been told many times and even recorded. Those who have opened themselves to this Spiritual connection are well know to us. We have teachers all over telling us about the Spiritual realm. But most of us are filled with fear. We even fear those that are here for our highest good! In so doing, we tend to miss out on so much. We shut ourselves in our own cocoons, and are busy writing our own rules for  the things that we should not do. I am afraid that we will pass them down to the coming generations.

I have not heard of anyone that encountered Angels or Spirit guides and had to introduce themselves. It is common knowledge that the creator knows us, or as it is commonly told, knew us before we were conceived. Who goes before the creator and have to introduce themselves before they begin talking to the creator? I doubt if any one of us do. In most cases though, the Angels and other Spirit beings have to introduce themselves to us. This is because we have forgotten about this connection. It is there for us to use but we have fear of the unknown.

People fear asking for help from their spirit guides, just because they have not familiarized themselves with this part of life. We all tend to believe that the spiritual world is the world of the dead. Yet even the dead are still connected to us, but we do not know. We have been told this by mediums, those who have the gift to communicate with those that have departed from this earth plane. Most times the messages that they relay is not believed and people have to ask for proof.

If we are told that we have a Soul, are we not ever curious to know what this Soul is? What part does it play in our life? Is it even useful? Now that we know so little about it, are we willing to know more? Information is already out in multitudes, but we still close our ears and eyes to it. We wait for the day that we will experience things, yet deep within we are filled with fear of uncertainty. We have already been told that a small portion of our Soul has taken form in the body and a bigger portion is out of the body. But we cannot see either of these parts. Just this is enough to show us that we are connected, even though it is intangible and invisible

People are afraid of opening themselves up to connections, and they rush to the excuse that they do not know whatever they will be opening up to. The truth is, we are always guided on how to connect. If there is no guidance from our fellow humankind, it is from these Spirit guides. Other people believe that there is a hierarchy of these Spirit guides, especially the Angels. It is okay to believe in something but believe in it because it sounds right for you. Not because that is what somebody else portrayed. We all have unique experiences with this kind of connection.

The accounts that have already been given though, are proof enough that the connection is real. If anyone wants to know more about the connection, they can always talk to their Spirit guides. They are always ready to teach you or give you information that will be useful and helpful. We can all feel these connections, let us put fear aside and just experience it.

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