Learning To Trust Intuition.

Image by darksouls1 on Pixabay

There is a voice in my head, and it talks to me always. Most times, I ask a question and the answer comes immediately, or later. I call this, conversations with my mind. To be honest, most jokes I scribble in my journal come from these conversations. It was not always like this. Most times when I would talk to myself, it was because I was in a bad mood, driven by anger. A few times when I felt so hurt, I asked myself why I was still in that situation. The answers never seemed to come though. I guess I asked, but was not ready to hear the answer, or I just did not know how to discern the answer from normal thought, because it was my own voice.

People are divided on the opinion about the ego. Some say, get rid of it, while others say that it does not exist, therefore, there is nothing to get rid of. There are those that say, love the ego, for by loving it, you transform it. As for me, I do not give much thought to whether it does exist, or not, but either way, I find it easier to love it. So, most times you will find me asking my guides to teach me to love my mind, and to connect my mind, and my heart. Thus far, I think the love that I send is doing some transformation.

They say that the mind is a good servant, but a bad master. So, the heart which has a stronger electromagnetic field, should be the master and the brain, with the weaker electromagnetic field, should be the servant. Another point is that the brain is bipolarized, by the fact of having the left hemisphere, and the right hemisphere. This bipolarization is what is then called duality. One is the direct opposite of the other. An example to show this duality in action is when one prays for peace. They will surely get peace, but it comes with war also. So, to get just that thing that one wants, they must be in unity, and the only way to do this is to operate from the heart. This way, if you pray for peace, then you only get peace.

When I first learned about polarity and duality, I was confused. This was a concept that did not seem to make sense. I mean, when we wish other people good, we always intend it, and we think that we are doing it from the ‘bottom of our heart’. But because we are still anchored in duality, then they get both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things happening to them. Moreover, when one is praying for something, they are never aware that apart from getting what they are asking for, there is also a chance of getting the complete opposite. This certainly does not sound fair, and the fact that it is not known to most of us, makes it even worse. But how does one begin to work in polarity?

There is then a complete change in awareness that must take place, for one to realize that the whole planet has been working in duality. With the newly found awareness, one can then remember, or learn how to act in unity.

Before I became aware of my awakening journey, I used to be very logical. This is, being left-brained. The left side is logical and result-oriented, as in, it wants to ascertain the return of the particular investment. The opposite side, the right brain, is creative and process-oriented. So, before I invested my time in anything, I would always ask if what I would get in return was worth the input. This logical approach applied to everything I did, up to and including the time I spent hanging out with friends. There was always a strict measure when deciding which friendships were important, and which ones were a waste of time.

In most decisions made in duality, one seems to care more for themselves than how their decisions impact other people. There is a sense of separation. But how does one merge the left brain, and right brain thinking, to become one, then merge their mind with their heart? If one does not merge the mind and the heart, then intuition does not flow, or they cannot just recognize it for what it is.

Awakening is a process of becoming aware of new experiences, and possibilities that one did not know were possible. One cannot take control of this process of revelation, because they do not fully understand what will come next. It is when one undergoes this process of awakening that their heart center opens. This is really the beginning of new experiences and insight. It is from this point that one sees the difference between operating in duality, and unity. Because now, they are guided by their heart more than the mind.

When I became aware of the awakening journey, I got a little scared, being one who had made all his plans, and was focused on making them a success. Now, there was an energy that was telling me that it was okay for me to let go, and just let the process proceed on its own. There is a long story about my awakening journey, but the point I am driving at is that I changed completely, I mean, everything about me. Maybe the only thing that remained intact was my name, and date of birth.

Before this process, I would only talk to myself if I wanted to remember a plan that I made earlier, or if I wanted to cram something, so that it stuck in my mind. Now, I find it amazing talking to myself, and getting the answers back. The tricky part, when I began, was learning to separate the answer from all the random thoughts. It took a while for me to begin to pay attention to my thoughts. So, it is important for one to pay attention to what they are thinking when they are doing certain things, or feeling a type of way.

Thoughts and feelings then become our guide, and they show us where it is we need change the most. Does one judge thoughts to be either evil or good? The best thing to do would be, just to observe, and not get immersed in trying to control the type of thoughts that come in your mind. One thing that is important, is the trust that one has for intuition. The more you trust the process, the more it grows and becomes more frequent. Just by becoming aware, one gains access to a fountain of wisdom. Most times I get answers to my questions on the go, and I really get amazed. I could get an idea on how I should approach something, and when I follow through, it always leads to success.

Most times, when I am faced with a situation that I have not seen before, I pay attention to the first thoughts that come in ,and when I follow them, I certainly succeed. It is always amazing when out of the blue, I get a vision of how something is going to unfold depending on the path that I take. It is always as if I am talking to myself and telling myself, ‘If you do this, then this will be the outcome”. So, you realize that I am left with free will, on whether to act on the intuition, or not. None of the intuition that I have trusted has come off wrong. They always turn out as envisioned. So, it is very important for one to watch what thoughts come through when they want to act on a certain thing. If they do, they will ‘stay guided’. Intuition never fails. Therefore, I tell myself they are inspirations from my higher self, or from the creator.

As I type this, I have a strong feeling that something is in my field of thought. I know it is information that I will soon share on this platform. This is how much I trust myself and intuition! Namaste.

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