Connections, part 2

We all feel connected to our families so much so that when we get separated from them for some period, then we begin to miss them. This happens when our family members travel abroad, go to boarding school, when they get married and move away from home and so many other instances. We are so attached to those that we love that even not seeing them for one day makes us miss them. But we miss them more when they depart and leave this earth plane.

Our physical connections run so deep. I think it is because those are the only connections that we see. Or is it because this is the only form of connection that we know of? The other reason could be that these are the people we have known and interacted with since we were young. Those who are in love rarely want to be separated from one another.

When I was in primary school, I was taken to boarding school and that is where I begun to know what people meant when they talked abut feeling home sick. The school was miles away from home and we only saw our families on the visiting days and closing days. That is, twice in three months. The rest of the time all we ever saw were other students and our teachers. We only got to call our parents once or twice, for the latter you had to have been well connected with the teachers. This trend continued when we joined high school.

We rarely ever see or feel the connections that we have with other life forms. Not unless they are helping us finically. Which is true in most cases. Most people keep cows, poultry, sheep, goats and all the other animals just for their benefits. People rarely care about what these animals eat. What matters most is that they are fed enough to produce yield. I have seen most people keeping animals and not even getting worried whenever the animals have no food.

Long before, I never used to think of animals or nature as being an important part of life. My view, which is still observed by many people, was that their role was to provide for us and serve us. With that view, I ended up mistreating the animals most times. The type of love and connection that we give plants and nature is conditional. For most people, they will only praise their animals when they are getting good produce from them. Once they can no longer produce, then they are not treated with as much care and love.

When my heart was opened to connections with other life forms, I began to feel the pain of nature and animals. I began to feel love and care for them more than I did before. I still did not know what had changed in me, I could not explain it. All I felt was that I wanted to spend more time in nature. I was just opening myself up for the connection without really knowing it. There was a time when I planted groundnuts. I thought I wanted to be a farmer so that I could grow more of it and tend the farm. I mean, the idea of farming had crossed my mind once but now it was not so much about the returns, although that was something that I had anticipated.

I ended up moving away from where I stayed and left the farm in another person’s care. This move made me feel like I was a little disconnected from the farm, and I wanted so much to see the progress of the groundnuts. Well, eventually the produce was not as anticipated because of harsh weather conditions, but I told myself that next time I would have to be presently involved in all the farming stages. I guess this was all for the love of ground nuts.

At around the same time, I decide to try my hand in chicken rearing. I went for broilers as I was advised by an experienced farmer. I thought this was going to be fun and a little easy since rearing chicken was not a new thing to me. I thought I loved the birds so much. I also enjoyed cleaning their house and ensuring that they had enough food and water. By this time, I was not consuming any of the chicken products, so I did not care much for that. All I wanted was for them to be comfortable, well fed and in a clean environment.

When I got the broilers, it dawned on me that I had underestimated the amount of work and attention that they required. I got less sleep, but what made me to decide to not rear chicken again was the rate at which they were dying. For me, it wasn’t the sense of getting a loss, rather it was the chemicals in their food that got me worried. The chemicals were the cause for the deaths. The chemicals also affected my feet negatively by the way, but I did not care much about that either. When the chicken were ready for slaughtering, I wondered why I was dealing in this business.  Being one who did not consume chicken, I wondered how I was going to convince other people that the meat was delicious.

When I was done with the whole business, I did not want to get involved in it anymore. I felt like I had not treated the chicken with at most care, since most of them died, and again it was not because of a feeling of financial loss. I began to understand why I never consumed chicken. It never seemed right for me to slaughter them and even cook them from that time on. That is because I began to see the connection that was there between me and the chicken. The love that I had for them would not allow me to mistreat them and even slaughter them.

There are many forms of life that we do not seem to see or feel the connection that we have with them. Plants are other life forms that people do not seem to treat or handle with care. We tend to view ourselves as superior over the other life forms that are on earth, but the truth is that we all chose to experience life on this planet at this time for a reason. Therefore, we are all special. There is no group more special than others. In any case, we are all here for one another. Nature is here to help us, and we are here for nature too.

The pets that we tend to keep love us unconditionally. Animals love us unconditionally, but the way that we treat them shows that we do not care much for their love. Some of us are open to these connections, but most of us have shut ourselves away from it. Thinking that the animals are inferior beings, and that we should rule over them. Doesn’t this sound like manipulation and control? If so, we all know that manipulation and control is driven buy so much of negative energy. We rarely care about the feelings of animals and nature at large. This is something that we need to consider more.

For us to live in harmony with nature, we ought to wake up and see that we are connected. We must come to the realization that all are important and that we are all evolving. In fact, nature oversees our evolution. So, before you cut down that tree, or throw the plastic wrappers anyhow, think about the impact it has on nature. Think of the connection that we have. When we say that are one it should not jus apply to humans alone, let us include animals and nature too

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