Connections, part 3

We were raised in different cultures and at least every culture had different belief systems about the creator. That is the reason each culture seems to have a different name for the creator. We are then taught, in our cultures, of the characters of the creator and how we can communicate with it. I have not heard of many cultures that teach about the connection that we have with the creator.

For most cultures, they are taught that the creator is everywhere. I believe that the creator is in all creation that is in existence. That is, all creation is connected, such that we cannot separate creation from the creator and vice versa. I know people have different opinions when it comes to matters concerning religion. Most people only talk about the creator when they are in religious arenas or when giving religious teachings. That is how we have boxed the creator.

We have even given the creator human characters because these are the only characters that we see in our human relations. Just because we see other humans punishing others, we believe that the creator has the same character. The reason is that we were taught that we are made in the image and likeness of the creator. While this may be true, we have picked or made up some things for ourselves and forced them to be considered as characters of the creator as well.

So, to most of us, our connection with the creator is only religious wise. People believe that we only talk to the creator when we want to ask for forgiveness or when we want to ask for blessings. We associate the creator with such authority over our lives. That is the connection that is imagined or believed or known for most of us. Although we have been taught that the creator is always walking amongst us, we do not pay attention to that teaching. We only think of the creator when it is time for eating or praying.

Do we ever see or feel the connection that we have with the creator? There are some living amongst us who are deemed to possess such powers as performing miracles and so they are said to be more connected. For that reason, people tend to leave religious matters to them. This is just to show how much this knowledge about our connection with the creator has been corrupted. Most of us go around thinking that the creator chooses those who are to relate with him and leaves others out.

How is it that we have come to form our own truths and imaginations of the connections that we have with the creator, and yet the teachings that we were taught are still available? It is the same teaching that we pass onto the younger generations. We tend to believe that the young ones are usually connected to the creator more than the adults. Does anyone ever ask why they believe in this talk? If there is any truth in this talk, why is it the case?

Kids tend to believe that they can achieve anything. They believe in what we call fairy tales and fantasies. Is it their openness that puts them closer to the creator? Is it the reason for the strong connection? Perhaps the older we grow, the further we grow from being open minded and so the connection we have with the creator is dimmed. How can we live life so much on this planet, seeing everything before our eyes but still fail to recognize that it is the creator?

How can we feel that we are only connected to the creator in certain buildings or certain days of the week when the creator is already connected to us us? We are told that our bodies are the temple of the creator. I know that this is something that one cannot point to and the same goes for the creator and the Soul, basically the whole spiritual realm. If it is true that our bodies are the temples of the creator, then how connected do you think you are?

Shouldn’t our communication with the creator be as easy as asking a question and the answer is provided, or thinking something and another thought comes in form of the answer? Our senses have managed to play a trick on us then, if we do not feel the taste, the touch, the voice of the creator. I believe that those who are connected have easier and faster ways of communication, yet some will cry that their prayers have not been heard. Others will want to climb on high places and shout, thinking that it helps to be that high in terms of connecting with the creator. How far are we willing to go to complicate this connection?

This now seems like one who sees an antelope by the gate but says that they will only consume what they have hunted. So, they take their tools and go hunting, leaving the antelope to get away. Isn’t the creator always talking to us, flashing things in our eyes, and even reminding us of our feelings? Perhaps we do not believe because we have set our mind that the creators’ communication should sound a certain way, come through specific channels and people and at certain times.

The connection is so obvious that we end up taking it for granted. We have closed our eyes to the visions that come to us, but keep our ears open, waiting for other people to bring our messages to us. We keep checking our thoughts and judging them to be unworthy to carry such communications from the creator, yet we are ready to travel long distances to listen to the thoughts of others concerning the creator.

How long does it take for one to wake up to this connection? This a question that has no answer for now. Or the individual will go in rounds until they finally see the connection, or they may eventually decide that the creator is not here or there after all. At this rate, the creator could also deny that it is the creator. It seems that we should not take life seriously after all. All the same, connections will always lead somewhere or nowhere at all. You could come back to the beginning and by that you would have learnt something or nothing at all. Learning nothing could also be a lesson. Would you be willing to take another round at this?

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